The Sims 3: World Adventures - Champs Les Sims, France

Overview of Champs Les Sims

Champs Les Sims, France is a travel destination introduced with The Sims 3 World Adventures. It's the home of the new skill, nectar making, with a countryside full of harvestables to gather. In fact, you can find nearly every new type of fruit offered by World Adventures in France. While there aren't a lot of tombs to explore without following adventures, there's a lot of treasure to be found in the old ruins and catacombs of this land.

[edit] Nectar Making

Nectar making is a new and complex skill introduced to the Sims 3 by the World Adventures Expansion Pack. Much like wine making (which is what "nectar" making is modeled after), your Sim will stomp grapes and other fruits to brew them into wonderful drinks that are bottled and aged in racks. Nectar is a drink to be enjoyed by Sims. Drinking nectar will give a Sim a powerful, long lasting moodlet. The moodlet you get from drinking nectar depends on its quality, not price or taste.
A Nectar Maker

Drinking Nectar gives a number of effects. First, you'll get two positive moodlets for drinking it: Sugar Rush (4 hours, + 15 mood) and a moodlet that can go up to 25 and last 8 hours depending on the quality of the bottle. Nectar produced with at least 1 life fruit will give a full of life moodlet which gives +50 mood for 8 hours. Flame fruit nectar will give a warm fuzzies moodlet of +15 for 5 hours. It requires at least 3 flame fruit to trigger the warm fuzzies.

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[edit] Tombs In Champs Les Sims, France

  • Chateau du Landgraab

This massive mansion is probably the most difficult place to explore in the Sims 3 World Adventures, due to the large number of traps and sheer size. It's easy to get lost. Thankfully, the Chateau behaves like a tomb and will gradually reveal rooms so it's easier to tell where you've visited. Later trips become more challenging as you must skim around looking for the entrance to the next section.

  • Forgotten Burial Mound

Your Sim will be led here during the 'A Trivial Affair' Adventure Chain, which will likely be the first one you pursue in France. You'll need to clear rubble, push and pull statues, stand on floor switches, and inspect holes to make your way through. Remember that mourning at tombstones can also reveal hidden switches, holes and other mechanisms that may offer your Sim extra treasure.

Behind the mound, there's a foot switch which reveals the Smuggler's Cave. It's a rather short and easy tomb that has its own Signet at the end. You don't need any adventures to get this one, so it's a side trip you can complete whenever your Sim has spare time. The other switch is only accessible with Pangu's Axe. Smash the boulder to reveal a switch so your Sim can descend the other staircase. This is the Maze of the High Ruler tomb, and again has a Signet.

  • La Gallerie d'Art: Museum Catacombs

To gain entry to the catacombs, look to the hole in the wall on the first floor near the chinese artifacts. There's a stairwell leading down there. The switch in the hole reveals a hidden door on the other side of the wall. If you're stuck upon entry, try pulling the torch on the wall in the first room. Upon reaching the hall with three statues, pull the only movable statue off its floor plate, then push it to the other plate in the corner. This will unlock a door down the hall which allows you to collect the French Signet of the Museum Catacombs. It will also turn the original floor plate into a foot switch, allowing your Sim to get out and reach the final room. Look for another relic for your collection as your Sim leaves the tomb.

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