The Sims 2: Pets (Console)

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The Sims 2: Pets
Pets wii.jpg
Wii Box Art
PublisherElectronic Arts
PlatformPS2, Wii, DS
Release Date(s)2006 (NA)
2006 (EU)
Rating(T) Teen

[edit] Background

The Sims 2: Pets is part of the series of The Sims 2 spin-offs, and is the fifth installment in the Sims console series. Based on the PC expansion pack, it features a much less goal-orientated system, and is more alike to the free mode of previous games. The main element in this game is that the Sims could posses pets which could be customized and looked after. Although there was no option to live in different locations, there was the element of being able to visit 'The Town Square'.

[edit] Character Creation

You can make Sims and Pets in this game. First, you need to make Sims since Pets need owners. You can first adjust your Sims body. This includes skin tone, body type, body shape, head shape, hair style, and hair color. After that, you are able to change the clothes your Sim is wearing. Change his or her shirt, shoes, pants, and accessories. After that, you get to choose your Sim’s aspiration. You can choose between family, wealth, knowledge, popularity, and creativity. Following that, you can choose your personality. This will determine how your Sim interacts with others. Give your Sim a name and he or she will be complete!

You are also able to create a pet. You first get to choose between a cat and a dog. Then, you get to choose between a million breeds. Look through the whole list before choosing, since there are a ton of cute ones. After that you can change your pet’s body and head, give him clothes, change his personality, and finally give him a name. Try adding several furry friends to your family!

[edit] House Construction

In free play mode, sims have the opportunity to build their own houses. Building a house is done is stages from the build mode menu.

-Firstly, building walls forms the basis of the house, the size of it, and allows the house to be separated into rooms. More walls or longer walls cost more but increase the value of the house.

-Then you can select a wallpaper or wall colour for the walls to make the house more individual or make each room different. Wallpapering rooms will increase the Room factor of your Sims mood. This is the same with flooring; there are many options for different styles of flooring, again needed to raise the room factor.

-Doors are the next obvious must have, so your Sims can access rooms with ease. Windows are great for increasing the room factor by letting in more light.

-Next use the object menu to buy objects for all the rooms e.g. kitchen equipment, bathroom facilities, beds, a TV, skill building equipment and anything else you want for the house.

[edit] Money Making

The main way of making money in The Sims is to gain it through working. To progress through the game, Sims are required to get promoted in a career so this also covers the money making aspect as sims will be paid daily. But if Sims need extra cash there are a few other ways. Sims can sell paintings they have painted using the easel. The better the painting, the more money made when sold, so a higher creativity skill can help make money. If a sim runs out of money , there is the option of selling items from where they are living, but this is not always the wisest option (especially if living with someone else!).

[edit] Motives

Your character will have to be happy in order to do things such as talk to people or work out. To make your character happy, their motives have to be satisfied.

1 Hunger: Eat Something (can buy from the Vending Machines in town, or get a fridge for your house)

2 Hygiene: Wash your Hands or Take a Shower

3 Energy: Sleep or drink Coffee or an energy drink concoction from the blender

4 Social: Talk to Someone (this is the only motive that doesn’t have to be satisfied in order to interact with people)

5 Comfort: Sit down or sleep

6 Bladder: Use the Toilet

7 Happiness: You need entertainment such as watching TV, dancing, or jumping on the trampoline!

8 Room: Simply be around a nice, homely environment

Your Sim will also have wants. You can check these by pressing the d-pad down. If your Sim gets something he wants, then his motives will decay more slowly.

Your pets have motives that also need to be filled:

1 Social – Animals need to spend time with their owners and other pets

2 Bladder – Just like regular animals, the Sims pets need a litter box or a tree.

3 Hygiene – Give your dogs a bath! (The cats do it themselves)

4 Hunger – Don’t forget to feed your animals!

5 Fun – Play with your pets and give them lots of toys!

6 Energy – Pets need sleep too!

7 Comfort – Doggie baskets and kitten condos are must haves.

8 Chew (dogs) and Scratch (cats) – Make sure to give your pets something to chew or scratch.

[edit] Skills

There are several skills you need in this game to do certain things. Skills will also help you reach higher employment status. To raise your skills, you need to do the following things:

1 Cooking – Prepare meals and read cook books

2 Mechanical – Study a mechanical book

3 Charisma – Practice in the mirror or teach your pet a trick

4 Body – Exercise!!!

5 Logic – Play chess or make a computer game

6 Creativity – Paint or make some music

7 Cleaning – Clean up around the house

[edit] Cooking

This game has the unique feature of your Sims being able to cook various recipes. You need to go to your fridge and use up to four ingredients to cook something. You have the choice between cooking with Meats, Liquids, Dairy, Grain, Veggies, Fruits, Harvested Animals, Harvested Fruits, and Harvested Veggies. Cooking certain foods can have effect such as making your Sim fall in love, so be sure to try out different combinations.

[edit] Features

  • Add dogs, cats, birds, or guinea pigs to your Sims family.
  • Create your own unique cat or dog by modifying its body type, face shape, fur color, markings, and more.
  • Cross different breeds to create designer pets or make new ones and register them to appear in Create-A-Family.
  • Teach pets tricks like shake, fetch, roll over, and more -- unruly pets might topple the trash or scratch the sofa, but Sims can change their pets' ways with the right training.
  • Skilled pets can have careers of their own and earn a living as Movie Stars, Rescue pets, or members of an elite Security Pet Corps.

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