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[edit] [RE]Links Back to the Hub Page

I made sure to use the link you provided to make links back to The Sims Online page for the new links I've created. I noticed you changed the title to that one link without having to destroy it and then copy and paste all the information in it to make another link with a different title, could you tell me how to do this because I want to change the titles of some of the links I've made but if I go to do that all the information in those links gets lost.

Please help and thanks for the updates I'll try my best for you Nightmare.

[edit] Page Naming and Links Back to the Hub Page

Just two things:

1. Page naming needs to be a little bit more precise. Simply having Online Items doesn't work for page names. This is outlined more on the Talk page of The Sims Online Items. (I changed the name to be game-specific)
2. Links back to the Hub Page are very important. Without those links, pages are considered "Dead End Pages," something that is not necessarily a good thing. I've added the following code to the very top of every linked page in order to make the pages seem more connected.


<font size=1><< Back to [[The Sims Online]].</font>

If these two things could be integrated into any more work you'll be doing, TRN, that'd be great. --Nightmare 20:30, 18 May 2009 (UTC)