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Greetings Comrades!

Your a fan, a player, a supporter, or just somebody curious, every one of you have found yourself in a virtual dreamland committed to The Sims. This magnificent NeoWiki is devoted to all elements of every single Sims series along with the SimCity and MySims successions.

This wiki is open for all Neoseeker members to contribute to. You may log in with your Neoseeker username and password....

On The Contrary

....before you begin to contribute you must take a look at the basics page to understand how to stay consistent with submitting content. There is a table of contents for easier access and make sure to notice the editing summaries portion of the page.

At this point the comrades should be prepared to take on the challenge of editing the neowiki, creating pages, and ultimately taking out all the ghosts, grim reapers, vampires, werewolves, and aliens that stalk our charming sim haven and prevent it from a necessary restoration.

IMPORTANT (Read before contributing)

  • I'm reminding all contributors again to look over the basics page before contributing
  • Be familiar with the navigation menu
  • Use italics and bold for names, titles (not headers), etc-see the basics for codes
  • Add __NOTOC__ to the top of pages without it
  • Make sure to use search (alt+f) before making a page so duplicates are not created
  • Please, please, please, add edit summaries
  • Create infobox's for character pages (code found on basics page)
  • Add [[Category:All Characters]] link to the bottom of each character page you come across that does not have this

Prepared to Contribute!


Write original content in your own words - do NOT copy and paste from other sources, that would be plagiarism which can result in a ban on NeoSeeker. However, it is ok to source from other locations as long as you write using your own words, just like a research paper or Wikipedia article. References are fine. You may also use descriptions from a games particular box but give credit to what you used to the game itself.

Begin with:

The Sims

The Sims 2


In the middle:

  • Search for page errors
  • Fix images of +700px
  • Change font size of redirect links (use new code found in basics.)
  • Fix picture alignments
  • Change picture table size to fit 700px or below.
  • Any other noticeable errors.


  • Check out Short Pages and fill them up!
  • Help start pages from the Wanted Pages list.
  • Check out Long Pages for some examples of in depth pages.
  • Help organize pages, and upload plenty of images!
  • Start creating Guide and Walkthrough like pages!

Are We Armed?

The tools we will need to use against these special creatures:

  • Content that is Original and in your own words..
  • Games (Substantial Information)
    • Missions & Goals (thorough)
    • Items, weapons & accessories
    • New Features (if any)
    • Tips & Tricks
    • Screenshots (towns, houses, etc)
    • Summary & Features (for each game)
    • Characters (pre-made families/NPCs/locales)
        • Background
        • Appearance
        • Personality
        • Plot Involvement
        • Missions
        • Idea for Character
        • Screenshots/Concept Art

  • Recent News

    You can submit Sims news to GameGrep and it will show up here in the Sims Wiki as well as on the Neoseeker homepage and within each Sims game profile on Neoseeker!

    The Staff

    Please feel free to contact me through PM if you have any questions or need help renaming/deleting a page!

    NeoWiki Goals

    • Create game related NeoTheme
    • Attract new contributors
    • Fix minor errors
    • TOC for pages
    • Add __NOTOC__ tags
    • Create characters & NPC pages
    • Character of the week

    Other Sims Games

    See navigation menu below the NeoWiki logo at the top of the screen for main The Sims series games. The navigation menu includes all games for The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims 3, SimCity (PC), and MySims.

    Below are the extension games for many of the sims and mysims series. Check out each game page and see what you can contribute!

    The Sims 2 (PC)

    The Sims: Stories

    The Sims 3 (PC)

    The Sims (Consoles)

    The Sims (Portable)

    SimCity (Consoles)

    SimCity (Portable)

    Recent Changes

    Sims Wiki Statistics

    As of December 10 2018, this NeoWiki currently has 280 articles and 780 images. Help us make this NeoWiki even better by looking at our Wanted pages!

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