Editing on Neo Wikis takes time and patience. Follow this guide to get it right.

[edit] General Editing Guidelines

There are a few basic things to remember when you're editing on Neo Wikis... follow these and you'll be okay.

First off, Markups can be found at the top, just above the text box you're typing in. Use these as simple ways to do things like bold, italics, etc.. If you memorize the HTML codes, you can do them on your own, but when the buttons are available, it's always easier to just use them.

  • Bold - You can make text no bigger, but bold.
  • Italicize - You can make text tilted; in italics.
  • Links - You can add link to text.
  • Link Names - You can add links with text-fitted names to text.
  • Headline - You enlarge the text to make it an editable headline.
  • Image - You can add an image to the text.
  • Audio - You can embed audio into text.
  • Math - You can add certain math formulas with specific characters to text.
  • Non-Formatted Text - You can add non-formatted Neo Wiki text.
  • Signature - You can add a set of specific lines to embed you signature to text.
  • Undo - You can undo the previously typed text section or whatever action you last took.