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[edit] Feature


The Create A Sim Feature allows you to create your own Sims and control their lives throughout the game. There are dozens of customizable outfits, personalities, body sizes, hair styles etc.

This page will show you how this has been developed throughout the Sims series.

[edit] The Sims

The Sims CAS screen

In The Sims, the first game in the series, the Create A Sim (CAS) button can be located at the top of the screen. When you click it. you will be navigated to the Family Bin. You can then click on one of the Family Bins to create a family. At first, you can choose the family name but if you can't think of anything, don't worry, you can choose it later. Click the top button in the right of the screen to create a Sim. CAS is so simple in The Sims. It only contains;

  • Age(Child/Adult
  • Gender(Male/Female)
  • Skin Tone(light/medium/dark)
  • Body Type(Skinny/Obese)

The Sim creating panel is also easy to use as it only consists of heads and bodies(which choose clothes). While there are only two life states in The Sims, the heads and bodies can include skins which give the appearance of various ages, such as teens and elders.

Unfortunately, indivdual clothes were not available in the CAS menu unlike its succesors. The same goes for heads, and in addition, you cannot change anything about a Sim's head from within the game, although there are third-party utilities which allow you to change a Sim's head skin. Once you've decided what the Sim will look like, you can set the Sim's personality, select their name, and type their bio, and you are finished. You are unable to create a family tree in The Sims.

[edit] The Sims 2

The Sims 2 CAS screen

In The Sims 2, the CAS button is revealed by clicking the family bin at the bottom of the screen. As opposed to The Sims, any age besides Baby or Young Adult (which must be made in the University CAS) may be created. In The Sims 2, a new feature has been added allowing you to actually customize facial features to your own standards, allowing you to make them as pretty or ugly as you like. You can change their nose, hair style and colour, mouth shape, eye colour, ear shape and how large or small their head is. The personality of your Sim is set out in the same manner as The original Sims.

After several Sims are created, the family tree must be organized. All Toddlers, Children, and Teens must be related to at least one Adult member of the household. You can't link (using the family tree tool) a Child to Elder without an Adult in the family.

[edit] How To Create A Sim Family

  * Once in Neighborhood view, click the 'Families' icon and select 'Create a Family'.
  * Enter your family's last name and select 'Create a Sim'.
  * You will now see a random Sim model. You can alter the appearance and personality of your Sim later.
  * Enter your Sim's first name, indicate whether your Sim is a male or female, choose the skin tone and your Sim's fitness.
  * Click on the 'Step 2' button. You can now choose a pre-made head.
  * Click the 'Step 3' button. Change your Sim's hair style, color, and choose face shape and change the shape of face parts, and choose eye color.
  * Click the 'Step 4' button. Choose your Sim's make up, glasses, facial hair, and or jewelry(If you haveBon Voyage or later expansion packs)etc.
  * Click the 'Step 5' button. Choose your Sim's everyday, formal, swimwear, PJs, underwear and athletic outfits.
  * Click the 'Step 6' button. Choose your Sim's aspiration and personality, and select his/her Turn Ons and Turn Offs if you have Nightlife.
  * Click the 'Accept Sim' button.
  * Creating a Sim by genetics.
     Once you have two adults of opposite sexes, you can choose to make a child. Click the 'Create a Sim' button and select 'Make a Child'. The two adults' DNA are inherited by the child and a child model is shown. If you don't like how this child turns out, you can click the 'Make a Child' button again.
  * If you have Pets, you can create dogs or cats by clicking 'Create a Sim', then 'Create a Dog' or 'Create a Cat'.
  * Click the 'Family Relationships' button, and drag the family members' portraits onto another to select the Sims' relationships, and then select accept.
  * Click the 'Accept Family' button. Your family is now in the Family Bin waiting to be moved into a home, and is already attached to your cursor. Select the home you'd like them to move into (make sure it's outlined in green so your family can afford it) and then click 'Accept'. Then you can start your new life with your new family.

[edit] The Sims 3

The Sims 3 has the most advanced version of 'Create A Sim' in any of the series games so far. To Create A Sim, you will be immediately presented with a tab at the bottom left of the Neighbourhood screen labelled 'Create Sims'. Click this and it will immediately take you to the Create-A-Sim screen. As in previous Sims games, you can create a maximum of 8 Sims per household. At the bottom of the screen are thumbnails displaying the current Sims existing in your household. By clicking on a Sim's thumbnail, a pop-up appears giving you the option to edit or delete the Sim. A new feature added to the series, which can be selected from this menu, is the option to Create A Twin. By clicking this button, an identical version of that Sim appears in order to make identical twins. If you are not happy with certain areas of your twin, you can go on to customise his/ her appearance in whatever way you want. Beside the last Sim's thumbnail, there is a 'plus' button which allows you to add a new Sim. Once this is clicked, the current Sim your customising is saved and you go on to create a new Sim. This button is disabled once you have created 8 Sims as is the Create A Twin button

Create-A-Sim is split into five different sections with further sub-sections within these sections. Below the five main sections, a 'dice' tab is located which allows the computer to randomly create a Sim. If you are happy with the Sim, the Sim can be saved. If you are not happy however, you can go on and customise the Sim. Evertime the dice symbol is clicked, a new random Sim appears. The following five tabs for the Sim are given out in further detail: [edit] Basics:

Click the very top button of the five tabs and you are presented with the following options:

First Name: Type in your Sim's first name.

Last Name: Type in your Sim's last name. The last name of the first Sim you created will be the name of that Sim's household, however all Sim's can have individual names if typed into the textbox labelled last name. This is similar to Create Students in The Sims 2 University.

Gender: Choose either male or female.

Age: Choose from the following six ages:

   * Toddler (approximately 2-4 years old)
   * Child (approximately 5-12 years old)
   * Teenager (approximately 13-18 years old)
   * Young Adult (approximately 19-35 years old)
   * Adult (approximately 36-59 years old)
   * Elder (approximately 60 years and older) 

NOTE: Babies are the first age for Sims but like in previous games, babies can only be created during the game and not on the Create A Sim menu.

Skin Colour: Whereas previous games allowed you to choose only three to four basic skin colours, allows you to choose from 6 basic colours and then use a slider to either lighten or darken that Sim's skin. For the first time, you can decide how light or dark a Sim's colour is within a certain race. You can also paint your Sims more unconventional skin colours such as green or red.

Weight: In The Sims 2, players could only choose between two basic body types: Normal and Large. A third body type-Fit could only be achieved in the game and not on the Create A Sim menu. In , body weight is determined by moving a slider up or down. You can now make your Sim extremely skinny or extremely fat. Toddlers do not have the option to have their weight customised.

Muscle Tone: Again you can use a slider to determine how much muscle tone your Sim has or hasn't. You can create incredibly boney Sims or incredibly ripped Sims. Toddlers do not have the option to have their muscle tone customised. [edit] Hair

The Hair tab is located below the Basics tab. Click it to customise the Sim's hairstyle. Three tabs are seen at the left hand side of the screen. The top tab is 'Hairstyle and Hair Accesories', the middle tab is 'Eyebrows and Eyelashes' and the bottom tab is 'Facial Hair'

Hairstyle: Two tabs can be seen at the top of this menu. The first is 'Hairstyle' while the second is 'Hair Accesories'. On the Hairstyles option, cycle throught the various hairstyles and choose one for your Sim. After you have selected the hairstyle, you can choose between eight basic colours for your Sim's hair or you can customise the hair further by clicking the paintbrush icon. When you click the paintbrush icon, you can choose individual colours for the base, roots, tips and highlights of your Sim's hair.. Hair colour can be customised with a colour palette and slider.

Eyebrows And Eyelashes: Clicking the left centre tab within the 'Hairstyle and Hair Accesories sections' takes you to the 'Eyebrows And Eyelashes' section. You can customise the eyebrows colour by using the colour palette and slider by clicking the paintbrush icon once again. You can also check or uncheck the box that allows you to have your eyebrows match the colour of your Sim's hair root colours.

Underneath the eyebrow colour options, you can customise the length of your Sim's eyelashes via a slider.

Facial Hair: Facial hair is located at the bottom left tab of the 'Hair and Hair Accesories' section. Facial hair can only be used on male teens, young adults, adults and elders. It CANNOT be used by females of any age or toddler or child male Sims. Facial hair is first chosen and then the colour can be customised the same as hair colour (i.e. the base, roots, highlights and tips can all be customised individually) or a basic colour can be chosen. Unlike in , stubble and facial hair are not separate categories and appear in the same category.

Hairstyle Accessories: On returning to the 'Hair and Hair Accessories' tab, the top right tab allows you to choose hair accesories for your Sim. Hair accessories come with pre-set hairstyles. Hair accessories include hats, headbands and ponytails. By clicking the paintbrush icon, you can customise your Sim's hair as normal and then you can use the Create A Style tool to customise the design and colour of the Sim's hat, ponytail or headband.

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