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The Sims series is famous for the ton of house building and terrain changing features that it includes. More importantly, what would the series be without its main characters?

There are a bunch of different pre-made neighborhoods in The Sims and The Sims 2 that include an enormous amount of pre-made characters. There is only one neighborhood to play in The Sims 3 (excluding the additional neighborhood which can be added via purchase of the game and online access to the main series website and following expansion packs), but it includes just as many pre-made characters and families, even more, as were in the previous series games.

This page will categorize all of the characters available in the Sims series. These includes: pre-made main characters, such as; Mortimer, Bella, Cassandra, and Don, and the unique, original non-player-characters (NPCs), such as; Grim Reaper, Maid, Paperboy or girl, and Burglar.

There are different concepts to the NPC sims from The Sims 1 to The Sims 2 series. In the first series NPCs were special characters that preformed extra activities in the benefit for sims, some were also not even available to interact with. As for the second series and those following NPCs can be interacted with and there are an abundance of new NPCs to join the Sims series adventure.

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