Alexander Goth

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Alexander Goth
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NameAlexander Goth
Life StageChild

Alexander Goth is the son of Mortimer Goth and Bella Goth. He is a major character in The Sims 2. Alexander was created by the producers and developers of the fantastic Sims franchise.

Gamers can only play as this character in The Sims 2. This character does not appear in The Sims or The Sims 3.

[edit] The Sims 2

[edit] Character Description

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[edit] Personality

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Alexander Goth has the same personality as his father, Mortimer Goth.

[edit] Residence


Alexander Goth lives with his father, Mortimer, and his sister, Cassandra on 165 Sim Lane. This new residence is just a few streets down from his family's previous home.

According to the neighborhood, the house is known as the Goth Manor. Mortimer is still in the process of getting over his wife's disappearance. In the meantime, Cassandra wants to get married and Alexander is attending private school.

Will Mortimer continue to stay shielded from the family and will Alexander continue to grow up without a father figure?

Family: Goth

Family Funds: $511,632

Family Friends: 2


[edit] Career

As seen in The Sims 3, Alexander Goth goes into the career of Business and is a CEO at the start of this game. He and his wife Cecilia Goth start out with §50,000.

[edit] Concept Art

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