Urbz Xizzles (Portable)

Xizzles are small bonuses to the game. They help with the decay of motives, relationship building, and sometimes even money. Each Xizzle costs 3 beads. There are two ways to get the beads you need to buy Xizzles. (1) Get a relationship score to 75, and the sim will give you one bead (2) Search around Minipolis; there are hidden beads scattered throughout the city. Some Xizzles are only available to certain rep groups, and they are marked accordingly in the chart below.

[edit] Xizzle List

Xizzle Ability Rep Group
All Up Ons opposite gender reacts at +1 relationship N/A
Chillin' Like a Villain all motives decrease 10% less N/A
Djinn Genius unlocks the magic lamp Artsies
Eager Eager Hippo hunger erosion slows 30% N/A
G'd Up reduces social degradation by +1 N/A
Genial Behavior lessens chance of passing out by 75% Richies
Gratis Baby trust fund pays $400 monthly stipend Richies
Inzombiac sleep erosion slows 30% N/A
Jibba Jabba new conversation option that everyone reacts well to N/A
Little Piddly Diddle bladder erosion slows 30% N/A
Livin' Large earn 20% more at all minigames N/A
Mantis Rapture fun erosion slows 30% N/A
Nemesis everyone's relationship score goes up +6, one person's goes down -100 N/A
Nerd Level 5 one free point in each skill N/A
Night Owl energy erosion slows 50% at night Artsies
Off the Grid all bills 75% cheaper Nerdies
Play it off comfort erosion slows 30% N/A
Quick as a Flash increases speed 10% Streeties
Sale Siren get 20% off all store items N/A
Sell Out $10,000 in cold hard cash N/A
Skater Dude increase speed on gravboard by 10% N/A
Spell Champ Xizzle unlocks spelling bee minigame Nerdies
Street Signs any rep group member reacts +1 rel Streeties
Sweet Smell hygiene degradation slows 30% N/A

[edit] Hidden Bead Locations

(1) Bushes near the small Brownstone house
(2) [Comedy Club] in the coat rack
(3) [Hospital] in the plant
(4) [University] under the desk
(5) Back tire of the school bus
(6) [Police Station; Roof] in the lowest vent
Sim Quarter
(1) [Riverboat] under the first ramp
(2) [Riverboat] on Olde Salty's bed
(3) [Crabshack] in the garbage can
(4) In the bushes outside the Museum
(5) [Cemetery] behind one of the tombstones in the second part of the cemetery
(1) In the bushes near the cemetery entrance
(2) In the tire outside the Dark Tree
(3) In the trees near the grill at the Bayou Brothers' house
King Tower
(1) [Lobby] in a potted plant
(2) [Gym] in the lockers
(3) [Bigbucks' Lair] on the right side of the cage in the lair
Paradise Island
(1) In a bush next to a palm tree

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