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[edit] Club Xizzle Password

You only need to give Club Xizzle's doorman the password once, and he'll let you in for life.


[edit] Raising Skills Faster

If you tap the A button repeatedly while building a skill, the rate at which it builds will increase marginally.

[edit] Heidi Shadows

Heidi Shadows, the smoothie-selling cheat ninja, shows up in a few places every day/night, but at very specific times. She will appear and disappear right on schedule, so be aware of the time.

Secret Police Station-Bayou Passageway
Time Machine - Nov. 28, 1984
Moon Base Zeta
Note: Moon Base Zeta is not enabled until you buy a green meteorite off the online shopping network and use the payphone in the Sim Quarter (with the meteorite in your pockets)
Paradise Island
Smoothies & items that Heidi Shadows carries
Rosebud [costs §100; gives you §2,222]
Silver-Tongue Berry Smoothie [costs §999; gives you 1 Charisma point]
Gourmet Berry Smoothie [costs §999; gives you 1 Cooking point]
Clock Berry Smoothie [costs §999; gives you 1 Mechanical point]
Buff Berry Smoothie [costs §999; gives you 1 Body point]
Mind Berry Smoothie [costs §999; gives you 1 Logic point]
Da Vinci Smoothie [costs §999; gives you 1 Creativity point]
Slip of Paper [costs §999; gives you the password to Club Xizzle and the recipe for Strawberry Tiramisu]
Note: The "Slip of Paper" will not disappear from your inventory, therefore, it is not a very wise purchase.

[edit] Hidden Homes

Get relationship 100 with certain people to unlock new places that your sim can call home.

Giuseppi Mezzoalto
Old school bus in Urbania
Phoebe Twiddle
Trashcan between King Tower and Club Xizzle in Glasstown
Theresa Bullhorn
The projection booth in the Theater, the door on the right when you go to the left of the ticket line
Ewan Watahmee
Cave/cove on the docks of the Sim Quarter.
Detective Dan D. Mann
Hidden passageway from the Police Station to the Bayou (behind the poster on the left wall)
Note: You can't store items here or use it as a "home," but Heidi Shadows, the cheat ninja shows up in this passageway

[edit] Repairman Glitch

If you have a broken item in your house, don't hesitate to call up the repairman. He costs §100 per visit, which is an unnecessary dent in your wallet, but there is a way for you to keep your §100 and have your items repaired quickly. Follow these steps to get him to do most of the work for you, but not charge a simolean.

Call up the repairman
Wait for him to arrive
Watch him repair the broken object and wait for the green reparation bar to reach near the top. (Do not let it reach the top, or you will be charged.)
Exit your house before he is finished repairing
Re-enter your house, and he will be gone, leaving the item's reparation status at the level it was when you exited your house
Have your sim repair the remainder of the item

It seems like a bit of a hassle, but it works well if you've got a broken tv, only §100 simoleans to your name, and next to no Mechanical skill.

[edit] Trash Piles Glitch

The Artsies' rep goals requires 100 piles of trash. If you'd like to be able to complete this goal, be sure that you collect the piles of trash as soon as possible. There is a glitch in the Urbz (both DS and GBA) which makes the piles of trash stop appearing after a certain day. Simply pick up 100 and keep them until you're able to sell them to complete the Artsies' rep goal.

[edit] Collectibles

Pile of Trash
This is a foul, putrid, rank, and surprisingly fascinating pile of trash.
Can be found in Urbania, Glasstown, the Carnival, the Sim Quarter, and the Cemetery.
Aluminum Cans
These are aluminum cans people didn't recycle... shame on them! But you can cash them in for a few extra Simoleans.
Can be found in Urbania, Glasstown, the Carnival, the Docks, and the Sim Quarter.
License Plate
One of many license plates manufactured right here in Miniopolis, back when the prison doubled as a factory.
Can be found in Urbania, Glasstown, the Carnival, and the Sim Quarter.
Nuclear Fuel Rods
For some reason these nuclear fuel rods are laying around Miniopolis. Though some types of radiation make you sick, in this game the radiation is quite safe.
Can be found in the Bayou, and Moon Base Zeta.
Three-Eyed Bog Frog
You can find these strange frogs all over the wetter parts of Miniopolis. Three eyes? Yikes! What are they putting in the water out here?
Can be found in the Bayou and in the first park on the left when entering Glasstown from the Urbania entrance.

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