Urbz Goals (Portable)

There are two versions of this game - one for the GameboyAdvance and the Nintendo DS. Each are almost identical, but have some different goals, which will be indicated on this page.


[edit] Mission 1

[edit] Slave to the Grind

Play "Squeegee Clean"
Befriend Kris Thistle (Relationship 30)
Give Kris your squeegee and bucket

[edit] Get Cleaned Up

Take a shower
Take a nap
Eat something from the vending machine

[edit] Help Kris Thistle

Move the bed to the suite
Repair the television
Repair two drinking fountains

[edit] Get the Key

Earn one mechanical skill point
Pick the lock to Lily Gates' office
Find the key

[edit] Get out of Jail

Befriend Detective Dan (Relationship 30)
Answer Detective Dan's questions

[edit] Find a Place to Live

Play the Hoopz minigame
Earn §150 for rent and taxes
Buy a house

[edit] Mission 2

[edit] Work Study

Befriend Maximillian Moore (Relationship 30)
Give the arthemisia plant to Max
Write a doctoral thesis

[edit] Gotta Finish the Riff

Befriend "Cannonball" Coleman (Relationship 30)
Give a saxophone reed to "Cannonball" Coleman
Earn creativity 1
Finish "Cannonball's Song"

[edit] Race for Glory

Give Dusty §500 for renovations
Talk to Ewan Watahmee
Bring Ewan lunch for 3 days (12-1PM)

[edit] Salesmanship

Attend an auction between 5PM and 7PM
Acquire the shrunken head
Give the shrunken head to Berkeley

[edit] Club Xizzle

Take Crystal out on the town
Get a bite to eat
Play a game
Go shopping
Buy Crystal a gift

[edit] Road to the Sim Quarter

Make 3 friends
Raise §500 for the cause
Earn 2 promotions in local jobs

[edit] Mission 3

[edit] Mission for the Mann

Play Moogoo Monkey
Follow the directions on the bulletin board
Give the "mysterious briefcase" to Det. Dan
Give the "rigged briefcase" to Giuseppi

[edit] Daddy Bigbucks and the Xizzle Factory

Earn creativity 5
Convince Ewan to fix the factory (Relationship 50)
Challenge and beat Dusty Hogg (6-7PM)
Convince Polly to help at the factory (Relationship 50)

[edit] None Shall Pass

Earn body 5 OR charisma 5
Meet at the cemetery between 11PM and 12AM
Guard the cemetery for 4 hours

[edit] Get of the "List"

Earn REP 2 with your group
Take tickets 2-5AM (Club Zydeco)

[edit] High Society

Find a curator
Purchase a museum exhibit
Give §300 to Roxie for travel expenses

[edit] The Ballad of Pepper Pete

Find a sailor's coat
Find a fake beard
Find a sailor's cap
Give costume to Mambo Loa
Talk to Olde Salty

[edit] Mission 4

[edit] The Greatest Fear

Prove to Clem you aren't a vampire (Relationship 30)
Find the "dark tree"
Find a light
Capture the Albino Alligator

[edit] Fiddle with the Red Man

Meet at the Hickory Stump at midnight
Fiddle the Red Man

[edit] Bye Bye Bayou

Convince Clem to show you out
Meet Boo at the mausoleum entrance
Traverse the mausoleum

[edit] Running from the Law

Find someone to write a letter
Find a messenger to Paradise Island
Gain popularity 30
Find a map to Paradise Island
Bring the map to Gordie

[edit] Carnivale!

Capture the dancing nutria
Give the dancing nutria to Roxie
Give §5000 to Roxie Moxie
Find a tightrope walker
Find Misty Waters a date

[edit] The Bigbucks Player

Gain popularity 40
Convince Dusty Hogg to perform (Relationship 50)
Convince Sue Pirnova to perform (Relationship 50)
Decorate the stage
Attend the play

[edit] Mission 5

[edit] Reality Show

Travel to paradise island
Play the trivia contest
Insult the other contestants

[edit] Back to the Drawing Board

Find the secret lab
Find the correct document (Logic 6)
Return the blueprints to Luthor

[edit] Interview With a Cajun Vampire

Find Bayou Boo
Free Bayou Boo (Mechanical 7)
Find a cure for vampirism
Feed boo chocolate

[edit] Captured!

Befriend Harlan King (Relationship 30)
Escape the cell

[edit] Atlantis Premiere Party

Find a ticket
Impress Lily (Relationship 70 & Popularity 60)
Dress in all black
Attend the premiere

[edit] Back in Time

Find an inventor
Give Sue 10 nuclear fuel rods
Find a contractor
Find the correct date
Use the time machine from the highest point

[edit] Mission S

NOTE: Mission S is only in Urbz DS

[edit] You're My Only Hope

find plans to Splicer Isle
uncover details of Splicer Isle
talk to Sharona Faster
give Sharona $500 for the water taxi

[edit] Land Ho!

Give the plans to Futo Maki
Pick the lock on the gate (Mechanical 4)
Donate $5000 to start construction
Find some helpers

[edit] The Boys are Back in Town

Find a smoothie operator
Find an entertainment manager
Get Mokey a shower

[edit] It's Alive!

Find some amber
Create a pet

[edit] Dog and Dinosaur Show?

Convince 3 people to compete in the pet show (Relationship 50)
Train a pet for the show (Relationship 50)
Win a pet show

[edit] Winky Weebucks

Investigate the lab
Find Winky Weebucks
Find someone to stop Winky Weebucks
Give a sail to the parrot
Distract Winky Weebucks

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