Urbz DS Additions (Portable)


[edit] Overview

The DS and GBA versions of The Urbz: Sims in the City, are very similar, but there are a few noticeable differences.

• Seven New Urbz
• Six New Xizzles
• New Mission "S"
• Splicer Island
• New Objects
• PDA / Touchscreen

[edit] New Urbz

Futo Maki
Sharona Faster
Jack I. Deal
Busta Cruz
Cynthia Braintrust
Gary Geezer
Dr. Mauricio Keyes [Mokey]

[edit] New Xizzles

Xizzle How To Get Ability
Off the Grid Reach Level 6 in Nerdies Bills reduced by 75%.
Quick as a Flash Reach Level 6 in Streeties Running speed increased by 10%.
Night Owl Reach Level 6 in Artsies Energy decays 50% more slowly at night.
Genial Behavior Reach Level 6 in Richies Any time your Urb passes out, there’s a 75% chance the genie immediately brings you back to life.
Sale Siren Available immediately for female Urbz 20% off purchase price in all stores.
Sk8r Boy Available immediately for male Urbz Graviboard speed increased by 10%.

[edit] Mission "S"

GOAL 1 - You're My Only Hope
Trigger: Harlan King (via television message in Mission 1)
• Find the Plans to Splicer Isle
• Uncover Details of Splicer Isle
• Talk to Sharona Faster
• Give Sharona §500 for the Water Taxi
GOAL 2 - Land Ho!
Trigger: Futo Maki
• Give the Plans to Futo Maki
• Pick the Lock on the Gate
• Donate §5,000 to Start Construction
• Find Some Helpers
GOAL 3 - The Boys Are Back In Town
Trigger: Futo Maki
• Find a Smoothie Operator
• Find an Entertainment Manager
• Find the Long-Lost Dr. Mauricio Keyes
• Get Mokey a Shower
GOAL 4 - It's Alive!
Trigger: Dr. Mauricio Keyes
• Find Some Amber
• Create-a-Pet
GOAL 5 - Dog And Dinosaur Show?
Trigger: Busta Cruz
• Persuade Three People to Join the Pet Show
• Train a Pet
• Win a Pet Show
GOAL 6 - Winky Weebucks
Trigger: Cynthia Braintrust
• Investigate the Lab
• Find Winky Weebucks
• Give a Sail to the Parrot
• Distract Winky Weebucks

[edit] Splicer Island

Splicer Island is a hidden island that is only visitable in the DS version of this game. It has a few different locations/shops on it, but the main feature is the Splicer Lab, where you can create one of eight pets for your sim to own, communicate with, and take with them around the island.

- Entertainment Center
- Isle Cabana
- Smoothie Shop
- Splicer Lab
- Sushi Bar
- Zoo

[edit] Creating a Pet

Your sim can create one of the eight available pets at the Splicer Lab, through the Create-A-Pet Minigame. Each pet comes in a certain color depending on the rating that you earn of RNA and DNA extractions, and some colors are more uncommon/rarer than others. Pets also have attributes and likes/dislikes when communicating, but all these factors depend on how you play the Create-A-Pet Minigame.

In Create-A-Pet Minigame you can obtain 9 different combinations each one will give you a certain color. The first part is called Amber Extraction and you trace along 8 different fractures in the Amber to Extact the DNA. You can score 50 to 100 points for each fracture but if you don't get enough traced you can actually loose points. The sample recovered can be rated Superior (800), Exemplary (750-600) Average (550-100). If your laser touches Amber other than the fracture for to long it could render the DNA unusable. The second part is RNA Splicer you can also score Superior (999+) , Exemplary (758), and Average (723-). You touch the genetic orb as it hits the scan line. You get extra points if you hit the blue orb right when it's shiny white spot crosses the scan line. This causes a multiplying affect. Hitting it as soon as it touches the scan line can cause the RNA to be renders useless as well.

Available types of pets: Can get any type from any combination.
- Dodo
- Giant Konk Gorilla
- Jackalope
- New World Dragon
- Simosaurus Rex
- Triceratops
- Unicorn
- Velocirooster
Known color patterns:
      -Pink Unicorn
      -Green Gorilla
      -Light blue Jackalope
      -Dark blue Triceratops
      -Black Gorilla 
      -Grey Velocirooster 
      -Yellow Unicorn
      -Brown Gorilla 
      -Red Simosaurus
      -Brown Gorilla 
      -Yellow Triceratops 
      -Yellow Unicorn 
      -White Unicorn
       -White Unicorn
      -Light Green Triceratops 
      -Black Gorilla 
      -Yellow Jackalope 
      -Light green Triceratops

[edit] New Objects

  • Director’s Chair
  • Virtual Hogg Motorcycle Repair Ride
  • Racecar Bed
  • Popcorn Maker
  • Robot Pet
  • World’s Largest Teddy Bear
  • Trampoline
  • High-Heel Shoe Chair
  • Snowcone Machine
  • Makeup Table
  • Laser Cage
  • Taxidermy Alien
  • African Tribal Mask
  • Bonsai Tree
  • Golden Dawg House
  • Golden Triceratops Egg
  • Golden Simosaurus Tooth
  • Golden Jackalope Antler
  • Golden Unicorn Horn
  • Golden Dodo Feather
  • Golden Velocirooster Claw
  • Golden Gorilla Banana
  • Golden Dragon Wingsawg House

[edit] Touchscreen Features

The touchscreen gives you access to a whole "PDA" where you can view all your sim's stats, missions and goals, what they've got in their pockets, the catalogue, jobs screen, and more. The touchscreen is also implemented into a few of the minigames, these being Dr.Max Stat!, Amber Extraction / RNA Splicing, and Sushi Sensei.

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