Urbz Characters (Portable)

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Each character in the Urbz is a unique individual who can either hurt or help your chances of succeeding in the city. Note: Most, if not all, sims can be found in Club Xizzle during the day (or night).

Image Name Rep. Group Hangout(s) Description
Boo Urbz Port.png Bayou Boo N/A Bayou, Crawfish Shack
Berkely Urbz Port.png Berkely Clodd N/A Thrift Shop, Sim Quarter Docks, Carnival, Riverboat
Cannon Urbz Port.png Cannonball Coleman Artsie Near & In the Pizza Shop, Zydeco Club, Coffee Shop
Clem Urbz Port.png Crawdad Clem N/A Bayou, Crawfish Shack
Crystal Urbz Port.png Crystal Streetie Near Jail and Newspaper Office, Club Xizzle
Daddyb Urbz Port.png Daddy Bigbucks N/A Paradise Island
Darius Urbz Port.png Darius Streetie Sim Quarter, Club Xizzle, Rep. Clubhouse
Dan Urbz Port.png Detective Dan D. Mann N/A Jail
Dusty Urbz Port.png Dusty Hogg N/A Chopper Shop, Jail
Ephram Urbz Port.png Ephram Earl N/A Mausoleum, Cemetery, Bayou
Ewan Urbz Port.png Ewan Watahmee Streetie Chopper Shop, Urbania
Giuseppi Urbz Port.png Giuseppi Mezzoalto N/A Riverboat, Sim Quarter Docks
Hattie Urbz Port.png Gramma Hattie N/A Urbania, Pizza Shop, Sim Quarter, Fortuneteller
Harlan Urbz Port.png Harlan King N/A Secret Lab (After Mission 5 is Complete)
Kris Urbz Port.png Kris Thistle Streetie Various Floors of King Tower
Lily Urbz Port.png Lily Gates Richie Sim Quarter Docks, King Tower Lobby, King Tower Law Office
Lincoln Urbz Port.png Lincoln Broadsheet Nerdie Newspaper Office
Lottie Urbz Port.png Lottie Cash Richie Hospital, Pizza Shop, Glasstown MegaMall
Luthor Urbz Port.png Luthor L. Bigbucks Richie Museum, Paradise Island, Cafe Multiplaya
Loa Urbz Port.png Mambo Loa N/A Fortuneteller, Crawfish Shack
Max Urbz Port.png Maximillian Moore Nerdie Hospital, Cafe Multiplaya
Misty Urbz Port.png Misty Waters Richie Gym, Paradise Island
Salty Urbz Port.png Olde Salty N/A Riverboat
Phoebe Urbz Port.png Phoebe Twiddle N/A Thrift Store, Pizza Shop
Polly Urbz Port.png Polly Nomial Nerdie University, Cafe Multiplaya, Sim Quarter
Pritchard Urbz Port.png Pritchard Locksley Artsie Sim Quarter, Move Theater, Newspaper Office
Roxie Urbz Port.png Roxanna Moxie Artsie Carnival, Sim Quarter
Sue Urbz Port.png Sue Pirnova Nerdie University, Sim Quarter, Cafe Multiplaya
Theresa Urbz Port.png Theresa Bullhorn Artsie Movie Theater, Sim Quarter, Club Zydeco
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