Urbz: Sims In The City (Console)

Urbz: Sims In The City
North American Box Art
DeveloperMaxis, Griptonite Games
PublisherElectronic Arts

PlayStation 2, Xbox, Game Boy Advance,

Nintendo DS
Release Date(s)2004 (NA)
GenreLife simulation game
Rating(T) Teen

[edit] Overview

'The Urbz' was the third Sims game to be released on console, and also hand held platforms. As well as the alteration of the typical 'The Sims' title, the game offers some very different elements. The idea of houses as locations was replaced by Districts as locations. Each district is a mini-neighborhood with it's own style and unique job and characters. The focus moved away from succeeding in careers and obtaining new locations, as had been the focus of previous games, and instead introduced the idea of completing actions and interacting with characters to gain reputation.

[edit] Console Gameplay Tips

  • Each district has a distinct style. Matching your hair, makeup, accessories, and clothing to this style will improve the success of interacting with local sims.
  • Be careful of which social moves you use. Ice Breakers work best with new relationships, while Friendly and Romantic will work best with characters your sim is friendly with. Use the Talk and Gossip interactions to learn about current events in the city.

[edit] Controls

These are the controls for the Gamecube version of this game.[1]

[edit] Regular Controls

Button Function
Control Stick Move Cursor
A Button Select Action
Y Button Snap to Urb
B Button Cancel Action
Z Button Switch Urb
C Stick Zoom/Rotate Camera
R Button Fast Forward
L Button Pause
X Button Open XAM

[edit] XAM Controls

Button Function
X Button Open XAM
Z Button XAM Help
D-Pad/Control Stick Navigate Items
L/R Button Page Left/Right
C Stick Scroll Text
A Button Select Item
X Button Access Grab/Place Mode
B Button Back/Exit

[edit] Menu Controls

Button Function
START Button Open Menu
D-Pad or Control Stick UP/DOWN Highlight menu items
D-Pad or Control Stick LEFT/RIGHT Cycle Choices
A Button Select/Go to next screen
L/R Button Page Left/Right
B Button Return to previous screen

[edit] The XAM

The XAM is your Urb's all-in-one connection to their friends, items, goals, and more. It includes the following functions:

[edit] Telephone

The XAM is a full-functional phone that you can use to call your Urb's friends to see where they are, or to invite them to the location your Urb is currently visiting. While in your apartment, your Urb can use the phone to call the fire department, a janitor (maid), throw a party, order food, etc.

[edit] Messages

Another function of the XAM is the text-message feature. You recieve goals from Darius, as well as notifications of new locations being open and items being available in the shops. The XAM holds the newest twenty messages, and your Urb gets new messages all the time, so make sure you read every message you get.

[edit] Inventory

The XAM is also home to your Urb's items. All the furniture and power socials acquired can be found in the XAM. From the Inventory page, you can place and move around items (while in your apartment, of course), as well as select power socials to use.

[edit] Relationships

The relationship page in the XAM gives a quick biography of each of the other Urbz you've met, then shows their relationship toward you. The faces next to their names indicate what they think of you. Keep in mind that red is bad and green is good. With the exception of love (a red heart).

[edit] Goals

The goals page shows a map of the city and all the locations your Urb has unlocked and visited. Cycle through the different locations using the Control Stick or the D-Pad and view the goals that appear when an unlocked location is selected. Once you've completed the goals, a check will appear next to each of them.

[edit] Customize

Just like with your Urb, you can change your XAM's style. You can pick up ringtones and XAM backgrounds/themes from other Urbz.

[edit] References

  1. Taken from Urbz: Sims In The City [GC] user manual.

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