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Traits are a huge part of The Sims 3. Below is a list of every traits (in alphabetical order), with a short description about each.

Absent-Minded- Absent-Minded Sims get lost in their thoughts and occasionally forget what they are doing, or where they are going.

Ambitious- Ambitious Sims dream big and are more rewarded when their wishes are satisfied in life.

Angler- Anglers catch fish better then other Sims, and enjoy it more.

Artistic- Artistic Sims are naturally gifted artists with a paint brush. They also make pretty good writers and musicians!

Athletic- Athletic Sims are the best athletes in town.

Bookworm- Bookworm sims enjoy reading, and do it much faster. They make good authors too!

Brave- Brave sims are fearless, and fight fires, burglars and will do anything to protect those around them.

Can't Stand Art- These sims don't apprieciate works of art, no matter how expensive or pretty it makes their home.

Charismatic- These Sims enjoy talking, and know the perfect thing to say to other Sims. They build Charisma skill faster and throw the best parties!

Childish- These sims love anything to do with kids, and often watch the Kids Channel on TV, or listen to the Kids Station on the radio.

Clumsy- These sims often trip, and poorly plan things.

Commitment Issues- They don't want to settle down. Obviously, these sims will not get married willingly!

Computer Whiz- They love spending time on the computer. They can even make some money out of their passion.

Couch Potato- They are happiest sitting on the couch, like to eat junk food, and hate exercising.

Coward- They are terrified of many things, and frequently faint in "dire" situations.

Daredevil- Sims with this trait love living life on the edge. They LOVE fire.

Dislikes Children- Sims get uncomfortable when they are around children, even if it's their own!

Easily Impressed- They are easily amazed by even the most unappealing story, and are pleased with the smallest accomplishments.

Evil- Evil sims get delight from misery of others, and love the dark.

Excitable- These Sims get excited from just about anything.

Family-Oriented- These sims are happiest when surrounded by family, and dream of having a large one.

Flirty- They are always looking for romance, and are often successful.

Frugal- They relish a good deal and hate to waste money.

Genious- Geniuses are logical thinkers, masters of chess and excellent hackers.

Good- Good Sims go out of their way to help friends and family in need, are charitable with their money, and frequently comfort those around them.

Good Sense of Humor- These Sims love a good joke, and never fail to entertain.

Great Kisser- These sims give the best kisses that will not be forgotten.

Green-Thumb- Sims with this trait are natural gardeners.

Grumpy- Grumpy Sims are rarely in a good mood. It's hard to make them happy, because they simply don't want to be happy.

Handy- Handy Sims are the best tinkerers. They never fail at repairing or upgrading household items.

Hates the Outdoors- Sims that hate the outdoors despise being outside and will always remain indoors whenever possible.

Heavy Sleeper- Heavy Sleepers will sleep through any situation, no matter how loud or alarming. They also tend to snore.

Hopeless Romantic- Hopeless romantics passionately seek their soulmate. They want romance, true love and surround themselves with cheesy romantic television and novels.

Hot-Headed- Hot headed Sims are quick to anger. The smallest thing can make them mad!

Hydrophobe- These Sims hate water and will avoid swimming whenever possible.

Inappropriate- Inappropriate Sims talk about the wrong thing the wrong time, never think to dress properly, and never think to apologize when they've wronged someone.

Insane- Insane Sims respond to events in life unpredictably. They say what they want, do what they want and even wear what they want, even if it doesn't make sense to anyone else.

Kleptomaniac- Kleptomaniacs 'accidentally' end up with things owned by others and often "permanently borrow" things from friends, neighbours and even co-workers!

Light Sleeper- Light sleepers toss and turn throughout the night and are woken up by the slightest bump in the night.

Loner- They prefer to stay by themselves, and do not enjoy socializing. They get nervous when around large groups.

Loser- Losers encounter woe and misfortune throughout their lives beginning with school and continuing into their careers. They will fail and fail often. They won't get mad even when life falls apart. They'll just cry.

Loves the Outdoors- These Sims love spending time outdoors and find a special joy amidst nature that others do not.

Lucky- Lucky Sims are closely followed through life with a comforting sense of luck. They win often and they win big.

Mean-Spirited- Mean-spirited Sims love to fight, mostly because they never lose in a brawl.

Mooch- Moochers can mooch food and money from their neighbors who for the most part just go along with it.

Natural Cook- These sims are natual cooks and learn the skill quickly, and make the best dishes.

Neat- Neat Sims always find time to clean, regardless of their mood. They are easily devastated by filthy surroundings, but will never leave a mess behind.

Neurotic- Neurotic Sims will freak out at the most minor of provocations. They can become stressed easily and can be difficult to mellow. Luckily they take solace in sharing their worries with others.

Never Nude- Never Nudes despise nudity and will never, ever, completely remove all of their clothing.

No Sense of Humor- Sims with No Sense of Humor tell terrible jokes, so they tend not to tell them. They also don't enjoy the jokes of others. Humor is simply wasted on them.

Over-Emotional- Over-Emotional Sims experience greater mood swings than other Sims when both good and bad things happen to them. Moodlets have a greater effect on them, whether its good or bad!

Party Animal- Party animals love to party, and others love to party with them. When a party animal hosts a party, everyone comes and has a great time. Woo!

Perfectionist- Perfectionists spend more time cooking, writing or even painting, but what they eventually finish is noticeably better than something created by other Sims. Perfectionists achieve nothing shy of perfection.

Schmoozer- Schmoozers are really good at befriending neighbors, co-workers and sucking up to their bosses.

Slob- Slobs constantly leave messes in their wake. To make matters worse, they won't offer to pick up or clean! Luckily common filth won't offend their senses.

Snob- Snobs are very hard to impress though they love hearing about themselves and will never turn down a compliment.

Technophobe- Technophobe Sims hate television, the computer and anything technological. They will always look for an alternative source of entertainment.

Unflirty- Unflirty Sims do not appreciate the romantic advances of others and will be difficult to woo. It's not that they don't want to love, just that it's difficult for them.

Unlucky- Things rarely go right for unlucky Sims. They often lose at everything they touch. Though some do take pity on their misfortune.

Vegetarian- Vegetarian Sims never choose to eat meat, and doing so causes them to quickly become ill.

Virtuoso- Virtuosos have a natural gift with musical instruments and are often considered the best musicians. As such, they earn more as musicians when playing for tips and learn more quickly.

Age Groups & Traits

Babies and Toddlers only get two traits, which don't really affect their day to day routines as much as older sims because they don't have as many actions. For example, if your baby is neurotic, then you will see thought bubbles of people peeking into windows, as if they are concerned about it. If you have a great pregnancy (the mother has high mood for about 75% of it) then you will pick both traits. If you have a decent one, then you can pick only one. A horrible one, and you don't pick any traits. The traits will most likely be bad ones (insane, kleptomaniac, mean-spirited, etc.)

Kids get three traits.

Teens get four.

Young Adults, Adults, and Elders all get five traits.

Note: There is also a glitch where a trait gained from aging up may not appear. The only known fix is to use the cheat testingcheatsenabled true, modify the traits of that sim, and add in the missing trait.

[edit] Hidden Traits

Hidden traits are traits that can only be obtained by having a child with a service NPC (or a foreigner in World Adventures). The chance of getting the hidden trait is quite low. Mod The Sims has a hack that allows you to assign the traits to your sims in CAS. It can be found here:

[edit] Base Game

Burglar - Burglars must perfect their sneaking skills to properly liberate imprisoned items from the homes of neighbors. Burglars like to keep the skill in the family, so their children are able to sneak out like a pro at birth.

Can Apprehend Burglars - Police officers spend years to best the most clever burglars. Luckily for their children, genetics helps them stop burglars without years of tedious training.

Can Salute - Children of high-ranking military officials know enough about the military's rules and regulations to snap off a smart salute when they want.

Immune to Fire - Fire Fighters are able to survive countless fires; not because of their natural immunity to fire. It's a trait that they pass on to their children.

Makes No Messes - The descendants of maids have cleanliness imprinted on their genetic code so they never leave anything dirty.

Pizza Appreciator - Pizza delivery folks develop a love of pizza that's deeper than the thickest crust. Their children share a similar fanaticism for pizza, which makes every bite of hot pizza amazing.

Pyromaniac - You can only get this trait in a Sim who is the offspring of a firefighter Sim. The trait allows them to set fire to objects of their choice, and they get positive moodlets for doing so!

Rocker - Sims with this trait will get a natural feeling of rockstardom.

[edit] EP01 - World Adventures

Asian Culture -

Egyptian Culture -

French Culture -

Mummy -

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