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Sims working for payouts.

[edit] Payouts

Sims could go to a money lot to get simoleons from doing a number of different things, ether jaming on a jam table, painting on an easel, hitting pinatas, or working as a telemarketer. Each money object from the jam table to the telephone had a full cycle to complete. Once a player completed a full cycle on one of these money objects they would get some simoleons for their work. Sims who completed a full cycle on each object would also get a sim payout determined by the owner of the money lot. The owner of the lot decided on a payout for each money object for example: if a sim completed one whole jam table the payout was 250 simoleons. So if a sim completed 5 full cycles of jams they would receive (5 x 250) 1,250 simoleons plus what they received from just completing the cycle explained above. Players whose sims had higher skills would make more money per cycle off a money object. For jams if the sim had a high cooking skill they would make more money than those other sims who had a low cooking skill.

[edit] Group Money

Group money was basically known as just having made money with a group of people, but the amount of people needed varied on what object a player used to make money with. There were 5 different objects that could only be used to make money and that was only if there were more then one sim having used them. These include the Pizza, Code, Maze, Band, and War games and each game had a different requirement as to how many people had to play. To have played the Pizza and Band games a player needed four sims, while the Maze and War games only needed two sims, and the Code game only needed three.

[edit] The Pizza Game

Pizza Game Table

Pizza was known as the best, most popular way to make money in The Sims Online. With it having been so popular, many experienced Sims played the game and took it very seriously. So if a player had been completely new to the pizza game they needed to make sure to have found a friendly and welcoming lot of sims who wound have shown them the ropes and tought them the basics to playing the pizza game.

A Group of Sims Making Pizza

Pizza consisted of four slots for four skillful sims to have occupied. Those slots required certain kind of skills, and sims that had a lot of skill points in that certain skill category made more money off the pizza they made then the less skilled sims. Two of the slots both had required cooking skills, the third required body skills, and the fourth required charisma skills. The best money was made from a combination of all of the sim’s skills, so four players with lots of skill points in those certain categories were definitely going to make more then the average amount of money. While four sims who had skilled poorly and only had a small amount of those skills for each category weren't going to make much money at all. So when getting ready to Pizza a player needed to have made sure to have had experience and have been with other skilled players, who had sims with the right skills for the right categories.

After a player found three other sims including themselves, they were ready to start making Pizza. It sounded easy, since it was just pizza but there was a trick to the game. Everyone got a set of ingredients but they must have had to work together with the other members making the pizza in order to make a successful one. If some sim players decided not to take the game seriously and they would just goof off they would have most likely gotten a “burnt pizza”. There were three categories of Pizza that a player could have received each turn of making one,

    1. The Supreme Pizza - Was known as “the successful” pizza.
Star Pizza

    2. The Star Pizza - Known as the “perfect” pizza, it was the best kind you could make.
Supreme Pizza

    3. The Burnt Pizza - Was the most commonly made pizza and the worst in it’s group of pizzas.
Charred Pizza

A successful pizza required, cheese, sauce, and dough. But here was where the trick came into play. In order to have actually made a successful pizza and not a burnt one the player needed to have cheese, sauce, and dough that were all the same size, ether all were large, medium, or small. And since they were all working as a team, there should have been a leader who (by Sim PM (Private Message)) would ask each of the other members what ingredients they had and from there the leader would check all of what the team had to see what could have been made. Most of the experienced Pizza Makers abbreviated their ingredients, for example: Large Dough was LD, so that it wouldn't have taken as long to have typed and PMed back to the leader.

[edit] Abbreviations

Pizza Game Ingredients

Cheese - C

Dough - D

Sauce - S

Large - L

Medium - M

Small - S

[edit] Mixed

LC - Large Cheese

MC - Medium Cheese

SC - Small Cheese

Pizza Make Table and Ingredients

The abbrievations were also the same with everything else. All toppings were known as “T” because they were all the same and even though they really had different names they wouldn't change the kind of pizza that would be made.

Star Pizza’s were made by having all of the same ingredients of the same size including the toppings. Star Pizza's were different from Supreme Pizza’s because they had the topping and the Supreme didn't. As players could probably already have figured out, a burnt pizza was made by not having all the ingredients of the same size. But as a player figured out after making a good amount of pizza’s, it was quite hard to come across all of the right ingredients in order to make a supreme pizza and was even harder to make a Star pizza. Most of the time the player would end up with a burnt pizza due to the fact that they did not have the right ingredients.

All of the other four games were quite similar to the Pizza game. In each one ether, 2, 3 or 4 sims had to work together seriously in order to make lots of cash. And if a player discovered that they would rather make money another way, without the help of others there were a huge amount of more options to choose from for making money.

[edit] The Slots

Sims building gnomes on gnome boards.

Going to a casino category lot was probably actually the best way to get money the fastest with lots of it. But it mattered on what the owner's (of the lot)payouts were on the casino objects and winnings, that was if they even had payouts.

Payouts were known as a certain amount of money that the owner decided to give away, in this situation, for how many winnings from the casino a player had, there were also payouts on making Jams, Potions, Telemarketing, Solving Problems, etc. Each time that the player ether made or won some money using a money object and at a lot that had payouts announced the number they were at such as for one winning “1“, for four “4“, and so on. At some lots if a player did not announce the number of winnings they were getting out loud each time the owner wouldn't count them and the owner would think a player was cheating, leaving the player without a payout. Now once the player is done for the time being and they wanted to leave they would find the owner and tell them how many payouts they had done. A players number was multiplied by the number of money their payout was, for example: Payouts were 500 each. If they had done 25 their total would be 25 x 500 = 12,500 simoleons.

Simoleons - Were known as sim-money but were just named something other than dollars.

Sims doing board problems.

So a player who had found a casino with the best payouts in the city and there they should have made more money then they would at any other casino. But it was their time their spending, the longer they stayed the more payouts they would do leaving them with more money to spend and use. Now the casino objects were basically the same as any other money making object except for they were similar to the slots in real-life. Put some money in and maybe the player would get some money out. Ether way, they would steadily become rich, because at a lot with payouts for every winning that they would receive from that machine was known as a payout. So even if the players actual winnings weren't that much money they would surely receive a load more from the payouts the owner had made for the lot.

There was no trick to playing a slot machine a player simply put some simoleans in, clicked on the joystick typed object and it would click down. From there a player would watch the three slots roll, they would know if they had won or not. Regular slot machine winnings ranged from 50 - 2,150 simoleons and the rarely received “Jack Pot” was 25,000 simoleons.

[edit] Contests

Most of the active cities usually had contests held everyday. There were hundreds of known contests, all different in some way or the other. Some were alike but were slightly modified by the owner, and so were entirely knew created by the owner. Some of the most popular were;

1. Skill till you drop - Had a sim use some kind of skill object and the last sim to still been using that object, without having to stop because they turned to a bad mood, wins.

2. Money Objects - Would find a money object such as a Jam, or Potion maker and used it, the longest sim to have lasted on that object without having to stop because of having been in a bad mood, wins! This was one of the best kind of contests because even if a sim didn’t win they would make some money from the objects.

3. Drink till you Pee - There were many different styles and varieties to playing this type of contest but it was most commonly played like this: Six to Twelve sims would find themselves a chair all lined up. Their order is based on the chair they were in, and they each rolled a dice every time they had a turn. The number on the dice determined how many cups from the bar that they would have had to drink. So sims who rolled low numbers obviously will have had a better chance then those who rolled big numbers. Alike all the other contests the last person to not have spilt their bladder wins!

The biggest part to doing contests was probably Greening.

Greening mean't eating, peeing, showering, sleeping, having fun, and socializing to make a Sim as green as they could be. The word “Green” comes from the color of the bars that the sim has gotten when it had close to full meters in all of the “mood” categories, these were known as the sims basic needs to living. The fuller a sims needs were the better they were going to do on a contest, these needs kept the sim going and if they got too low and the sims green bars went down hitting red the sim would stop what it was currently doing so that it could once again green in order for it to be happy and in a better mood. Greening a sim ultimately mean't living as a sim. If a player decided to never green their sim then their sim would eventually go completely red and they would die.

For information on a sims needs go to The Sims Online main page and click on A Sims Needs tab in the table of contents.

After a player was adjusted to their sims moods, and learned how to control them, they should have been ready to start contesting. The best way to Green up a sim for a contest was to have them eat two plates of food or enough to fill their hunger need, empty their wastes in a toilet filling their bladder need, clean themselves off in a shower filling their hygiene need, and instead of finding a bed to sleep in a player should just have had a friend or another sim “Serenade” their sim.

Serenade - It was an affectionate interaction that was rarely used for the real purpose instead for the purpose of filling a sims energy need. It sounded bizarre but it worked. A sim that serenaded a tired sim would boost the sims energy, the more times they did the interaction with the sim the better. It was best used during contests to fill up a sims energy need. It not only got a sims energy up but it also filled their social need!

Then after a sim had been serenaded, a player would have them play on any sort of laptop or computer to raise the sims fun need. Or they could have looked at a mystic tree and that would raise both the sims fun and comfort needs! Now, after having used just a small amount of time to green the sim up, a player would have the sim hide until the contest started. Once it did start, the sim would come out of hiding and from there the contest was all based on whose sim was greener then the other, the last one standing, playing, moving, etc, wins! Most winnings ranged from 500k - 1 million simoleons!

[edit] Work

A job for a players sim would determine where they worked at wither it had been, the diner, robot factory, nightclub dancer, or nightclub DJ, those having been the only available jobs in The Sims Online. Those jobs were available methods for making simoleons and was known as one of the slowest, worst ways to make money. A sim had to spend lots of time working extra shifts and hours, just to having made an even small amount of money. To have gotten promoted they would need required skills, and have done a certain amount of hours for that job. It took a lot of determination and sweat to get promoted and to actually start making a decent amount of money in these businesses.

There were 10 available promotions also known as levels for each job category. The pay was rather lousy at the start and it really never got any better, but if a sim did manage through hours of sweat and sleepless determination to have made it to the top they may even actually make some-what of a decent amount of money, but it was nothing they would want their sim to live off of. It was much better to just hit the local, best payout casinos or to even do group money with other sims instead of actually working a job.

Working a job was a good feature to The Sims Online. You could work along with others and learn the basics to what it would take to work an actual job on The Sims Online. The jobs provided were strictly made for the game and completely new to any Sims game before it. The work places were also real sim lots that could be visited and were interactable among the players unlike a job in the very first Sims PC game. A job was a feature that a player would have missed out on if they never decided to try out the job portion to the online game.

[edit] Player Made Shops

Players who wanted to design and build their own store could have been quite difficult if they were starting out with little or no money. It was really recommended that the player had at least 2 million or more in simoleons before they begin starting their own store or business. Really having their own store solely to just make money from the start wasn't really that great of an idea. But if they just came out from winning a contest or doing a lot of payouts at a money lot, and they had the money then they would go ahead and start their new store.

The most successful stores were usually those who had crafted items, rares, and pets. Those sort of stores really seemed to work out the most due to the fact that those items were at a higher demand then other items in the game. Stores that had lower prices then other stores sold more. But if the player wanted their items to be at a reasonable price they may have had to end up waiting before costumers started arriving.

Catchy names such as; Pet Palace, Rare Trades, Shopping Central, etc, would help to lure sims into the players new store. With much hope other players would purchase some of the shop owners items. Also if the owner just started a store it would take time before their store would appear on the map, so with help from a friend both of them should have stayed on the lot to just chat or interact in many of the other activities within the game and then in the next couple of days their store would begin appearing on the map, available for others to see.

Once the player owning the store started getting customers, it was necessary for them to be polite and kind to their customers and the customers needs. The nice and welcoming store owner was always better then a mean and ignoring one. Owners who actually listened to what their customers wanted would be rewarded even by generous sims tipping them, or just advertising to others that their particular store is better then many of the others. So the key concepts have made a successful store were,

1. Had at least some money to actually start the store.

2. Sold their items at, half price or less. Items would get sold at a faster rate this way.

3. Been as polite as they could and actually listened to their customers.

A good quality to having had some money to start their own business with was that they could purchase items, and the more items that they had purchased from a certain category would bring a discount to those items, if they were ever going to buy more of them. A sim that didn't have much money wouldn't be able to purchase that many items, leaving the shop owner with a store that wasn't successful.

Another great way to getting customers to come to their store was to advertise about it, have a group of your friends go around and just tell people about their store. Mainly about the stores prices and the items it had. After fulfilling all of those requirements, they may have actually begun to rank in those wanted simoleons. But alike the job career method of making money, their store was still not really one of the best ways. It would take time and again, determination in order to actually develop a successful shop to make money.

Those methods listed above were considered the best of the best ways to making money.

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