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[edit] Online Objects

Most of the items in The Sims Online came from the previous The Sims expansion packs-Making Magic, Superstar, and all the rest. There were only a few new items added into the game, and they were constantly being made and thrown into the mix overtime.

Objects completely new to The Sims season were objects given out at birthdays (a year after your account was made), holidays, anniversaries. Other objects included city monuments, and crafting objects. The objects given out to the players are separated in three categories below with city monuments and crafting objects following.

[edit] Birthdays

After subscribing to The Sims Online the next obvious option would have been to create-a-sim. After sims had been created they were attached with a date from their creation. That date followed that sim for as long as the sim continued to be played. After a year of play a birthday cake was awarded to that sims online member.

[edit] Birthday Cake

A Birthday Cake.

Price: Varies on what the seller decides. Before shutdown was sold at $4 - 6 Mil

Motives: Fun 3

[edit] Anniversarys

[edit] 1st Anniversary Gift Cat Sculpture

A Bronze, Silver, and Gold Cat Statue.

Price: Varies on what the seller decides. Before shutdown was sold at $20-40 Mil

Motives: Fun 1, Room 3

There were three different types of Cat Sculptures that a member could be awarded. These include a bronze, silver, or gold sculpture. There was no specific way to get a specific colored sculpture for they were given in random order to members.

[edit] 1st Anniversary Gift Dog Sculpture

A Bronze, Silver, and Gold Dog Statue.

Price: Varies on what the seller decides. Before shutdown was sold at $20-40 Mil

Motives: Fun 1, Room 3

There were three different types of Dog Sculptures that a member could be awarded. These include a bronze, silver, or gold sculpture. There was no specific way to get a specific colored sculpture for they were given in random order to members as well as the other anniversary sculpture.

[edit] Garden Gnome

A garden gnome.

Price: Varies

Garden Gnomes were given out to members who were able to get others to join the game. To receive the Garden Gnome a member would enter the account username of the person they had join the game and then shortly after they would receive the gift.

[edit] Simmy


Price: Varies

Motives: Room: +3

Simmys were awarded to players as a 2nd Anniversary Gift. Once their account became 2 years old each sim on the players account would receive a simmy. There were three different colored simmys given out: red, green, and white. The color given out was chosen at random for each players account so the luck for getting all white simmys was random.

[edit] Mystery Gift

Price: Varies

A Sim watering a mystery gift
A Mystic Tree with Ripe Fruit.

[edit] Mystic Tree

Price: Varies, Currently before shutdown was sold at $250-400 Mil

Mystery Gifts were given out as a 3rd Anniversary Gift. Players whose accounts turned 3 years old would go to play there sims and find these gifts in their sims inventories. The Mystery Gift was then watered by the sim to grow up as a Mystic Tree. Mystic Trees were one very original sims online object for they could be watered and grow fruits. The fruits grown played two roles. One, if the fruit was left unriped and picked it would fill up all of your sims motives (needs) and turn them completely green. Two, if the fruit was left to ripe and then picked it would gain a skill for the sim at random among all six skills. If you had a body skill of seven and ate the ripe fruit there was a one and six chance of gaining another body skill. Many sims would grow these trees in groups much like tree farms and then pick the ripe fruit from them to gain skills fast. Others would grow the trees to ripe and then sell the fruit to buyers desperate enough for a skill they wouldn't like to advance by skilling with an object.

[edit] KampRite Instant Campfire

A Campfire.

Price: Varies

Motives: Hunger 50, Comfort 50, Fun 120

KampRight Instant Campfire was given out as a 4th anniversary gift. Players who had accounts that turned 4 years old would receive one campfire per sim at the time. The Campfire had a few different features these included: sims could sing along around the campfire, roast marshmallows, and tell ghost stories.

[edit] Boom Town Cannon

A Cannon.

Price: Varies

Motives: Fun 5, Room 7

[edit] Cannonball

Price: §1

The Boom Town Cannons were given out to players as a 5th anniversary gift. Accounts that turned 5 years old would receive a cannon in each of their sims inventories. The cannons were used for many different things. Sims could shoot cannon balls at other sims and cause them to be distressed and pee themselves which was very comical to players. They were used in games when sims wanted to play against each other to see who could shoot the object, usually a garden gnome, first and whoever did would win. Payments were often made during these games. Lastly other players would simply keep their cannons outside or inside their sims houses to show off their rare anniversary objects for others to ponder and be jealous of.

There were also different colored cannons given out to players who would them as a prize for contests that were started on the main The Sims Online site. These colors included green, blue, yellow, and red. These colored cannons were one of the rarest objects to be rarely seen throughout the sims online world.

[edit] Holidays

[edit] Jack-O-lantern

A Pumpkin.

Price: Varies

Jack-O-lanterns were given out to every sim on Halloween a popular holiday for players to celebrate. These jack-o-lanterns were pumpkins which could be lit up and glowed an orange light in the dark sim night. Players who were really into Halloween would also build their houses to look haunted and spooky for other sims to come enjoy. Funerals, and haunted mazes made for a great celebration on Halloween. The Jack-O-Lantern object could also be bought in the buy mode during the month of October for all sims who wanted extra pumpkins to light up the Halloween night.

[edit] Hats Off to 2007

A Happy New Years Hat to 2007!

Price: Couldn't Be Sold

Motives: Room: +6

In 2007 a Hats off to 2007 object was given out to every player currently playing during the time. One downfall to the object was once it was placed on a sims lot it would disappear for good. So this object was rather pointless unless collectors wanted to keep them in their inventories to simply look at every-so-often.

Other holiday objects that were not as rare as the ones above were given out. Firework stands and a grill on the 4th of July for those who wanted to celebrate that holiday. On Valentines day heart lights were given out to every sim who wanted to have an object ready to give to someone they truly cared for on that date. Home-cooked turkey was given out on Thanksgiving to players who wanted to prepare a holiday feast for friends from the neighborhood. On Christmas Sims could purchase snow-men and snow-women, snow-children, snow-elders, Christmas tree’s, and Santa Claus statues. All of these festive items really showed off the Christmas spirit that everyone held within them. And it really brought The Sims Online back to life during those precious holiday times.

[edit] City Monuments

City Monuments.

Close to the games end Maxis Staff members decided to import some final Sims Online items. These items were city monuments. There was a monument for each city with a special logo and description to go with. These monuments could have been bought from the sims online store that the Maxis employees made weeks before the closing of the game.

[edit] The Crafting Bench

With the last of new features: crafting from a workbench, players had the option of being able to make a variety of items using their sims, but with certain skills required for each object.

[edit] Crafting

Unlike any of the other Sims games, The Sims Online had a new feature called Crafting. Crafting was done by purchasing a crafting bench -that could only be used on a Service Lot. Then players had to have required skills needed to build a particular craft. Particular skills were needed to craft items such as a pet painting, sprinkler, pet feeder, exercise ball, vine fence, coffee table, plasma TV, clothes rack, and all other crafts! It was also always good for a player to have greened their sim's needs up before crafting so they wouldn't get tired and want to quit on the job. Many players had enjoyed this feature of the game and it had even vastly improved the buy and trade business, having filled all stores with the must have crafts.

Thumbhammer Workbench
  • Thumbhammer Workbench - The Crafting Bench
    • Price: §50,000
    • Motives: Room 2

Crafting also required players to use machinery to construct their crafted object. There were three different types of machinery a sim could use to craft into objects. These included: a box of wood, a bolt of cloth, and a box of spare parts. A sim would use specific machinery for individual crafting objects.

Box of Wood
A box of wood was a type of machinery that would be used in almost every crafting object available to construct.

A bolt of cloth was used to construct comfort objects such as beds, sofas, and chairs.
Bolt of Cloth

Box of Spare Parts

A player would use a box of spare parts on crafting objects such as TVs, computers, and stereo systems.

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