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[edit] Newspaper Delivery Sim

TS Characters Nancy the Paper Girl 02.png
Nancy the Paper Girl.

TS Characters Nancy the Paper Girl 01.png

Morning sims love to read the newspaper. It is the job of the Newspaper Delivery Sim to get the morning newspaper to a sim, on time and everyday! These sims are better known as Nancy The Paper Girl. She has the overall duty of delivering the daily newspaper to sims in the morning at exactly 9am. Nancy not only may appear as the most common sim in the game but she also looks both pretty and welcoming.

TS Characters Nancy the Paper Girl 04.png

Even though she may appear like a welcoming sim who would be interested in a bit of conversation this is impossible. No matter how hard you try, you can never interact with this sim. For now, sims will just have to get used to only receiving the newspaper from Nancy and nothing else.

Nancy's morning newspaper can be interacted in four ways among sims. A sim can choose to 'bring in' the newspaper which, of course, would cause the sim to bring the newspaper inside the house from the outside to further interact with. Now that the newspaper has been brought in a sim can choose to 'read' or 'find a job' using this object. Choosing to find a job will bring up one job from the 10 job career tracks or even more if you have expansion packs added to your game and that job is the one you will get to choose to accept if you want that particular job. After you have read and searched for jobs using the newspaper there really isn't anything else you can do with it besides choosing to 'recycle" the newspaper. A sim who chooses to recycle the newspaper will take it and throw it away in the trash.

[edit] Maid Sim

TS Characters The Sims Maid 09.png
TS Characters The Sims Maid 01.png
Walking to work..

Sims who have a rather messy house and are too lazy to clean it up themselves will want to call the Maid. The Maid Sim will clean up all messes throughout a dirty sim house, but for a price. She charges $10 simoleons an hour but will manage to turn a dirty house into a spotless palace.

She will clean anything from the dirty, left out dishes, wet floors, toilets, sinks, showers, make beds, and so much more! Whatever may look dirty in a sims house, the maid will make sure to clean it up! The Maid will appear to clean a sims property everday.

[edit] Gardener Sim

Gardener Sim gardening.

Gardener Gloria Sim.

Sims who have an overgrown or dieing garden and just don’t have the time to water the plants themselves will want to call on this sim for it’s service. The Gardener Sim is named Gardener Gloria. The Gardener is very similar to the Maid with charging $10 simoleons an hour but unlike the Maid she will only appear on the property every 3 days.

Each time that Gloria does appear she has only one goal, to water the plants. This sim will go from one plant to the next and make sure to water them all to keep them from dieing. This sim will not only water the outside plants but even plants that are potted and inside!

[edit] SimPostal Woman

TS Characters SimPostal Woman 01.png
TS Characters SimPostal Woman 04.png
TS Characters SimPostal Woman 05.png
TS Characters SimPostal Woman 03.png

The SimPostal Women, better known in the game as *NPC Mail Carrier Female #1, will appear on a sims lot every 3 days to deliver the bills. This sim will place all bills that are to go to a sims household in the mailbox for them to later read and pay.

Colored bills.

[edit] The Bills

There are four different types of bills each a different color from the next. The colors of the bills are determined by how long the bills have gone without being paid. The first type of bill is the white bill and it is the earliest of the bills and usually the cheapest to pay. The second type of bill is the yellow bill and becomes that color when a sim holds the bill for a few days, 2 or less, without paying. The third type of bill is the orange bill and it becomes that color when a sim holds the bill for even more than 2 days up to 4 without paying. The fourth and final type of bill is the red bill and it becomes that color when a sim holds the bill for more than 5 days in a row without paying. Once a sim gets a few red colored bills they better dip, dodge, dive, and duck away from what will happen next, the SimRepo Man will come to their house and repossess some of their belonging in payment for the bills. So don't let this happen if you do not wish to encounter the SimRepo Man!

[edit] SimRepairman

TS Characters SimRepairman 04.png
TS Characters SimRepairman 03.png
TS Characters SimRepairman 01.png

Sims who have a favorite item of theirs that has broken will want to make sure to call on the Repairmen for his services. Even though this sim charges a high price of $50 simoleons per hour he can repair all items that have broken; such as, televisions, computers, light, showers, sinks, stoves, and refrigerators. Whatever is broken Repairman Bruno can fix it.

Note: Because of the high price of simoleons per hour I would suggest having the sim repair the broken items themselves in the exception that they aren’t electrical items such as televisions, lights, and computers. Any sim who repairs these types of objects are at a high risk of electrocution if their mechanical skill is low. Sims who have a high mechanical skill should be safe but just in case, without the risk, I would suggest leaving this task for the Repairmen.

SimRepairman quote.

[edit] SimFireman

TS Characters SimFireman 01.png
TS Characters SimFireman 03.png
TS Characters SimFireman 04.png

SimFireman quote.

Whenever there is a fire you should call the SimFireman. Fire Fighter Freddy can handle any fire that may come his way while sims who try and extinguish a fire on their own have the chance of death. If you don’t want to risk an early death in a sim family I would suggest calling Freddy immediately even though it takes a bit of time for him to actually arrive you’ll be better safe than sorry.

Fire Fighter Freddy will arrive at a sims property automatically if you have a Fire Alarm installed in the room of the fire. Fire Alarms are preferably placed above kitchen stoves for these are the objects that tend to catch fire the most. Fire Alarms can definitely help to keeping a fire from spreading seeing as how Freddy has been contacted and he will be on his way.

Fire Fighter Freddy works for free but he will not insure any items that have been destroyed by the fire. Some items can be saved by a fire but this matters on how long they were actually on fire from the moment it started to the moment the fire was extinguished.

[edit] SimPolice Woman

TS Characters SimPolice Woman 01.png
TS Characters SimPolice Woman 03.png
TS Characters SimPolice Woman 04.png

The SimPolice Woman, also known as Police Officer Michelle, has the duty of the neighborhood and keeping it safe and quiet for all sims. Any sims who decide to have a late night party, 11pm and beyond, will have to expect an arrival from Officer Michelle. She will explain that the party is too loud and needs to be quieted and then fine them simoleons for hosting such a late night party that was a disturbance to the neighborhood.

This sim can also be contacted whenever there may be a break in by a burglar. If she can make it to the property in time she will give the household simoleons to help refurbish what was stolen. The SimPolice Woman can also be automatically contacted by an Alarm System that detects any break in. From here the Police Woman is more likely to arrive just in time to capture the burglar and pay you simoleons to replace your stolen items.

Note: If a Police Woman was to be contacted and arrives too late to catch the burglar she will apologize but will not pay for your stolen items.

[edit] Pizza Delivery Sim

Pizza has been delivered!

Any sim who is altogether sick of cooking the same meal over and over again and also is too lazy to even feed the children should call upon the Pizza Delivery Sim for it’s services. The Pizza Delivery Sim only takes a few, in-game, minutes to arrive with hot, fresh pizza to feed any and all hungry sims on the property. Pizza costs $40 simoleons each and should be clicked on soon because the pizza will go fast!

Pizza Sim's quote!

One funny quirk I found about The Sims [PC] game is that in the Pizza Delivery Sim's quote he states himself as 'Freddy the Pizza Dude' but when selected on as he's walking in sim live mode the name for him that comes up is Pizza Dude Dale!? This is quite amusing to find that the Pizza Delivery Sim has two names and he is currently undecided on which name to go by in the future. Will he have other sims call him Freddy or Dale?

[edit] SimBurglar

TS Characters Burglar 01.png
TS Characters Burglar 04.png
TS Characters Burglar 05.png
TS Characters Burglar 03.png
TS Characters Burglar 06.png

The SimBurglar, a.k.a Some Sneaky Sim, has only one goal and that is to steal your items! This Some Sneaky Sim will break into a sims house during the night hours to steal whatever it can get it’s hands on. Not only is this sim sneaky but it’s also one fast runner. When another sim catches the Burglar in the act of stealing it will not only take what it was able to but it will also run for the hills!

Alarm Systems should be placed next to the entrances in a house to keep track of any break ins and call the police when one was to occur. At the time of a break in the Police could manage to ether be called by the Alarm System or a Sim itself and then arrest the Burglar. The police would also pay the household with simoleons to help pay for the stolen items even though they will not be returned even after the Burglar is arrested.

[edit] SimRepo Man

TS Characters SimRepo Man 06.png
TS Characters SimRepo Man 08.png
TS Characters SimRepo Man 01.png
TS Characters SimRepo Man 07.png

The SimsRepo Man, a.k.a Bud the Repo Man, will only appear at a sims property when the household was ether not able or too late with paying the bills. That’s right, Bud the Repo Man will come to the property and instead of requesting a payment he will use his repo-gun to absorb any items that are in the house. Sims like Bud will take as many items as they need to in order to fill the payment of the bill that the household wasn’t able to pay. When this happens there really isn’t much any sims can do, they can’t stop them or even lock the doors. So just make sure to pay the bills and you’ll be safe!

TS Characters SimRepo Man 02.png
TS Characters SimRepo Man 04.png

[edit] Social Worker Sim

TS Characters Social Worker 04.png
TS Characters Social Worker 05.png
TS Characters Social Worker 07.png
TS Characters Social Worker 06.png
TS Characters Social Worker 01.png

The Social Worker Sim, also known as Social Worker Sylvia, will come to take away any precious sim baby. Yes that’s right, parent’s who decided to mistreat their babies by not tending to them when they obviously have been crying and need fed will have to watch as the Social Worker takes their baby to a better place.

But before the Social Worker actually comes to take away a baby she will give one and only one warning to parents who may not be tending to their babies. She will warn parent’s in two situations, one being that they haven’t been tending to their baby or have gone to work while leaving the baby home. It’s never good to leave a baby at home by itself, you never know what could happen while you were gone and the Social Worker just won’t stand for this.

So make sure to keep your nose clean and treat your baby as best you can to avoid having it taken away by Sylvia.

TS Characters Social Worker 02.png

[edit] Ghosts

Ghost Uncle.
Ghost Grandpa.
Ghost Grandma.
Ghost Boy.

In addition to a gravestone is the chance of seeing ghosts! Yes, ghosts! Ghosts are sims whom have died but since their gravestones still remain they can use this to stay close to the living world. Any property that has members still living there but also with a few gravestones has the chance to experience seeing ghosts.

Ghosts appear outside or inside, depending on where their grave marker is. They also are best known for making an appearance at night time around 12am to 2am. If a Ghost doesn’t appear around this time then it’s most likely that they won’t appear for that night. But this doesn’t mean they won’t appear at all. Some ghosts will only appear walking around their grave markers on curtain days, maybe every other day, everyday, or any day that they choose. It’s mostly random but just keep playing as your sim for a few days and eventually you will get to see some ghost action!

Ghosts can only do a few things. These include walking and scaring living sims. Ghosts tend to walk around where their grave markers are located and if a sim was to be in the area at the time the ghost could scare the living daylights out of them. Yes that’s right. Ghosts also tend to scare the living just by walking up behind them! Ghosts appear just like what they looked like as a living sims but with a new eerie blue glow added to their bodies. This glow makes them appear more transparent and ghost-like. Even though Ghost sims can walk around there grave markers and scare other “living” sims they cannot, however, walk up stairs to a second-story in a sims house. Any sim that doesn’t wish to be scared by the dead should stay upstairs where ghosts cannot get to them.

Ghost sims can appear for many different reasons, one being to haunt living relatives such as husbands, wives, or even children. These living family members can even relate to the ghost sims better than other, newer sims to the property can. Such as, in some experiences, particular sims such as the children of a dead sim are often seen mourning their family member’s grave while other members on the property do not. Because of this the possibility of a ghost appearing is greater since these sims want to see their living relatives and even possibly scare them.

In the ghost’s mind their main intention may not even be to scare a sim but possibly just get another look at them since it’s not like they are living and can just wake up each morning to find their family beside them. But in the end ghost sims tend to scare all living sims and can make for one frightful experience.

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