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Neighborhood Sims - Families in Create-A-Family Bin

[edit] Location Information

The Neighborhood.

The main place for your sims to live in is the neighborhood. There is only one neighborhood in The Sims [PC] game and even though it may appear small there are many different lots to choose from for your sim to build a house on. This neighborhood appears like one large, green land mass ready for sims to begin building houses on. Close to where the neighborhood begins is a sign with the name of the neighborhood “The Sims”. This sign can never be missed and it is what greets new sims as they make their way into the neighborhood.

If you get to the point in your game where you completely fill up the neighborhood of houses you can simply click the “construction” tool to evict a family from a house or destroy the house entirely, whatever will work best for you and your sim.

The neighborhood mode of The Sims [PC] game has many different features besides just the families and lots. There are also many other things that make up this part of the game such as the Create a Family Ben and Construction tool.

[edit] Neighborhood

The only neighborhood in The Sims [PC] game is known as Simville or Sim Valley. When you first begin playing the game you can notice that there are a few lots already made and some families as well. These include the Newbies and the Goths. The other houses, excluding the ones that these pre-made families live in are empty and ready for you to have a sim move into.

These already made houses can help when you do not fill like building a house from scratch but starting out with one entirely built for you already. The only other things you would need to do for this house would be to add some more items to help your sim live a happy life and keep their needs up. You will notice as you move sims into these lots that they are very spacious and limited with objects, some may only have a refrigerator, sink, and toilet, this is definitely not enough for a sim to live off of.

The Sims, Creat-A-Sim storage bin.

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