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[edit] Sim Stages

To start the thrilling adventure of a Sims life you must begin as an adult sim. As life goes on this sim can have the chance to fall in love, get married, and even have a baby. As time passes after the birth of a baby this sim will grow older, into a child, and then stay this way forever. Adult sims also don't age but can die. Sims who have died will have a grave stone in replacement of that sim to mark the life that they had. Overall there are only three sim stages, adult, baby, and child.

[edit] Baby

These sims can only be obtained from three different situations.

One being two sims that are in love and are of the opposite sex. These sims must use the kiss interaction until a question pops up asking if the sims would like to have a baby. If you selected yes the baby will appear next to the two adult sims.

Two being two sims of the same gender that are in love. These sims must use the kiss or any other sexual interaction until a question pops up asking if the sims would like to adopt a baby. They cannot have the baby themselves since they are of the same gender explaining why they must adopt. If you selected yes the baby will appear next to the two adult sims.

Three being only one sim on their own that is living a successfully single life. Even though it’s not very likely this sim still has the chance to be asked the question if they would want to adopt a baby. Since the one sim itself cannot produce a baby it’s only option is adoption. If you selected yes the baby will appear next to the adult sim.

When selecting yes to having or adopting a sim baby the crib will appear next to the sims whether or not they are inside the house. If they are outside you may need to go to the buy mode and move the crib into the house where the sim is in a better environment and more accessible for adult sims. Flowers will rise in the air and then poof away to reveal a crib. Inside the crib is the baby itself whom will need to be treated and interacted with to stay happy.

During the birth or adoption of a baby the gender will be selected for you at random for whether the baby is a male or female. The only choice you have is naming the baby. Make sure to give it one awesome first name because this name cannot be changed later on. The sim will also inherit the last name of the adult sims that conceived the baby or adopted it.

There are only three different interactions that a sim can use with a baby. These are Feed, Play, and Sing. Every baby sim is bound to get hungry so an adult sim must make sure to feed this sim in order to keep it happy. It’s suggested that after each time of feeding a baby you sing to it once or twice, depending on how fast it falls to sleep. Most sim babies will cry and whine after eating if an adult fails to sing to them. Singing does the trick with these little buggers so just make sure to do this if you want to sleep soundly that night. Most sim babies don’t need to be played with but if a curious adult wants to do this anyways, it doesn’t hurt at all but may cause the baby to cry. Baby sims are not required to be played with in order to be happy but if you would like to develop a healthy relationship with this sim playing with them can do the trick.

The two main interactions that a baby depends on are the Feed and Sing interaction so make sure to give them as much of these as possibly. Most sim babies will alert an adult when they need to be fed by screaming and crying. When this happens just feed the baby. If they continue to cry afterward a good tip to getting babies to fall back to sleep is to sing to them at least twice. Doing so should do the trick to getting these sims back to sleep, and fast.

If a sim adult fails to treat a baby ending with a continuous scream and cry you will receive a warning to tend to the baby fast or expect a visit from the Social Worker. The first warning gives you a chance to take care of the child however the second is the worst because that’s when it’s too late to go back, the Social Worker will come and take the baby away from you for mistreatment and abuse of a child. This won’t damage a sim household at all but the adult sims won’t ever be able to see their baby sim again so if this happens just try again for a baby the chance will come again. And when it does just make sure to tend to the baby to not let this happen again.

A baby will grow up into a child after three days from the date of birth. After exactly 72 hours of treating, tending, and interacting with the baby it will grow up into a child where it will remain forever. This can be seen from a large mass of toy objects fluttering around the babies crib and then disappearing to reveal a child. The overall appearance of a child is quite random but also somewhat dependent on what the adult sim parents look like.

[edit] Child

A child can be obtained two ways. One from being created with the actual family itself in the create-a-sim portion of The Sims [PC] game. Two from growing up after being a baby for three days after birth.

After a child grows up from being a baby their current relationship with all members of the family will be at fifty points. Not only will the child have fifty points towards all relationships in the house but they will be friends with them as well. This can definitely help to gain friends for the child quickly. To keep the friendship up just make sure to not ignore these other sims by interacting with them.

The child sim has only a few goals in life and can never grow up into an adult sim to obtain other things such as jobs, love, and children of their own. The life of these sims is basically dependent on the grade that the sim has. Yes it’s true a child sim has a grade. The grade itself can be altered by ether studying their schoolwork, or going to school themselves. The grade represents what current grade the sim is receiving in school which can range from an A to an F.

Sims who do exceptionally well in school meaning they are keeping a steady A to A+ grade will have the chance to receive money rewards from grandparents. This is possible even if the sims doesn’t have grandparents, a screen will just pop up to alert you that the sim has been awarded. Most rewards range from $100 to $500 simoleons depending on how many times the grandparents have contacted the child sim.

Sims who do above or average can live a nice life as a child without the fear of going to Military School. These sims can also continue to gain friends with others such as adults or other kids themselves. Child sims that are friends tend to just ran around while playing with each other. They also tend to giggle a lot and just have a fun time.

Sims who do below average or even failing will have the greatest chance of being shipped off to Military School where the child will never return to their family. This is quite similar to how a Social Worker comes to a sims house to take a baby away except it’s the child this time. The Military School acts like a place of discipline for the sim except for the fact that you cannot ever play as this sim again.

Sims are likely to begin failing in school if they do not study their schoolwork by using the bookshelf or skip school completely. Child sims who skip school will be dropped a whole letter grade for that day so if the sim had a B at the time it’s new grade would be a C. Make sure to go to school and study schoolwork to raise your child sims overall grade level. You could do ether to raise the grade but doing both will raise it faster. It all depends on what exactly you want to expect from the sim child.

Sim children have limited interactions with both items and other sims. When using the phone to call a service they can only call for Pizza, Fire Dept., and the Police while an adult sim can call all. Sim children can only fix themselves a snack while having to depend on adult sims to cook them dinners. These sims can also only interact with a limited number of items such as the playground, and toy box that adult sims cannot. Adult sims also have an advantage over child sims since they can interact with many more social interactions and with many other items that children can’t.

Child sims also tend to create messes after taking a shower, such as flooding the room with water, etc. They can also sleep with an adult sim as long as the relationship is high and if baby sim were to be crying in the same room that the sim is sleeping, this sim will not wake up like adult sims would.

One of the main priorities to have a child sim is that they can make friends and manage multiply ones. This can altogether help other sims in the family since each friend made goes to all members in the family. Adult sim members who have a job and need to gain lots of friends in order to succeed will be happy to have the help of their child sim. These sims are great for helping adults with their jobs by making many friends.

[edit] Adult

The process of a sim life obviously begins with birth but to actual play as a sim family you must have at least one adult sim on the lot. Each adult sim can fall in love, possibly get married, and have a baby. Adult sims can live on forever if treated safely. Avoiding electrocution, starvation, drowning, and fires will help to keep your sim living on forever. But there is a possibility of sim death as well.

Adults are the only stage of sims that can actually look for a job. Have a sim use the newspaper or a computer to find a job. The newspaper will only offer one job while a computer offers three. If at the time of looking, you do not find the right job for your sim, just look the next day and the jobs will have changed.

Adult sims can also use objects that kid sims can’t. They can also cook quick meals, meals, and serve meals while kids can only fix a snack. They can use a pool table, learn Charisma through the mirror, use a Love Bed, enjoy a hot tub, use an exercise machine to gain body skills, and many other objects that kids cannot.

Adult sims also have the rights to ask a visitor to leave their property. Adult sims can also repair items such as sinks, showers, TV’s, and lights. But doing this does give them a risk of being electrocuted. Adults are the only sims that can pay the bills. They can also use more social interactions than kids can. Not only can they use more social interactions these sims can call more services using the phone then kids can, such as: Pizza, Fire Dept., Police, Maid, Gardener, and Repairmen. At the same time, kids can only call for Pizza, the Fire Dept., and the Police.

These sims are also the only key concept to obtaining a baby sim. Kid sims can be obtained from a baby sim or from being created along with the family itself. Baby sims cannot be created from the create a sim part of The Sims [PC] game but only from the sims themselves.

[edit] Death

| Fire | Starvation | Electrocution | Drowning |

Grim Reaper.

As it can be experienced adult sims all have the chance of death. Not all sims will manage to live on forever. Some, unluckier than others, will die in many different situations. There are several different causes of death such as fires, starvation, electrocution, or drowning. Whatever it may be this is what can put an end to any great sims life.

For those who have The Sims Livin’ Large expansion pack installed onto their computer: Each time that a sim does die, the Grim Reaper will appear and announce it’s death with such a message as this:

[edit] Rest in Peace


In addition to the message, in place of the Sims body will be ether a urn or a gravestone depending on whether or not the sim is outside. If the sim were to be outside at the time of death then the replacement would be a gravestone, if the sim was to be inside the replacement would be a urn. You may go to the buy mode and move a urn from the inside to the outside creating a gravestone. This is the same for a gravestone, move it from the outside to the inside creating a urn.

In respect to a sims death all members of the family will mourn the gravestone or urn for a 24 hour period and then go freely about their lives. After the mourning period is over sims can continue to mourn whenever they want just by clicking on the gravestone or urn.

TS Fire 01.png
TS Fire 02.png
TS Fire 05.png
TS Fire 03.png

[edit] Fires

Sims can create a fire by cooking food on the oven. Some sims who have a low cooking skill are more likely to cause a fire than sims who have a higher skill. The overall value of the oven also depends on how likely it is to catch on fire. Such as if you were to buy a low priced generic oven you would have a greater chance of starting a fire than with a nice, high priced oven.

Widespread fire!

When there is a fire it’s best to call the Fire Department using the phone. If you have a Fire Alarm close by the stove you can use this instead of having to actually call the Fire Department on your own since the alarm does so automatically for you.

But if worst comes to worst and you have done nether you could have your sim try and put out the fire with an extinguisher themselves. To do so just click on the fire and click “Put out fire” to begin extinguishing it. While doing so your sim will give it all that they’ve got to put out the fire and if luck was to be on your side the sims would successfully put out the fire. If luck weren’t to be on your side the fire could spread across the floor and below the body of your sim where it would even put fire to the sim itself. When this happens there isn’t much you can do but let them die a heated and flame filled death.

If there are other members in the family in the area of the sims death, this sim can plea to the Grim Reaper to let the sim live. The Grim Reaper will then hold out his hands and allow the sim to choose. If the sim chooses right then the deathly sim lives if they choose wrong the sim dies. When going about saving a sim from death make sure to stay away from the fire or this sim itself could end up with the same fate as the sim dying at the moment.

[edit] Starvation

Even though it’s extremely unlikely sims can die of starvation.

To do this you would have to go days on end without feeding your sim and because they are simulations you would need to possibly lock the sim in a room, removing the door and any exits, to keep it inside and away from a refrigerator and/or stove to cook food with.

The best way to kill a sim by starvation would be to build a room around it with no doors. After doing this all you can do is just sit back, relax, and watch the process of death begin. In a few sim days the sim should eventually die of starvation.

Since it’s impossible to kill a sim by not treating it’s hygiene or bladder the only possible way to even kill a sim by not treating it’s needs would be to starve it. Some of the other needs can replenish themselves such as the bladder and energy, whenever a sim pees it would be refilled along with whenever a sim passes out onto the ground the energy would be refilled. As for the hygiene, and comfort, no matter how uncomfortable or stinky a sim can become they would never die this way. It’s the same for the environment, fun, and social, no matter how low these needs get a sim could never die this way as well.

When the sim does eventually die if another member in the family were to want to save the sim from death you would need to immediately place a door somewhere in the room that you trapped the dying sim in to allow other sims access to the Grim Reaper who will be taking your sim to the other life. If you can manage in the nick of time to plea to the Grim Reaper and choose the right hand you will have just barely saved the sim from death but this is only if luck is on your side. If you waist too much time or guessed the wrong hand the Grim Reaper will continue on with taking the sim to the afterlife leaving your current sim family to mourn.

TS Electrocution 02.png
TS Electrocution 03.png
TS Electrocution 01.png

[edit] Electrocution

Death by Electroction.

Sims who try and repair any item that is electronic or uses electricity purposes such as a light or television have a chance of being electrocuted. A sim who does get electrocuted will die immediately after being shocked.

Electrocution and the Grim Reaper.

Sims who have a high mechanical skill are more likely to repair things better than sims who have a low mechanical skill. This will also effect how likely a sim is to being electrocuted. The current mood of a sim that is fixing something can also effect how well they repair the item. Such as if they are in a bad mood with many red needs they will be more likely to being electrocuted than sims who are in a good mood with many green needs.

Any items that break and need repaired that are from the Electronics or Lighting categories of the buy mode will be likely to electrocute a sim who tries to repair them. Other items from categories such as Plumbing, Appliances, and Miscellaneous are less likely and close to not even electrocuting a sim who tries to repair them.

A sim who gets electrocuted by an item will be shocked to death and for a moment you will see the entire skeleton of the sim and then all goes limp. The sim will curl up and die. When the Grim Reaper appears if there are other sims in the household, here’s your chance to plea to him to save your sim from death. If you manage to choose the right hand the Sim will be saved and not die. But if you choose wrong the Grim Reaper will continue with his plans and take the sim to the afterlife replacing it with a gravestone or urn.

[edit] Drowning

Sims have the chance to die by drowning in a pool, even though it’s not likely. Any pool that has any exit ladders will not kill a sim. But those that take the ladders out of the pools after the sims have entered will continue to swim around until their energy is so low that they can’t move any longer. When this happens the sim will drown and then appear next to the pool, dead.

This is when the Grim Reaper appears to take your sim’s body away. When he appears if there are other sims in the household, here’s your chance to plea to him to save your sim from death. If you manage to choose the right hand the Sim will be saved and not die. But if you choose wrong the Grim Reaper will continue with his plans and take the sim to the afterlife replacing it with a gravestone or urn.

[edit] Social Interactions

There are several different types of social interaction that two sims can perform with each other. But in order to actually do any of these interactions sims must begin a relationship with another sim. As the relationship progresses ether going in the right or wrong direction there will always be new and different social interactions for sims to do with each other.

Each and every sim can begin building a relationship with the other sim. Doing this can effect their lives in many ways, possibly their jobs or the fact that they could fall in love. Whatever it may be, a relationship always has to start at the beginning.

There are some social interactions that can come to a sim without being effective with their relationship web. Such as when a sim is in a bad mood with red bars towards their needs another sim could be nice enough to use the Cheer Up interaction to try and help this sim cheer up. Also, sims who cheat on another sim such as having been married with one sim and then going behind that sims back and kissing another will cause the married sim to hate their spouse but if the spouse decides to use the Apologize interaction this can help to bring the relationship back up from where it is now.

Relationship Web with Social Interactions.

[edit] Relationships

The relationship feature of The Sims [PC] game is divided into different stages. As you make your way up the stages two sims will become closer to each other. But if you were to go in the opposite direction such as moving down the stages of a sim relationship these two sims are less likely to become closer and are more likely to actually fight, slap, and insult each other. Sims who can manage to build a nice relationship with another sim will make a friend while sims who can’t will end up making enemies.

[edit] Acquaintance

At the very beginning, when a sim first meets another sim this is known as making an acquaintance. The Acquaintance is the very first stage in a sim relationship. It marks the very beginning, the first meetings, between two sims. It also will determine which direction of the relationship that the two sims are more likely to end up, whether that is at the friend or enemy stage.

When two sims are at this stage they are limited to only a few social interactions. The very first interaction that any two sims can perform between each other is most-likely to be the Talk interaction. The safest way to build a sim relationship is by just talking. As the relationship builds and more points are added more social interactions will be available for the two sims such as the Compliment and Joke interactions. If two sims are still quite low with each other in a relationship I wouldn’t suggest using the compliment or joke interactions if they are available because most times this will cause the two sims to disagree with each other bringing down their relationship.

The Acquaintance stage of a relationship starts from 0 and then ends when a relationship reaches more than 25 points. When this happens the stage will change to Warm. Warm means that the relationship between two sims is building. This is similar for two sims who were to go in the opposite direction from 0 points to -25. If this were to happen the stage would change to Cool. Cool means that the two sims are disagreeing and disliking each other more than two sims who were becoming warmer to each other.

[edit] Cold

The next stage going down from Acquaintance is Cold. This means the two sims are becoming colder towards each other with the relationship. When two sims hit this stage more social interactions open up such as: Talk, Brag, and Insult.

Performing these interactions between two sims is definitely fun to watch and altogether just lowers the relationship level between two sims even greater. Most sims who can do these interactions between each other are more likely to not get along and dislike each other. Even though they’re not enemies yet, they obviously aren’t friends either.

Also, two sims who are cool with each other will not accept offers to come over to another sims house but may accept a small chat on the phone, let’s just hope the arguments doesn't begin there.

[edit] Enemy

The next stage going down from Cold is the Enemy stage. This means that the two sims think of each other as enemies and nothing else. They obviously cannot stand each other and are bound to begin arguing with each other in any place, whether that’s on the phone or on a property. When two sims hit this stage there are a few new social interactions that open up for use between them such as: Slap and Fight.

Two sims who are enemies are able to slap and fight with each other. Even though this a type of violence no two sims can ever die from doing these interactions. The worst possible thing that two enemy sims can accomplish with each other is to bring their moods down from green to red.

Also, two sims who are enemies will not accept offers to come over to another sims house but may accept a small chat on the phone, let’s just hope the fighting doesn’t begin there.

[edit] Warm

The next stage going up from Acquaintance is Warm. This means that the two sims are becoming warmer towards each other with the relationship. When two sims hit this stage more social interactions open up along with keeping the previous interactions from stages before. These being: Talk, Joke, Compliment, and Flirt. Two sims who are becoming closer may start to flirt with each other.

The more a sim flirts with another sim the more likely they are to have a crush on the other sim. This can happen from building the relationship even higher and although it isn’t love a crush can be the very beginning towards this magical sim experience.

When two sims reach this stage in a relationship they are more likely to, after a sim has called, accept an offer to come over to the sims house to hang out. If a sim was to deny an invite to come over to another sims house this could mean that the relationship level isn’t high enough yet so what I would suggest is to just call the sim and talk to them over the phone to begin building the relationship higher.

[edit] Friend

The next stage going up from Warm is Friend. This means that the two sims have become so close that they think of each other as a friend. When two sims hit this stage they open up even more social interactions to add to the many previous interactions that they used before. These new interactions are: Dance, Tickle, Entertain, and Hug.

As two sims begin to use more of these new interactions such as hugging, dancing, and tickling each other this gives them a more likely chance of falling in love with each other which is the next and final step in going up the ladder of a relationship.

[edit] Heart’s Desire

Heart’s Desire is the ultimate, final stage of a relationship between two sims. When two sims fall in love with each other a large red heart will appear next to their relationships. This usually happens after two sims have flirted, hugged, danced, and tickled each other. As they use these social interactions the relationship is bound to build resulting in love. When two sims hit this stage they will unlock the last bit of the social interactions these being: Kiss and Give Back Rub.

When two sims begin to kiss each other multiple times this not only increases their love for each other but increases the chance of them being asked if they would like to have or adopt a baby. When this happens the process of a sims life will begin. From there its all in the hands of the sims, will they raise a happy family or will they have it ripped apart?


[edit] Love & Marriage


Love is one of the greatest aspects that The Sims [PC] game offers. Not only is it a thrilling experience but definitely helps to make you feel more accomplished with the game. Those who never experience the sight of love between two sims definitely hasn’t seen it all and is missing out!

When two sims are in love with each other they can have the option of having or adopting a baby, depending on whether or not the couple is of the opposite sex. While two sims are in love they also can have the option to propose to each other. For example: if your playing as Bob and he is in love with Betty he can propose to her if he has a high enough relationship with her. As the relationships increase the option for proposal will appear for Betty while playing as Bob. Bob now has to make the decision, to propose, keeping the relationship together, or not to propose, stopping the relationship in it's tracks. So Bob decides to go for it and propose to Betty but she refuses! What and outrage, well wait this could be Bob's fault. He invited Betty over and forgot to feed her! She's not in a good mood! Make sure the other sim who you are proposing to is always in a good mood before making the next step for you may be shocked to be let down to sims who aren't feeling right.

Tip: To have a perfect proposal between Bob and Betty, Bob should serve dinner while Betty first comes over. After dinner he could make sure to socialize with her to keep their relationship at sparks while giving her time to use the toilet. To higher your chances for a accepting proposal Bob could also turn on the TV and maybe watch a horror flick with Betty. Having each other during those scary, horror scenes will increase the love between the sims. Now that Bob has allowed Betty to increase her hunger, hygiene, bladder, comfort, social, and fun he should go straight for his goal, the proposal!

Two sims who are in love can also have the option of getting married, after a successful proposal, which isn’t too likely though. I’ve only heard of a few true ways to getting two sims to marry each other. This being that all of the sims needs have been filled from red to green for both sims and they total relationship level between each other is both 100. When this has happened, in a matter of in-game minutes, a message icon should pop up asking if the two sims would like to get married. From there it’s your overall decision whether or not to marry the two.

Two sims do not need to be married to have babies. It’s more common to see two sims with a baby that aren’t married then two sims who are.

The Genie's Love.

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