The Sims Castaway (Portable)

The Sims 2: Castaway
European Box Art
DeveloperElectronic Arts
PublisherElectronic Arts, Nintendo
PlatformNintendo DS, PSP
Release Date(s)2007 (NA) 2007 (EU)
Rating(T) Teen, 12 +

The Sims Castaway sports new ideas while still holding the original values of character creation, house building, ect. The most noticeable new addition to Castaway would be instead of having a household and a house to start off with, your ship is wrecked out at sea and you arrive on a island with only little supplies.


[edit] The Goals

The goals of Castaway, instead of gaining new goals as you go you find little journal entries of previous castaways and you accomplish what they aspired to accomplish. The main goal of the entire game is to reunite with your crew (That is if you had a crew containing more then one person) and assemble a boat that would be able to get you home or assemble a radio to send a SOS.

[edit] Basic Controls

To move your sim, tap the stylus on the place you want to go. To select an item, do the same.

To look around, use the D-Pad

To speed up time, hold down L

X opens the map

Start pauses the game

Select opens the survival guide

[edit] Motives

Hunger- You sim can forage, fish, hunt and cook their food, they can eat just about anything from a jungle omelette to bugs.

Energy- Make sure your sim gets plenty of sleep in their shelter (Or someone elses!) Some foods or items may also improve this motive.

Social- If your sim is lucky enough to find another castaway, they can talk to them or even a skeleton to improve this motive.

Comfort- Sleeping, washing or warming themselves up by the fire can improve this motive.

Hygiene- Make sure your sim washes in a lake or ocean, fresh water is a lot better and cleaning their clothes can make the motive drop a lot slower than usual.

Bladder- Bushes aren’t just for foraging, just have your sim “Use” a bush and they will feel much better.

Failing to fulfil any of the above motives will lead to consequences, most of the time they will pass out and be taken back to their shelter by monkeys; of course, they will take this opportunity to rob you of your precious food or items.

[edit] Inspiration

Occasionally a little light bulb will pop up on the bottom screen, your sim has an idea, press the light bulb to see what they have in mind.

[edit] Crafting

You can’t always find the things you need, so sometimes you need to make your own objects, here’s how you do it:

Cooking at the fire pit

Preparing raw food: There is a crafting rock near the river, select this and choose “Prepare food” then select the recipe you want to make.

Preparing cooked food: Once you have upgraded your fire enough, you can make cooked food in the same way but you have to do it at the fire pit.

Crafting items:The item crafting rock allows you to create items and clothing.

Planting seeds: First you need a spade and some seeds, then select a patch of earth and select “Plant”.

Dying and washing clothes: Later in the game you will find the clothes washing station where you can dye your clothes various colours and wash them. You’ll need to collect different coloured bugs to dye your clothes though.

[edit] Mini-games

Fire lighting: To light a fire, make sure you have some wood, then select the fire pit and select “Light fire”. Slide the stylus up and down the groove in the log, then when prompted, blow into the microphone.

Fire Lighting

Bug hunting: Touch a rock and select “Hunt for bugs”. Tap the bugs to squish them and collect as many as possible before they all disappear off the screen, if you get them all then a special coloured bug will come along too.

Spear fishing: When you have the spear, approach the ocean or a lake and select “Spear fish” Use the stylus to spear the fish as they swim across the screen.

Pole fishing: A bit different to spear fishing. A fish will swim by with a thought bubble over its head; you have to match the bait to that of the fish’s thoughts.

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