The Sims Castaway (Console)

The Sims 2: Castaway
North American Box Art
PublisherElectronic Arts
PlatformPlayStation 2,

Wii, PSP,

Nintendo DS,
Release Date(s)2007 (NA)
Rating(T) Teen

The Sims Castaway is a spin-off of The Sims 2, and the most recent installment in the Console Series of Sims games. The most notable difference is that instead of living in various locations, Sims are stranded on a desert island after they are shipwrecked! The game offered several revolutionary options completely new to the Sims series.


[edit] New Features

  • New, exclusive and very unique locations, including beaches, volcanoes and temples!
  • Leave the sim neighbourhoods behind- survive off the land on a series of Desert Islands!
  • Entirely New Objects
  • New Skills for Survival including Fishing, Hunting, Crafting, Building and gathering.
  • No Buy mode-Make everything from scratch including clothing and shelters.
  • Gather a variety of resources from the land.
  • Ability to explore new and unknown locations.
  • New Goals to ensure a sim survives.
  • New Secrets and Side Quests.

[edit] Story

A luxury boat ride ends in disaster!
Castaway begins with the created Sim(s) taking a luxury boat ride around a calm ocean. A cellphone captures pictures of the drinking, the dancing and the laughing. Suddenly, the boat is caught in a storm and the sims are shipwrecked. All alone and with no way to contact civilisation, the sims wake up on a deserted beach, washed ashore by the storm. The sims need to learn quickly to live off the land until they can find away to send an SOS and get back to the real world! Washed ashore with them is a mysterious book of survival, and this provides the goals for the start of game. Travel through the mysterious set of islands to new locations to find resources, new goals and ultimately, a way home. In order to progress through the game, Sims must complete goals and travel to the undiscovered parts of the island.

[edit] Gameplay

The Sims 2 Castaway features only one mode; the story/ Goalplay mode of the game. There is no free play mode option although post-completion game-play offers something similar.

[edit] Story Mode

The only available mode on Castaway. A sim must survive from the land of each location in this game. Food must be gathered from trees, plants and fishing or hunting animals. Resources must be gathered from plants and trees and these resources will be used for creating clothing and objects. There are no existing objects in the game- objects must be created from resources by the player. Each Location has it's own set of goals which must be completed. In order to move through locations a sim must explore paths and passages or in some cases, complete certain goals. Sims can move freely between the islands unlocked through exploration or the map screen. There are no careers in Castaway, but a sim must still work on their skills, as certain skills are required for majority of goals and crafting. Players must keep motive bars full or a sim wont survive. To complete the game, an SOS must be sent from a certain location on the map using objects acquired throughout the game.

[edit] Post Completion Gameplay

While there is no official free play mode on the Sims, after the game is completed, the player is able to return to the island. All locations can still be explored and existing progress regarding locations, objects and buildings however, there are no goals and A sim can live on the island doing as they wish.

[edit] Multi Character and Single Character Games

At the start of the game the player is given the option to create either one sim or a whole crew of sims. Game progression is the same in either case, although there are minor changes to the game play dependant on the number of sims.

[edit] Single Sim Games

Unlike other Sims installments, socialising is not a major factor in castaway. There are No Non playable characters in castaway; the only characters encountered on the island are those created by the player. If a single sim game is started, then the sim will not encounter any other sims. This reduces the options for filling the social motive. In this case, A sim must socialise with the Monkeys or use the objects which increase social. Building of Shelters and large objects will take longer with one Sim. All resources and tasks must be completed by the single sim, although less resources are required due to objects, food and shelter only being required for one person.

[edit] Multi Sim games

If a number of sims are created, the player will be asked to choose a main sim. This is the sim the character will begin with. The other created Sims will be encountered at different points at the various locations. Once the main sim reaches a certain relationship level with the other sims, they can join a tribe which means the extra sims then become controllable. If their are two sims there are the same varieties of relationships as in previous games; friends, enemies, lovers, marriages etc. When a tribe is controlled, different sims can be assigned jobs such as hunting, fishing or building. This means resources can be gathered without the sim being controlled by the player. Although gathering resources is quicker with more sims, more resources are needed for survival of the whole group.

[edit] Goals and Rewards

Despite Many changes to gameplay, Castaway kept the idea of Goals and rewards used in the previous Sims Console Installments. Goals must be completed throughout the game and each location in the game has a specific set of goals. Some goals can be carried over and completed at any location, while others must be completed at a specific place. In this game, the goals are split into books which can be found on various parts of the island. These books of goals are called :

  • Moneywell's Big Book of Survival
  • Shipwrecked by Lord R. Stickywyck
  • Log of the Final Voyage of Beard Beard the Pirate
  • Moneywell's Big Book of Survival 2
  • The Biscuit Isles by Lord R. Stickywyck
  • A Pirate's Guide to Retirement

Aswell as the different Sets of Goals in the game, there are also different types of Goals such as :

  • Optional Goals- Majority of the goals in the game are optional. A player can progress without completing them
  • Non-optional goals- These must be completed or the player can not progress with the game. These are not as frequent and are mostly related to finding new areas.

There will be goals concerning all aspects of the game play such as:

  • Hunting Goals
  • Fishing Goals
  • Exploration Goals
  • Building and Crafting Goals

[edit] Rewards

Dependant on the different type of goals, different things will become available or unlocked upon completion of the goal. Players are mostly Rewarded with Plans which enable them to craft new items, though if it is an exploration goal, new areas with new resources become unlocked.

[edit] List Of Castaway Goals

[edit] Survival Skills

As Food, objects and clothing etc can not be purchased in Castaway, the player must find and make these things. Castaway featured new Skills that were previously not featured in sims games.

[edit] Feeding A Sim

A sim must use multiple skills to fill their hunger meter in Castaway.

Fishing- Fishing is a skill available from the start of the game. In shallow waters, a sim can use a Fishing Pole to spear small and medium sized fish. In deeper waters, a sim can use a fishing Rod to catch large fish. Fishing Rods must be crafted. Once Fish are caught they will remain in a sims inventory. Fish can be used in meals and fill a hunger meter quickly in comparison to other resources.

Gathering and Harvesting- Gathering is a skill available throughout the game and is the only way to find alot of the games resources. Gathering involves collecting fruits, vegetables and other food sources from plants and trees. In order to gather food, players must examine plants and trees and choose the harvest option. Gathered foods will stay in the inventory and can be cooked or eaten separately. They do not usually fill as much hunger as fish and meat, but they are more common and easier to find

Hunting- Hunting is a crucial skill later. Huntable Animals appear in later locations in the game. In order to hunt an animal a player must encounter it and come into contact with it. There will then be a 'struggle' and it is randomised whether the sim will successfully hunt the animal or not. Hunted animals will provide a sim with meat which can be cooked and quickly fills the food meter.

Cooking- A sim must use makeshift fires and stoves to be able to make meals in Castaway. The quality of the fire/stove will affect the quality of the meal as it will determine how many ingredients can be added.

[edit] Clothing A Sim

Original Outfit

The outfit chosen in the create a character section of the game will be the outfit a sim will wash ashore in. While this outfit can be used for a portion of the game, it can also be replaced with clothes crafted from island materials. At some point it will have to be replaced due to the fact clothing deteriorates in Castaway.

Clothes Deteroration

Over time and with certain activities, outfits will become ripped and torn and generally deteriorate in quality. For this reason, new clothing must be made often. While clothes will deteriorate over time, some activities will damage clothing more, such as travelling through brambles.

Crafting New Clothes

In order to make new clothes, certain items are needed. Different items allow different types of clothing to be made, and some items require a higher creativity skill level to be made than others. Some clothes can also be dyed later in the game.Clothing that can be made is split into the following catergories:

  • Top
  • Bottom
  • Shoes
  • Hats
  • Acsessories

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