The Sims Bustin' Out (Portable)

The Sims Bustin' Out GBA
North American Box Art
DeveloperMaxis, Griptonite Games
PublisherElectronic Arts
PlatformGBA, Gamecube
Release Date(s)December 2, 2003
Rating(E) Everyone


[edit] The Object of the Game

The ultimate goal is to complete the game's 5 objective-based missions, graduating to progressively swankier digs, dizzying popularity, and awesome power. Along the way, you get to interact with the large cast of characters who populate the town of Sim Valley, earn large piles of cash, advance in all the various odd jobs, collect rare and powerful objects, and decorate your home to fit your personal needs and style.

[edit] Create a Sim

Before you start your adventure, you must first create and customize your own sim. You must choose your sim's:

  • Name
  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Zodiac Sign

[edit] Name

Name your sim whatever you like, but it must be under 8 characters.

[edit] Appearance

Use the Up, Down, Left, and Right buttons to cycle through the different selections. You're able to change the: gender, skin tone, hair style, hair color, shirt, pants, and shoes. Once you've customized your sim's appearance, press the A button to continue on to the personality.

Note: You can change your sim's clothes if you purchase a dresser and put it in their house

[edit] Personality

Your sim's personality is determined by five attributes.

  • Neat/Messy
  • Outgoing/Shy
  • Active/Lazy
  • Playful/Serious
  • Nice/Mean

To change their personality, use the Up, Down, Left, and Right buttons to navigate through the different attributes and to add or remove points from each. You're given 25 points to use, and the amount you put in each attribute affects the sim's overall personality. Each attribute has 10 spaces for points - this means that if you put 1 point in the Nice/Mean category, the sim will be very mean because of the low score in that category, and if you put 10 points in the category, your sim will be the nicest that a sim can be.

[edit] Zodiac Sign

Unlike most other sims games, you can choose your sim's zodiac sign separate from the personality points. The only function of the zodiac sign in this game, is linked to secret items in the game. Each zodiac sign has a corresponding chair and statuette. (These items are nothing more than collector's items.)

[edit] SimValley

This is a map of SimValley

[edit] Transportation

There are a few different ways in which you can get your sim from point A to point B.

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Scooter
  • Steam Tunnels

[edit] Walking

Walking is the slowest and least used method of travel. All you have to do is press the directional buttons (up, down, left, right, diagonals) and your sim will move.

[edit] Running

Running is faster than walking, but slower than the scooter and steam tunnels. Just hold B and press the directional buttons to get around. Walking is used most frequently, but motives drop drastically while running, so be sure to watch them.

[edit] Scooter

The scooter is one of the fastest ways to get around. You unlock the scooter in Mission 2: Objective 5 - "Get Some Wheels!". The scooter is the most efficient method of transportation. All you have to do is chose the "Hop On!" interaction by pressing A on it, then hold A to propel the scooter. Press B to get off.

Note: All motives freeze while on the scooter, except fun, which increases.

[edit] Steam Tunnels

These mysterious tunnels are available for use after Mission 3: Objective 5. The Steam Tunnels make getting around so much easier, as they're linked to other areas directly and do not require you to navigate much.

Map of the Steam Tunnels (underground)

Map of the Steam Tunnels (aboveground)

[edit] Characters

[edit] Non-Playable Characters (NPCs)

There are four types of NPCs, though you may only directly interact with the first two groups.

  • Signature NPCs
  • Roommate NPCs
  • Service NPCs
  • Shopkeeper NPCs

[edit] Signature NPCs

[edit] Roommate NPCs

[edit] Service NPCs

[edit] Motives

There are 8 motives in all. Hunger, hygiene, social, energy, comfort, bladder, fun, and room. Each of these 8 motives contribute to your sim’s overall mood. The more motives closer to full, the happier your sim will be.

[edit] Hunger

Hunger can be satisfied by eating. Finding a barbecue, eating at the Dockside Diner, or consuming any type of food will raise the level of this motive. Hunger decreases slowly throughout the day, and takes a total of eight hours to drop to zero. Hunger is a ‘’critical’’ need. If you let it drop to zero, your sim will pass out.

[edit] Hygiene

Hygiene depletes slowly over the course of the day, taking a total of sixteen hours to fully drop. Use a shower, sink, or swimming pool to increase your hygiene. Note that some activities and circumstances will cause hygiene to fall faster than usual. This includes, right after your sim has had a bladder failure, while bull riding or building body skill by other means, and by some job-minigames.

[edit] Social

Every minute you’re not interacting with other sims, your social motive is depleting. Keep your social level high by interacting with other sims as much as you can. Social takes 18 hours to deplete completely if you don’t interact with anyone.

[edit] Energy

Replenish energy by sleeping on beds or couches, drinking espresso, or using the Crystal Ball item. Energy depletes steadily over 14 hours if nothing affects it. Energy decay will speed up while bull riding, weight lifting, dancing, and during some job-minigames. Energy is a critical need. If you let it drop to zero, your sim will pass out.

[edit] Comfort

Satisfy your sim’s comfort by sitting on a chair, couch, recliner, bench, etc. Your sim can also restore comfort while sleeping. Comfort takes 8 hours to deplete completely, and will drop to zero immediately following a bladder failure.

[edit] Bladder

The bladder is a part of your sim’s body that needs to be relieved every 7 hours. If you fail to reach a toilet before it drops to zero, your sim will wet him/herself and become very uncomfortable and smelly. Relieving yourself in public can land you a §100 fine, or 6 hours in jail, if you are a frequent floor-wetter.

[edit] Fun

To feed this need, do entertaining things like interacting with recreational objects, dancing, swimming, riding your scooter, or admiring decorative objects. Fun depletes completely in 12 hours.

[edit] Room/Home

Room is a combination of the objects in your house and your time away from home. Every minute your sim spends at his/her house replenishes the room need, and every minute they spend away depletes the need, (though, it takes 24 hours for room to hit zero). The speed of the need satisfaction is based on the coolness of your sim’s possessions and their condition. Puddles on the floor, broken objects, and overall messy-ness decreases the rate at which your room need increases.

[edit] Bills

Bills arrive at your sim’s house every five days. Be sure to pay them weekly, or you may find yourself in jail. To pay bills, go up to your mailbox and select the “Pay Bills” interaction. If you have enough money, they will be paid. Bills are a fixed amount, which is determined by what house you live in. The prices are as follows:

House Bill Amount
Barn §0
Clock Tower §300
Waterfront Villa §400
Imperial Estates §600

[edit] Jail

The jail is a place where the bad sims go. There are two ways in which your sim can end up behind bars.

Title Description ’Punishment'
Nonpayment of Bills When your sim neglects to pay his/her bills (a) Pay bills in full

(b) Pay a portion of the bills (pay as much as you can, then you’re given 2 days to pay back the rest) (c) Declare bankruptcy (& have 1 random item repossessed)

Public Urination Letting your bladder drop to zero (50% chance of being jailed) (a) Pay a §100 fine

(b) Wait 6 (game)hours until you’re released

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