The Sims Bustin' Out (Console)

The Sims Bustin' Out
North American Box Art
PublisherElectronic Arts
PlatformPlayStation 2,

GameCube, Xbox, N-Gage,

Game Boy Advance
Release Date(s)2003 (NA)
GenreLife simulation game
Rating(T) Teen

The Sims Bustin' Out, released in 2003, followed the console release of 'The Sims,' making it the second of five current console games. The fundamental aspect of the game that differentiates it from other Sims games is the ability to move around the Sim neighborhood, living in various different locations as a Sim progresses through the game. This feature was carried on in 'The Sims 2'.


[edit] New Features

  • 15 New locations
  • The Ability to move between Locations Freely
  • All New characters
  • Over 150 New Items and social features
  • Sims able to own a car

[edit] Story

In game

The Console version of 'The Sims Bustin' out' begins with wealthy Malcolm Landgrab taking property from the Sims in the town to make up for money owed to him in rent. The player begins living in 'Mom's House' were they fulfill a series of objectives in order to win back the scooter Malcolm repossessed. After this event, the player is able to advance to other locations such as a science lab, an art gallery and even a nudist resort! The player moves in with these various sets of Sims in order to help them with their goals and buy back their items from Malcolm. When a Sim finally becomes wealthy and successful enough, they can turn the tables on Malcolm and evict him from his mansion, taking his life of luxury for their own!

In Story mode your Sim progresses through the story by unlocking and moving to different locations. Locations are unlocked by completing job promotions, and other goals, with the ultimate goal of unlocking Malcolm’s Mansion. Your Sim progresses through these locations in certain stages.

[edit] Game Play

[edit] Busting Out Mode

This is the story mode of the game, where your Sim moves from location to location as they work their way up a career path. Each career path leads you through several set locations, but using the car, Sims can visit the other locations too. This mode requires Sims to advance through these locations, while completing goals and tasks. They move into different houses with different Sims, with the ultimate goal of moving into Malcolm’s mansion. In each location, some goals are compulsory in order to unlock the next location, were as others are optional, allowing the player to unlock new socializing options, cars and objects. Some goals are straightforward, while others are more cryptic. In the case of the less obvious goals, hints may be given throughout the level. To complete this mode a Sim must advance through ten levels of a career and gain their final promotion in Malcolm’s mansion. The mode can be completed several times, by a Sim changing career after completing it once. Players must keep their Sims needs fulfilled and job requirements met to advance them through the locations.

Preparing to visit a new location

[edit] Free Play Mode

The free play mode of the Sims takes you to ‘Free Street.’ The locations 1, 2 and 3 Free Street are lots were players can make their own families. You can create families and move them in to existing houses or custom built houses. In this mode Sims can still choose a career path (a different selection from Busting Out mode); however, there are no goals or tasks and the player decides what to do with their Sims. There are still the same social options such as moving in with others, marriage and having children. Characters from Free Play cannot visit other locations, as Sims in Busting Out mode can.

[edit] Goals and Rewards

Goals must be completed for a sim to progress through the game. Each location will have specific goals as well as general ones. Some Goals are nesecary to complete a level while others aren't. There are several different types of Goals:

Promotion Goals These goals are simple: A sim completes a goal when they are promted to the relvent level in their career. Completing 2 of these per location unlocks the next location.

Social Goals These goals will be to interact with a certain sim, use a certain social move on them or to reach a certain relationship

Life Goals These goals are not specific to the location,but to the sim. They can be completed at various locations; these are goals such as getting married and having children.

Specific Location Goals These are goals sepcific to each stage, it may be goals to help the location win their stuff back from Malcom or it may be to personally help out another Sim.

Improvement Goals These appear frequently and usually require a certain amount of money to be spent on a location.

There is also a variety of rewards for completing thse goals:

  • Objects
  • New Social Moves
  • New Locations
  • New Clothing
  • New Cars
[edit] Full Goals Guide

[edit] Locations

In Story mode your Sim progresses through the story by unlocking and moving to different locations. Locations are unlocked by completing job promotions, and other goals, with the ultimate goal of unlocking Malcolm’s Mansion. Your Sim progresses through these locations in certain stages.

[edit] Bustin' Out Locations

[edit] Characters

As traditional, the central character in the game is created and controlled by the player, however during the game, players will encounter a series of other playable characters. These characters will be encountered at each of the different locations in the game. These characters can be controlled, by do not have their own goals like the Sims the player created. Controlling them is useful for everyday activities such as cleaning,cooking and socializing. Not all sims you will meet are controllable. Each Sim has their own look, personality and career.

[edit] Bustin' Out Character List

[edit] Character Creation

Bustin' out offered more advanced character creation than any previous console-based sims game. The character creation procedure was as follows:

Character Creation Screen

When you start a new bust out mode (story/mission mode) you will be taken to the character creation screen. You will first be given the opportunity to name your sim, then to assign the sim’s gender, then personality points. The personality screen gives you points to assign to the following traits:

Neat-Sims will clean up after themselves

Outgoing-Sims will find it easier to make friends and socialise

Active-Sims will enjoy Physical activity, which makes gaining body points easier. They will also be entertained by other physical activities

Playful-This will determine whether your sims gain more enjoyment from games and socialising or more serious activities such as reading etc

Nice-this will also determine the mood of your sim while socialising, and whether they are generally nice, or are less social with other sims

The next stage is to create the characters physical appearance, which is split into Body and Face. There are several options for each characteristic, you can scroll through and pick any of them. You will start with a base sim, from which you modify the appearance. The Face option allows you to alter the following:

Hair Style-change your sim’s hair style and then colour

Eyes-change the shape of your sim’s eyes, and then the colour

Nose-change the shape and position of your Sims nose

Mouth-change the shape, size and position of your sim’s mouth

Makeup-give your sim makeup, but this is only available for female sims!

Accessories-give your sim accessories, choosing from a selection such as glasses, necklaces and earrings

The body option allows you to alter the following :

Body Size-chose from 3 sizes to give your sim either a slim, medium, or fuller build

Skin tone-chose from 3 skin tones for your sim, light, medium or dark

Clothing: Upper body -Choose your sim’s top from a large selection and then alter the colour of it

Clothing: Lower body-Choose your Sims trousers/Skirt from a selection, and change the colour

Clothing: Footwear- Choose your Sims shoes

In both ‘bust out’ mode and free play mode, there is the same starting selection of clothes, however progressing through Bust out mode unlocks new clothing options , available in both modes. In free play you can also create children, however in busting out mode you can only create adults.

[edit] Skills and Skill Building

In busting out your Sims will need to acquire skills to advance through the game. There are 7 basic skills - Creativity, cooking, Charisma, Logic, Mechanic, Body . To reach maximum skill in each area your sim must gain 10 skill points. There are certain objects which increase each skill and these can be found in the Skill building section of the object menu. Each object in the category will list which skill it is related to. As the game progresses more skill objects can be unlocked but there is a ‘basic‘ object for each skill.. This allows the player to customise their Sims abilities Skills are necessary for promotions and goals, as well as other purposes.

Creativity: Useful for: Promotions, Goals, money making

Increase by using: Guitar, Painting easel, etc

Charisma Useful for: Promotions, Goals, Socialising

Increase by using: Mirrors

Cooking Useful for: Promotions, goals, minimising chance of fire whilst cooking, increasing value of meals

Increase by using: Cookbooks (bookshelf)

Logic Useful for: Promotions, goals

Increase by using: Chess set

Mechanic Useful for: promotions, goals, fixing broken objects which eliminates the need for a repairman

Increase by using: Mechanic books (bookshelf)

Body: Useful for: Promotions, Goals

Increase by using: Body Machines

[edit] Careers and work

In order to complete Goals in Bustin' Out and advance through the game, a Sim must have a career. Careers can be found by looking in the Newspaper or on the computer. When a sim has a job, they will have certain working hours and a fixed daily salary. These hours and salary will change as a sim gains promotions. In order to be promoted, a specified number of Skill points and friends need to be met. If your sims meet all the specifications and go to work in a good modd, they will be promoted to the next level of their career and rewarded with a better salary. Sims can be fired if they miss two days of work in a row. The following are the Careers available in the Sims bustin out and the progression of Jobs within them:

Fashion Victim: Hand Model, Lingerie Model, Body Waxer, Fingernail painter, Wig Designer, Hairstylist, Makeup Artist, Runway model, Centrefold, Supermodel

Jock: Mascot, Ball Collector, Rookie, Starter, All Star, MVP, Superstar, Head Coach, Hall Of famer, Living Legend

Counter Culture: Panhandler, Leaflet Distributor, Basket Weaver, Flower Child, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Transcendentalist, Love Guru, Psychic Activist, Full time Freak

Gangster: Vandel, Shoplifter, Burgular, Car Theif, Mugger, Body Guard, Arsonist, Extortionist, Hitman, Mob Boss

Paramilitary: Latrine Cleaner, Boot Polisher, Drill Instructor, Paratropper, Chopper Pilot, Covert Ops, Secret Agent, Coad Breaker, Intellegence Director, War Minister

Movie Star: Mall Clown, Kiddie Show Side Kick, Stunt Double, Horror Movie Extra, Soap Opera Star, Game Show Host, SitCom Star, Sex Symbol, Director, Movie Mogul

Mad Scientist: Lab Cleaner, Potion tester, Pyro, virus breeder, Chemist, Vivisectionist, Gense Slicer, Robotician. Space-Time tinkerer, Death ray inventor

[edit] Making Money

The main way of making money in busting out is to gain it through working. To progress through the game, sims are required to get promoted in a career so this also covers the money making aspect as sims will be paid daily. But if sims need extra cash there are a few other ways.

Other ways to make money

Sims can sell paintings they have painted using the easel. The better the painting, the more money made when sold, so a higher creativity skill can help make money.

Sims can also use the mechanical bench skill object to make flamingo/Gnome statues which can then be sold. Again, the higher the mechanical skill, the more money made by selling objects.

The incubator skill object also produces plants which can be sold.

If a sim runs out of money , there is the option of selling items from were they are living, but the people whom you are leaving with may demand the money back when you leave! However a sim is likely to receive a sum of money when leaving each location, which roughly equals the amount the player has spent on objects for that house.

[edit] Buy Mode and Objects

As with all Sims games, Bustin' out features the buy mode, were players can choose items and place them around the location in which they are living. Objects are split into categories within the buy screen:

Seating and Beds- Beds, Dining chairs, comfortable chairs, Sofas

Plumbing- Sinks, Showers, Baths, Hot-tubs.

Surfaces- Dining tables, Desks, Nightstands, Kitchen/ Bathroom Units

Decorative- Statues, Rugs, Paintings, Plants

Electronic- Televisions, Games, Stereos, Computers, Smoke/Burglar Alarms,Phones

Appliances- Fridges, Dishwashers, Microwaves, blenders, Coffee Makers

Lighting- Floor Lamps, Wall Lamps, outdoor lighting

Skill Building- Mirrors, Body Machines, Book Shelves, Work Benches

Miscellanious - Other Assorted objects.

Objects are organised by Price within their catergories, from Lowest to Highest. Not all objects are available from the start; some are unlocked by completing goals throughout the stages. Bustin Out featured over 100 new and exclusive objects.

[edit] Full Object Listing

[edit] Building/Construction Mode

In free play mode, sims have the opportunity to build there own houses, and some additions or extensions can even be added to the locations in busting out mode. Building a house is done is stages from the build mode menu.

Firstly, building walls forms the basis of the house, the size of it, and allows the house to be separated into rooms. More walls, or longer walls cost more but increase the value of the house.

Then you can select a wallpaper or wall colour for the walls to make the house more individual or make each room different. Wallpapering rooms will increase the Room factor of your Sims mood This is the same with flooring, there are many options for different styles of flooring, again needed to raise the room factor.

Doors are the next obvious must have, so your Sims can access rooms with ease. Windows are great for increasing the room factor by letting in more light.

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