The Sims 3: World Adventures - Shang Simla, China

Shang Simla Overview

Shang Simla is one of the three places your sims can visit in the expansion pack, World Adventures. It is home to Sim Fu, Dragon Fish, and many other cultural things. The city is centered around the market and Forbidden City Tomb, which are in the very center of the world, along with a few houses your sims can buy once they reach Visa Level three.

[edit] Martial Arts

Sim Fu - or Martial Arts - is the new skill to be learned in China. The Academy is the hub of all Martial Arts, so take your sim there if they wish to learn the ancient skill. A book can be purchased from the Bookstore Vendor in Shang Simla Market, but it's better to practice using a training dummy or a board breaker, because your sim's athletic skill will increase simultaneously.

Meditative Focus Moodlet - appears when a sim meditates for long enough to enter an enlightened state. Permits Zeneporting.

After reaching a certain level of martial arts (either 4 or 5), your sim will be able to Meditate. (Clicking on your sim gives you the option to do so.) If your sim meditates for about 3-4 hours, they will enter an enlightened state (Meditative Focus Moodlet). This state makes all skills increase a little more quickly, and also grants your sim the ability to Zeneport (or Zeniport, it's spelled two different ways in the game) to any visible location. However, once your sim has Zeneported, their enlightened state will disappear.




Enlightened state!

[edit] Shang Simla Market

Shang Simla Market

The Shang Simla Market is home to two tombs, the Market Tomb and Don Huo's Tomb. The Market Tomb is accessible to anyone and a keystone is not needed until the very end of the tomb, where the treasure requested in an Opportunity lies. 90% of the tomb is explorable without this keystone.

[edit] Don Huo's Tomb

The tomb is full of traps but also full of lots of Loot to collect. Make sure you inspect the floors for traps, as they can catch your sim off guard very easily.

The Forbidden City

[edit] The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City is one of the tombs your sim can explore while in China. It's one of the first accessible tombs and can be opened via the Stand-On floor pad (which makes stairs appear). You need keystones to access some of the tombs.

The Academy

[edit] The Academy

The Academy is where your sim can learn the Martial Arts skill. It's nothing more than a gym, but it saves you from buying the training dummy and board breaking block (and having to return home to use them) if you have yet to buy a vacation house.

The Scholar's Garden

[edit] Scholar's Garden

The Scholar's Garden is a garden next to The Academy in China. Your sim gets a special moodlet when visiting the garden and a few quests require your sim to visit, but other than that it's nothing special.

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