The Sims 3: Late Night - Vampires


[edit] Vampires

Vampires are introduced into the game through The Sims 3 Late Night Expansion. They are the Supernatural Creature of the Late Night Expansion like the mummies of World Adventures and the Simbots of Ambitions.

[edit] How to Become A Vampire

First your Sim must befriend a Vampire otherwise they won’t get the option to become one. Your Sim must choose to ‘Be Turned’ into a Vampire from a Vampire Friend. You can not get turned without selecting the ‘Ask to be turned’ interaction. This will then lead to the period of Metamorphosis. After a bite on the neck Sims are covered in swirling red mist and black bat shapes. No changes will be evident at this stage. A blemish moodlet will be placed on the Sim, and one of several messages from the Vampire who turned them, such as:

“You took that well! I am Impressed! Your future is about to get a little more interesting!" OR "It is done. Prepare to wake into an eternal night!"

For a few days your Sim will stay the same, but during that period several messages will pop up;

“The bite itches ever so slightly. It’s enough to resist the urge to scratch though."

Followed a day or two later with:

“The heat! It’s as if my blood is on fire, literally boiling within my veins. What have I gotten myself into?"

And then finally a few days later the Sim will ‘Complete Metamorphosis’ . The Sim will begin to glow with a few red sparkles then a consuming burning light. Red lasers shoot from the Sim's eyes and the swirling red mist and black bats will appear again. When the metamorphosis is complete your Sim will be a Vampire. Their Eyes will shine -- they do not turn red but get sharper and brighter. During that transformation you will receive the message:

“I feel as if a part of me has died, yet every other fibre of my being is raging with vitality, I crave something, yet I don’t know what. It’s…Like..a…Thirst.."

[edit] Lifespan Of A Vampire

Baby: 3 Days from Birth

Toddler: 7 Days

Child: 7 Days

Teenager: 14 Days

Young Adult: 105 Days

Adult: 105 Days

Elder: 72 Days +

[edit] Powers of A Vampire

  • Super Speed when running
  • Mind Reading/Control of other Sims
  • No Fatigue from working out at night
  • Massive boost to skill gains at night
  • The ability to turn other Sims into Vampires
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