The Sims 3: Late Night - Mixology


[edit] Mixology

The Sims 3 Late Night brings the Mixology Skill to the game. While this skill isn't a big money maker, it has many uses and benefits for Simmers who perfect it. The Mixology skill works well with The Sims 3's Gardening. Drinks from Mixology are similar to Nectar from World Adventures. However, they offer several other moodlets, some of which are quite special. Normal drinks don't do much, but go great at parties. A nice perk to drinks is that they have a long life before going bad. You can stock up your Sim's party place before the big bash so that Sims can enjoy.

[edit] How To Increase The Mixology Skill

Mixology can be learned by attending a class at a restaurant. In Bridgeport, Steve's Business and Restaurant Complex hosts a classroom. You can learn the skill by practicing making drinks at the bar, but you should spend the time making Mood Drinks once they become available.

[edit] Making Money from Mixology

  • Moonlighting

Mixology isn't really money maker, but it is a good way to gain fame and entry into popular night clubs. Moonlighting gives you a way to earn money as you learn the skill. Even when wiping down the bar and cleaning glasses in between orders, your Sim will gain a little experience.

  • Stock the Bar

You should stock the bar with fruits from their gardening efforts, or even the supermarket, to give Sims one more reason to lay on the dough when they tip. Through the interface, if you see a Celebrity coming, you can select the ingredients for the next drink.

[edit] Drink Types

  • Party Drink (Level 3)

While Party Drinks don't deliver a moodlet like the other drinks, they serve to make parties better. The more party drinks are made at a party, the better that party's overall score. So, Sims like them and they're expected to be served at parties. To get a good moodlet, make one of the popular mixes in a party drink variety, as opposed to the generic unnamed Party Drink.

  • Skill Booster Drink (Level 4)

Sims who consume the Skill Booster Drink will find skill gain rates improved for four hours. It also gives a +15 moodlet. This is a good one to make to increase your Mixologist's skill level.

  • Romantic Drink (Level 5)

Grants a 2 hour In the Mood moodlet, giving +25 mood and increasing the success rate of romantic interactions.

  • Create Unique Drinks (Level 6)

At level 6, your Sim gains the ability to make unique drinks, which can be made at the bar and may include mood bonuses. More helpful is the ability to name a drink after a Sim. This is a good way to help improve relations with celebrities.

  • Energy Drinks & Easier Entry to Night Clubs (Level 7)

Level 7 in Mixology makes it easier to get into night clubs. This may reduce the bribe for the bouncer or allow your Sim in outright. It also gives a 5 hour Wide Awake moodlet +10, which allows Sims to continue functioning even after extreme fatigue.

  • Sorrow Annihilator (Level 8)

Gives a 2 hour +10 moodlet which wipes away sadness moodlets, like grieving and breaking up with another Sim.

  • Crazy Mood Drink (Level 9)

The +30 moodlet from the Crazy drink is the best for its mood boost, as it will also replenish the fun bar to full.

[edit] Mixology Challenges

  • Master of Mood

After making 200 mood drinks, your Sim's drink moodlets will last 50% longer and have a +moodlet bonus boosted by 25%.

  • Poseidon

At 500 mixed drinks total, your Sim will never again make a foul drink.

  • Cool Creator

After developing 25 unique drinks, your Sim will make better quality custom drinks. Great for making friends with celebrities, giving them an outstanding or better product with practice.

  • Master Mixologist

After serving 60 drinks to Sims while Moonlighting at a bar or night club, your Sim will earn better tips.

  • Professor of Drinks

After learning 42 popular drinks from bars, your Sim can serve special custom drinks.

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