The Sims 3

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The Sims 3
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North American Box Art
DeveloperThe Sims Studio
PublisherElectronic Arts
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, iPhone, Mac OSX, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, iOS, Nintendo DS, Wii, Windows Phone, Android
Release Date(s)June 2nd, 2009 (NA)
June 4th, 2009 (AUS)
June 5th, 2009 (EU)
Genre(s)Life Simulation, Social Simulation
Rating(s)ACB: T
Apple: 12
PEGI: 12

[edit] Game Information

The Sims 3 is the third-generation game and a reboot to the series, ignoring (but not completely) The Sims and The Sims 2. This was confirmed on November 2, 2006, by EA chief financial officer Warren Jenson who said, "Yes, there's a Sims 3 in development and it's likely to be a fiscal '09 title." In July 2007 AI researcher Richard Evans, who is part of the TS3 team, gave a talk at the annual AIIDE (Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment) conference in California. The title was to be released on February 20, 2009 according to the official Sims 3 website, but was delayed worldwide to June 2, 2009. Electronic Arts cites the reason for the delay was to "create awareness for The Sims 3".

[edit] Creation

[edit] Create-A-Sim

The new TS3 Create-A-Sim comes with extremely detailed features to fine-tune your 100% customizable Sims to perfection. The player can choose the Sim's full name, age, gender, skin tone, weight and muscle tone, as well as sliders for muscle definition and breast size for female Sims being introduced in a game update. Height still cannot be changed (this is due to animation conflicts it would cause).

You can make your Sims look however you like, down to the tiny little details. A skin tone is chosen by picking a color along with a slider from light to dark. The slider that is used to change the color of the skin tone includes many tones, even blues and greens and reds which can be altered from light to dark. The new CAS is much easier to use, even though it has many more customizable options for your Sims than The Sims 2's version. You get to choose things like the Sim's hair color, skin tone, eye color, facial features, etc. These selections aren't the standard blonde/brown/black/red for hair, as the game lets you go deeper with a color wheel and choose the exact hue you like, and change the roots, base, tips, and highlights of the hair. Go crazy! You can now add freckles and beauty marks to your Sims, and also make specific adjustments to most of the facial features. It is possible to just change the nose, for example, but it is also possible to use the slider system to go into more depth, i.e. change nostril definition, nose tip scale, bridge height, etc. There is an eyelash length slider bar and now a larger selection of body types for your Sims.

There are a total of 22 hairstyles for female Sims and 17 hairstyles for male Sims. There's a variety of hats and hair accessories that you have an option to use, but they all come with a small selection of set hairstyles. Each of the hats and accessories can have their colours and textures altered.

Accessories can also be added (gloves, socks, eyeglasses, bracelets, earrings, shoes...) and customized with the Create-A-Style tool. Changing your Sim's hair/clothing/face is easy and all clothes can be customised. You cannot choose layers of clothing, but if the clothes already have layers (for example, a jacket with a shirt underneath) then you can alter the colours and texture of both parts. You can just click on them and CAS takes you directly to the right menu for editing whatever you selected. Socks and shoes are also fully customizable. They are chosen separately per outfit as well.

Players can now create twins in Create-A-Sim using a button next to the portrait of the Sim you want to make a twin of.

[edit] Personality

Choose your sims' personality based on a new, improved traits system. There are over 60 traits for you to choose from, such as evil, hopeless romantic, lucky, etc. The combination of traits you choose helps to flesh out your Sim's character, behavior, job performance, interactions, and their overall attitude to life. Five traits can be chosen for each Sim at the Young Adult age stage and above, with the chance to change them with a Lifetime Happiness reward. Younger Sims have fewer traits. A teen has 4 traits, children have 3 traits, and toddlers have 2 traits.

Bye-bye Wants and Fears, hello short and long term Wishes! When creating a Sim you have the option to pick from five different Lifetime Wishes, each based upon the traits. For example, if your Sim is family-oriented, you would likely get the option of the Lifetime Wish "Surrounded by Family". If your Sim is evil or mean-spirited, the Sim would have the option to have a lifetime wish of reaching the top of the Criminal career, and so on. In a downloadable game update the option was added to choose whichever Lifetime Wish you want no matter what the Sim's traits were (for example, you could make an evil Sim want to work in law enforcement!); however, the game's suggestions are usually better suited to your Sim and their personality so it's best to pick them if you want an achievable Lifetime Wish, unless you want a challenge! When short term Wishes are fulfilled, your sim gets a certain amount of Lifetime Happienss points, usually depending on the difficulty of the completed Wish. This makes for more interesting game play and can give your Sims something to shoot for in life. Lifetime Wishes are long term goals to be completed over the course of a Sim's life - they are much bigger and more difficult to achieve than normal wishes. Keep your sims happy and achieve their lifetime goals to give them the ultimate life!

[edit] Favorites

You now have to option to select a few favourites for your sims: colour, food and music genre. These allow you to make each Sim even more unique! Before a Sim tucks into their favourite meal, for example, they look like they're really looking forward to it, and after the meal they usually get a higher mood boost than after eating any other meal. When a Sim is going to listen to or dance to a stereo, they are very likely to change it to their favourite type of music; again, listening to their favourite genre gives them a higher mood boost than listening to other music. Their favourites also come up in general conversation with other Sims.

[edit] Voices

While in Create-A-Sim you now have the option to change your Sim's voice. Pick a voice and then adjust the pitch using the sliders. Players are able to choose from three types of voices.

[edit] Customization

Customization is key in this new Sims game. You can choose any pattern for your Sim's furnishings to give their house a unique feel. Up to four colours can be chosen to be used on the pattern. You become the designer and can flesh out lush neighborhoods, swanky locations, new fashions, item variations, and much, much more! With Create-A-Style, there are endless possibilities as to what you can create.

[edit] Sharing

Now, it's easier than ever to share your Sim creations. Join The Sims 3 community and get sharing! Upload houses, patterns, movies, objects, Sims, clothing, and more to the Exchange where other players can view and download your handiwork. You can also download custom content created by others for you and your Sims to enjoy. The new Sims 3 Launcher makes it easy to install custom content, upload your creations, get the newest patches and software updates and see updates and previews of new expansions and stuff packs.

The Exchange also gives you Story Making and Movie Making tools; you can use your own screenshots and videos you've taken in-game to create your stories and movies to share on the site, and you can browse stories and movies other Simmers have uploaded to read or watch yourself.

[edit] Seamless Neighborhood

Open your sims' front door and go explore the neighborhood. You're no longer confined to a single lot at one time, and no load times are there to interrupt your experience. You can now visit the neighbors and watch them age and continue their lives as you play. Your sims influence the neighborhood they live in. Whether it's a ritzy upper-class neighborhood, or a smelly dump of a town, the sims that live in it get to decide!

[edit] Collections

Your sims can now collect things such as gems and insects which can be found all over town if you have sharp eyes! Insects can be donated to the science lab for research in exchange for cash (the rarer the insect, the more cash you get), and gems can be sold or sent to the gem cutters to be cut... for a price! Rarer and more expensive gem cuts will be unlocked the more gems you collect, which can be used to decorate your home or sold for a good profit. You can check up on the rarity and value of stuff you've collected so far and how much you still haven't found in the Collections tab of your Sim's Skill Journal.

[edit] Summary of Features

[edit] Sims

  • Seven age groups: baby, toddler, child, teen, young adult, adult, elder.
  • Six needs: Hunger, Social, Bladder, Hygiene, Energy, and Fun.
  • 60 personality traits; a Sim gains more traits as they age. Babies are born with two and they gain another trait when they reach childhood, their teen years, and the final trait at young adulthood.
  • Traits depend on how well the Sim has done in life; for example, if a child Sim fails at school they might gain a trait like unlucky when they age up. If they do well, they'll be assigned a trait such as good or genius, and if they do really well you get to pick the trait yourself!
  • There is also a lifetime reward called "Mid-Life Crisis" which can give your sim a whole new set of traits if you wish.
  • Sims have advanced AI to take better care of themselves.
  • Sims can learn more skills.
  • Sims' actions will be based on skills, personality, and mood.
  • Your sims can now interact with ghosts, and even marry them and have children with them! There is a 50/50 chance of getting a ghost baby or a normal baby if your living Sim reproduces with a ghost.

[edit] Careers

  • Work is still hidden from players.
  • Follow your sims to their workplace, but you may not enter with them.
  • Each job has a building where the sim will be during there work hours.
  • Sims can apply for either full-time or part-time jobs.
  • You control how hard your sims work at their job and what they do, influencing promotions, relationships, and other stuff.
  • Promotions now depend more on the sim, rather than their abilities.
  • The careers available in game are

•Business •Criminal •Culinary •Journalism •Law Enforcement •Medical •Military •Music •Political •Professional Sports •Science

[edit] Homes

  • Objects can be rotated 360° and moved around without guidelines by holding ALT.
  • Players can use their own patterns for objects, wallpapers, floor tiles, etc. and copy them wherever they like, including clothing so it can be your style.
  • You can buy empty objects, such as bookshelves, that you can stock with items later.
  • Tables and chairs now link after you've placed them, and can be moved around as one object (same with beds and end tables).
  • Width of staircases can be chosen.
  • Up to 5 stories can be built.

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