The Sims 2 GBA

The Sims 2 GBA
North American Box Art
PublisherElectronic Arts
Release Date(s)April 2005
GenreSimulation Game
RatingE 10+


[edit] Game Overview

The Sims 2 GBA has you playing the role of an undercover actor/actress in one of Daddy Bigbucks' schemes. He's got all of Strangetown under his video surveillance and needs you to go around and stir things up enough to keep the audience interested. Your goals are divided up into Seasons and Episodes, and you must complete each completely to get good ratings.

[edit] Introduction

The Introduction teaches you the basics of the game, as outlined below.


There are 6 steps to creating your sim in The Sims 2 GBA. You first start off with their name, then gender, skin tone, hair style and color, shirt style and color, pants and their color, shoe color, and finally, your sim's aspiration. There are 3 options in the aspiration department. It can either be:

  • Friendly: Earns ratings from having Friend conversations
  • Romantic: Earns ratings from having Romance conversations
  • Intimidating: Earns ratings from having Intimidate conversations

Once you've confirmed your sim's clothing and aspiration, then you're greeted by Daddy Bigbucks. He says: "Welcome to my boardroom _____. You're here to help me make this show number one! If you do, you and I will both be rich, rich, rich. Now, before we start the REAL episodes, I've got a bit of training for you to do. Remember, no one else knows that they are being filmed with hidden cameras. DON'T LET IT SLIP!"

"For your first foray into Strangetown, I'll be coming along with you... I want to make sure you don't mess things up right away. I won't be with you in person. If anyone found out I was controlling all this it would spoil the show! No, I've had my people develop an ultra-small earphone that you'll wear with you at all times so I can talk to you without anyone else knowing. Now get out there. I'll walk you through your first day in Strangetown. Go earn me those ratings!" You then walk out of the door and "New Plot Points - Press Start" appears on the screen. Press start and you'll see the Plot Points menu. This shows the name of the episode you're working on and the plot points you have to complete. (They will be checked off as you complete them.) A new point has appeared.



  • Go upstairs and explore the town

Simple enough, head up the stairs and see what awaits. Once upstairs, the camera will swivel around to show you your new place. Daddy Bigbucks calls you and says: "This is your house, _____. Get to know it well, 'cause you'll be living here for quite some time. You'll need to get some furniture for it, but that can wait. Of course, there are certain things that CAN'T wait, which is why I've got my team working on getting you a toilet. It won't be anything fancy, but it'll do what it needs to do. Until then, go outside and see the town." Head out the door (note that you can hold B to run) and you'll be greeted by one of your neighbors, introduced to you by Daddy B. He says: "Ah, there's one of your neighbors now!" The camera swivels over, and you see Dusty Hogg. "That's Dusty Hogg. He's a dirty, rough biker guy... definitely not my crowd. Why don't you go make friends with him? It's always nice to have a tough friend to watch your back in a new town." Dusty waves and comes running over. Dusty says: "Hey, what's up? You just moved into this house? Then we're neighbors! My name's Dusty Hogg. This is a great town, I'm sure you'll be glad your moved here." Daddy Bigbucks walks you through a bit of the conversation stuff, but not much. To be successful in the Friendly conversation that you're forced to have with Dusty, just use the entertain option until the plumbob fills up entirely. If you're successful, it'll say something about you gaining Friendly 1 with Mr.Hogg. Dusty leaves to run some errands and Daddy B harasses you a bit more on the phone. He tells you about socials and how you can unlock more and level them up. He also tells you that he's given you some money, but you'll need to make the rest on your own in order to fit into the crowd. Press start once he's done talking to you and you'll see that the "go upstairs and explore the town" plot point has been checked off, and that a new one has been added.


  • Buy a piece of furniture from the Pawn Shop

Easy, easy. Just head to the right from where you're standing and continue going in that direction until you enter a new area and the camera swivels to show you the Pawn Shop. Enter and buy that furniture! :D Buy everything except the couch.


  • Use the toilet!

Head back to your house, and you'll see an alien sitting on your newly installed toilet. Go talk to him and choose the "What's up?" option.


  • Intimidate the alien off the toilet

Just talk to Burple and choose the "Intimidate Conversation" option to initiate the convo. Use either of the options to intimidate him, and the convo should be successful, earning you Intimidating 1 with Burple. He gives up the toilet, but leaves you a mess.


  • Fix the toilet

Daddy B comes from the basement to give you a squeegee and asks you to go see him once you've cleaned up and relieved yourself.


  • Meet Daddy Bigbucks in the boardroom downstairs

Go see Daddy B after you've done that and he'll tell you about commercial breaks.

Commercial Break - King Chug Chug
Just tap A to run from the freaky human-eating cup of cola, while pressing Down to drink the cola you're holding before it explodes and Up to jump over crates of cola. The commercial ends when King Chug Chug eats you or your cola explodes.

After the commercial, DB tells you that Dusty called and wants to meet you at the Saloon.


  • Go to the Saloon and see what Dusty wants

Head to where the Pawn Shop was, but continue past in and hang a left right after the corner of the shop. Then go right into the parking lot and the saloon should be on your left. Once you go in, Dusty will greet you with a big "surprise!" Woo, it's a surprise move-in party. You meet Tank Grunt, Mayor Jackson, and Ara Fusilli. You complete the plot point and the episode ends.


Bigbucks tells you about ratings. He says: "Each episode is rated by our favorite family, THE GOTHS! The better you perform in an episode, the more RATING POINTS the GOTHS award you. Save up your RATING POINTS to spend them on new SOCIAL MOVES and new episode PLOT TWISTS." You're graded in four sections:

  • Plot Points Completed
  • Aspiration Conversations
  • Hidden Want Completed
  • Errand Completed

Each should be given a 25/25 for this episode because everything was done for you.

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