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The Sims 2 DS
North American Box Art
PublisherElectronic Arts
Release Date(s)Fall 2005
GenreSimulation Game
RatingE 10+


[edit] Game Overview

The Sims 2 for DS is a game where your sim is left in hot desert without food or anything. You then must go to a hotel and complete objectives, normally facing that hotel. You must fix lightning, check in guests, and also add on rooms. You can even buy furniture and accessorize the room for maximum happiness.

This sims game has scrapped the whole idea of motives which was the main point of sims and this game runs by the missions and tasks now. All that is left is a large 'sanity bar' which is easily filled by sleeping or doing other things.

[edit] Create a Character

You have to Create-a-Sim when you start a new game. You will go through several menus to do this. The first menu will let you choose your Gender, Skin Color, and Name. The second menu focuses on your hair and hair color. The third menu will give you nine faces to choose from for your Sim. The fourth and final menu will allow you to have full customization of your clothes. You can choose a shirt with matching pants or a one piece outfit (formal or casual). You also get to choose night-wear and swim-wear. Then, you get to choose what you want between:

  • 1 Fortune – You earn additional money from hotel guests!

  • 2 Popularity – You improve your relationship with other Sims faster!

  • 3 Romance – Other Sims will be in the mood for Romance more often!

  • 4 Party – You recover twice as much sanity from using objects!

Choose this carefully as it will affect you for the rest of your game!

[edit] Story

You are having some car troubles and end up in Strangetown. Jebediah S. Jerky will fix your car for you, but it’s going to take a few days. He tells you to stay at the Hotel for the time it takes him to fix it. You go into the Hotel and you are greeted by the Concierge. You learn that the owner of the Hotel just walked out. The power’s out and you go to get some fuel rods. You return to the desk and there’s a note:

There’s a reason for everything, *name*. The sun shines, the earth spins, and smart people like you run hotels. Good luck... the citizens of Strangetown need your help.

After helping out some more, you become the manager of the hotel. You are there to help unfold the secrets of certain guests, and help return Strangetown to its former glory.

[edit] Goals

You beat the game by progressing through a series of goals. Different people will assign you tasks, and sometimes you are rewarded for completing one. Some take time to complete; others take a bit of skill. All in all, they are fairly easy, but there are a few you could get stuck on.

[edit] Mission 1: Becoming the Manager

  • 1 Check out the Hotel – Enter the Hotel. It’s the building on the right side with the sign that has a bed on it.

  • 2 Let there be Light – Follow the nearby trail of fuel rods until you reach the basement. Put them in the furnace at the end of the trail, and then go back up to the lobby.

  • 3 Pick up the Vacuum – Pick up the nearby Vacuum.

  • 4 Clean – Get the Vacuum out of your pocket and get rid of five dust piles. It’s a very simple task.

  • 5 Restrain Honest Jackson – Follow the command screen and hit the correct buttons. After hitting about seven or eight of them, you will have calmed him down.

  • 6 Find Tristan Legend- Exit the Hotel and make a left turn down the stone road. Head past the cows to get to the desert. You should almost instantly see him when you enter. Talk to him.

  • 7 Cheer up Tristan – This is basically the same thing as you did with Jackson. You will need to cheer him up through hugs, pep talks, and consoling.

  • 8 Get a Permit for the Casino – Go back to the city and enter the building to your left. This building is city hall. Buy a Casino for $1,500. You should already have enough money.

  • 9 Check out the New Casino – Return to the Hotel and you’ll be taken into the Casino.

  • 10 Get a Super Drencher – Exit the Hotel and you’ll meet Giuseppi Mezzoalto who will sell it to you for $250.

  • 11 Drench Emperor Xizzle – Aim your Super Drencher at the Alien and continue to “drench” him until he goes away. You will not receive money from the Mayor, and you will be able to have people stay at the hotel. This is when the real adventure begins.

[edit] Mission 2: Frankie Fusilli (Your First Major Hotel Guest)

  • 1 Give Frankie $1,000 – Just as the goal tells you to; give him $1,000.

  • 2 Deliver Package to Honest Jackson – Frankie wants you to give a gift to Honest Jackson. Take the item that Frankie gives you to Jackson, and then go back and talk to Frankie.

  • 3 Extinguish the Fire and Calm down Honest Jackson – Head towards the fire first and use your Super Drencher to put it out. Then, go over to Jackson (who should be nearby) and talk to him to calm him down.

  • 4 Achieve Hotel Score of 20% - The easiest way to raise your hotel score is to buy more rooms. Go to City Hall and get more rooms added to your building (whichever ones you want). After eight hours, the rooms will be built, and your score will be higher.

  • 5 Build the Vault – Frankie wants a vault built. The permit costs $3000 at Town Hall. Talk to Frankie again after the vault has been built.

  • 6 Buy the Metal Detector and Fine Three Metal Bars – The Metal Detector is $800 at the little town shop. Now head into the desert and use the Metal Detector to find three metal bars. You might have to explore a little bit, but with the metal detector in hand, they should be fairly easy to find. It doesn’t matter if the bars are copper or silver. Frankie will accept both.

  • 7 Bury the Wiggling Chest in the Desert at Night – Once again you need to go to the shop. This time buy the shovel. It’s $100, so it should be easy to afford. Once it’s nightfall, head to the desert. After a scene, talk to Frankie. Then go outside and talk to Penelope.

  • 8 Calm down Frankie while Wearing a Wire – Just talk to Frankie and calm him down.

[edit] Mission 3: Ava Cadavra (Guest Number Two)

  • 1 Excavate the Bovine Shrine – The permit for the Shrine costs $2,500. Talk to Ava after it has been built to complete this task.

  • 2 Find the Mystic Cowbell – Exit town and go over to the cows. One of the cows close to you will have the bell. Take it to Ava.

  • 3 Replace Ava’s Lipstick – Go to the store and buy the Rotten Eggplant Lipstick for $10. Then go and talk to Ava and exit the hotel.

  • 4 Find the Pyramid in the Desert – After nightfall (7 P.M.), go to the desert. Check out the Pyramid and talk to the Mummy.

  • 5 Dig up the Sarcophagus – Go behind the Oasis and use your metal detector. You will find the Sarcophagus. Talk to the Mummy and then head to your hotel room. Put the Sarcophagus in your hotel room. The Mummy will come out of the Sarcophagus. Talk to him.

  • 6 Ask around Town about the Branding Iron – You can talk to people around town, and Jebediah will be the only one to offer you helpful advice (however you don’t have to talk to anyone). The Branding Iron is under the desk at the Police Station. Bring it to the Mummy to continue with your Mission.

  • 7 Shatter the Prime Heifer with the Branding Iron – Go down to the shrine for one last time and brand the Prime Heifer. Watch the cut-scene that follows to see what happens to Ava and to meet your next Hotel Guest.

[edit] Mission 4: Optimum Alfred (Last, but not Least)

  • 1 Buy the Power Recharger – If you haven’t bought the Rat Cave yet, you will get it for free. For this goal, you just need to buy it from the shop for $1000.

  • 2 Collect 20 Nuclear Fuel Rods – You probably have 20 by now. If you don’t, look around or try out the desert. It shouldn’t be hard to find them. Give them to Optimum Alfred.

  • 3 Convince Lord Mole to Stop Gnawing at the Power Lines – A lot of people get stuck on this mission, but it’s very simple. Increase the water pressure on your Super Drencher and soak him. After you spray him for a few seconds, he will stop gnawing on the Power Lines. Go back and talk to Optimum Alfred after completing this task.

  • 4 Defeat 3 Robots – It’s time to go to your Rat Cave and put on your Rat suit! Leave the Hotel and go find the three Robots. Defeat them, and then change into your regular self. Talk to Hogg in the Lobby when you’re done.

  • 5 Earn Mechanical 5, Break into the Penthouse, and Steal the Blueprints – Refer to the Skills section on getting the Mechanical 5. Then go to the penthouse between 6 P.M. & 10 P.M. to break into it. The blueprints are right there in the floor. Now head back downstairs and talk to Emperor Xizzle about your next task.

  • 6 Drink Xizzle’s Potion – Go up to the Satellite Dish and Drink the Potion. Then go back to Xizzle and talk to him.

  • 7 Defeat Optimum Alfred – Get in your Rat Suit and head for the deck. This is the final battle of the game, so you need to be prepared. You need to first scare him. Then Rattarang him, and finally attack him. You will then have to fight a series of robots, and Alfred will come back. You will have to do this a few times until he dies. Then guess what? You win! You can still keep playing and enjoy yourself, but no more goals!

[edit] New Features

Portable Sims games have always been a lot different than the PC and Console versions. For one you only play as one person, instead of a family, and there are a lot of differences such as that. However, this game is even more different from its PC and Console counterparts than past Portable Sim Games.

[edit] Skills

In past Sims games, you have gotten skills through various means. Reading a book or lifting weights could help you earn a skill point. Sometimes there was even a University to go to where you could learn skills. However, in this game you have to find skill points. They are placed in random locations, and sometimes you’ll run into one. They aren’t really hiding, but they still can be quite difficult to find (especially when you have to get five mechanical points for one of the missions above).

[edit] Time

Time usually runs on the schedule of 1 Minute Sims Time = 1 Second Real Life Time (therefore a minute in our time is an hour in the game). This Sims game takes a different approach. In The Sims 2, the game runs on real life time. You have to wait eight hours in real life for you to get past certain parts in your game (you can fast forward the time on your DS, but still eight hours is a very, very long time).

[edit] Sanity

In most Sims games you have different motives you need to fulfill in order to be happy. This game wraps them all in one and calls it “Sanity”. You still need to fill the “motives” to raise your Sanity. Taking a Shower, Going to the Restroom, Eating, Sleeping, being Social, and use of various items can increase your Sanity. It’s not too difficult to keep it high. If it gets to low, you will complain a lot and might not be able to do some things that you usually do (like talk to people). Make sure to keep your Sim happy as it affects a lot of things in this game. When in doubt, your Sim will usually have an icon over their head telling you what they need to use to get more Sanity.

[edit] Interacting with People

When you interact with people in this game, it’s a cross between typical Sims games and Portable Sims games. You get three options when talking to someone. You have to press the correct button in response to what the person is doing.

[edit] Calm Down (Needed for Several Goals)

  • 1 Hands Near Face, About to Start a Fight – Beg
  • 2 Puts an Arm Out – Yell Back
  • 3 Both Hands and Arms out – Calm

[edit] Cheer Up (Used in early goal with Tristan)

  • 1 Burying their hands in their face like they’re crying – Console
  • 2 Reaching their Arms Out – Hug
  • 3 Moving their Hands – Pep Talk

[edit] Increasing Friendship

  • 1 Putting One Arm Out – Laugh
  • 2 One Hand in the Air – High Five
  • 3 Putting Two Arms Out – Dance

[edit] Restraining (Used in early goal with Honest Jackson)

  • 1 Arms Down – Stop
  • 2 Both Hands Out – Steady
  • 3 One Arm Out – Stern Yell

[edit] Romance

  • 1 Hand Near Ear – Serenade
  • 2 Leaning Towards You – Kiss
  • 3 Putting a Hand Out – Show Off Bod

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