The Sims 2 (Console)

The Sims 2
North American Box Art
PublisherElectronic Arts
PlatformPS2, XBOX 360
Release Date(s)2005 (NA) 2005 (EU)
Rating(T) Teen,

The Sims 2 was the 4th Console installment of the Sims franchise. It now has a number of spin offs including 'Castaway' and 'Pets'. The game featured many new ideas, options and features including direct control, new approaches to food and fashion and aliens!


[edit] New features

Unlock fun new objects

  • Instead of basic Goal-based game play, The Sims 2 used the idea of Aspirations and fears. Completing Aspirations gives a player Aspiration Points which in turn unlock Items. There are different values for each Aspiration.
  • Completely New characters not featured in previous games
  • New Locations not featured in previous games
  • New ways to Socialise in which the play enters the social screen with another character.
  • A choice between Classic or Direct control
  • A new system based on not only helping one sim, but all the sims in town
  • New food customisation System in which players can learn or create their own recipes and meals!
  • New Clothing options and Items

[edit] Gameplay

[edit] Story Mode

The New Nieghbourhood

This is the story mode of the game and a sim will move from location to location as they work through a career path, achieve their dreams and help other sims with theirs! The object of the Sims 2 is to unlock all the locations in town! A sim has aspirations and fears, and the goal is to fulfil your sims aspirations by completing their Gold Wants. To start off with you only focus on fulfilling your own Gold wants, and then moving onto a platinum want to unlock a new level, but as the game progresses, you have to help other Sims achieve their gold wants too! Every Sim has individual wants and completing them gains a player aspiration points, which unlock content in the game. Helping sims out will allow your sim to unlock new stages, items, outfits and to eventually complete the game.

[edit] Free Play mode

The free play mode of the Sims 2 allows players to make their own families. You can create families and move them in to existing houses or custom built houses. In this mode Sims can still choose a career path and fulfil wants but there’s no goals or gold wants, its up to the player what to do with their sims!

[edit] Aspirations, Wants and Fears

[edit] Life Long Aspirations

New Chracters, Locations and interactions

The Sims 2 was the first game to feature the system of Aspirations and Fears. During the create-a-sim process, a Sims lifelong Aspiration can be chosen. The choices are:

Wealth Popularity Creativity Knowledge Romance

The choice made will affect the in game wants and fears of the Sim.

[edit] Wants and Fears

The aspiration chosen will affect the goals in a Sims day to day life, these are wants, and will also affect situations and events your sim wants to avoid, these are fears. The Wants and fears panel in game shows the wants and fears of a Sim and how close they are to them. Fears Should be avoided at all costs as they will critically damage your sims mood. Wants should be achieved. Different types of wants Carry different benefits:

Normal Wants:These will change day to day and will be smaller, optional goals. These do not have to be completed, but doing so will earn aspiration points and therefore unlock new items.

Gold Wants: These wants must be completed in order to progress through the story. These wants are more involved with the story of the game and are worth more aspiration points. After completing a certain number of Golden Wants a platinum want will become available.

Platinum Wants: Platinum wants must be met in order to progress through the game. There is only one platinum want per location and completing it unlocks the next location in the game.

[edit] Direct and Classic Control

The Sims 2 offers to different ways for a player to control their sim.

Classic Control This first person perspective is similar to previous Sims Games. Players can move the action cursor around their location to select objects and then queue up a list of actions for their sims to undertake. This allows players to queue multiple actions for their sims to undertake.

Direct Control This is 3rd person , new, method of control. Players move around as their sim and directly interact with other sims and objects. Only one action can be undertaken at a time.

[edit] The Social Screen

Socilaise in new ways

The social sccreen is entered when a player socialises with another sim while using direct control. A player will approach a sim and choose 'socialise' to enter the social screen. The screen shows several indicators of the success of the interactions. The 2 sims socialisng are shown. Their body language indicates the staus of the relationship. Sims will move apart if an interaction fails, and move closer if their friendship becomes stronger. The screen will also become pink-tinted and the sims will hold hands if a romantic relationship forms.

The social box in the social screen also shows several indicators of the relationship. It lists the available socials, it displays a number indicating the relationship, ranging from -100 to 100. It also shows an 'interest rating' which is how interested the sim currently is. Negative socials will make the interest level go down, were as positive socials will increase it.

[edit] Helping Other Sims

In the Sims 2 helping other Sims is a crucial part of the game. In many stages you can not advance to the next location without completing the wants of another sim, and it is nesecarry to help 15 sims to gain 100 % completion. Only some Sims in the game have gold wants. Certain sims at each location will posses gold wants:

(NP)= Non Playable/Controllable Sim

(P)= Playable/Controllable Sim

(GW)= Sim has gold wants

1) Rockwell Acres

Residents: Felicity (NP), Ossie (NP)

2)Shoreline Trails

Residents: Farah (P), Timmy(NP), Torin(NP)

3)Cliffside Retreat

Residents: Isabella(P)(GW), Don (P), Patritzio (P)

4)HMS Amore

Residents: Hector (P)(GW), Betty (P)(GW), Nelson (NP)

5)SunSet Canyon
Help out the residents of Sunset Canyon

Residents: Shiela(P) Helga (P), Billy (P)(GW), Red S (P)(GW)

6) Tranquillity Falls

Residents: Chantel (P)(GW), Candi(P), Goopi(P),Larry (P)(GW)

7)Alien Crash Site

Residents: XY-XY Smith(P)(GW),XHT-F Smith(P)(GW)


Residents: Gilda(P), Noel(P), Jessica (P) Wooster (P)

These Bonus locations have sims with Gold wants, although completing them unlocks no new locations, in order to get 100 % completion these are the sims you must help.

Mesa Gallery -

Residents: Jasmine (GW) Willy, Rico

Andromeda Arms -

Residents: Mary, John (GW)

The Orbit Room -

Residents: Phil(GW), Turk, Jessie

Jungen House -

Residents: Toothless Joe (GW), Don, Nina and Dina

[edit] Recipes and Food customisation

The Sims 2 had a different approach to food than previous sims games; in this game, players could create their own meals from a choice of ingredients. Sims have the option to learn recipes from books and magazines or sims can select four ingredients at the refrigerator and hope for good results!

If specific ingredients were chosen food with special effects could be created, whether it be mood boosting, energy boosting or illness inducing!
Combine ingredients to make hundreds of different alternatives

There are 24 recipes that can be learned.

[edit] Locations

In the Sims 2 there are numerous locations for sijms to move to. From a haunted wild west themed home to a classy hill side hotel, each location has something unique to offer. new locations are unlocked by completing goals and wants.

Use The taxi to travel between Locations
[edit] Location List

[edit] Characters

As with previous Sims games, the central character is created by the player, hoever the Sims 2 features a large cast of characters which will help your sim through the game. Each location has it's own unique characters, some of whom will have their own special wants for the player to complete before they can move on

[edit] Character List

[edit] Character Creation

Create a sim and customise everything about them
The Sims 2 offered a detailed procedure for character creation and new ways to customise fashion for sims.

The Player is given a basic Sim and they can keep this Sim or choose Generate Sim to gain a new Sim. The character creation screen features poraits of the generated Sims parents so the players can see were the sims aquired their features from. After the Sim has been chosen, players can edit the sim to their own liking through the following procedure:


Skin tone: Choose a Skin tone fpr the sim from pale to dark or Alien!

Body Type: Choose a body type from Slim to fuller figured options

Morph body: Alter specific parts of the body to create a specific figure

Morph Head: Alter specific facial features such as Jaw line, eyes mouth and nose

Hairstyle: Choose a hairstyle and colour

Tattoos: Choose Tatoo sets to add to the sims appearance.

Makeup: Choose Makeup for the sim.


Head: Choose Hats and Glasses for the sim

Tops: Choose and layer Undershirts, Shirts and Jackets. Oncertain items you can cycle through and choose material types, sleeve lenghts, whether the item is opened or closed and the colar style.

Bottoms and shoes: Choose skirts, pants or shorts from the bottoms section. Some objects can have the material and length altered. Choose Shoes from the shoes sections.

Acsessories: Choose Belts, Arm acsessories and Jewlery. the color can be changed on some objects.


Choose the sims overall aspirations which will affect their gold wants and fears. Choose from:

Romance- Sims Value love socials and romantic relationships

Wealth- Sims value Sucsess and career and most importantly making money

Knowledge- Sims value intellegence and informative activities

Populraity- Sims value socialising and friendship

Creative- Sims value artistic options such as painting and creating things.


Choose a horroscope for the sim or assign personality points as desired.


Choose a first and last name for your sim.

[edit] Skills and Skill Building

Much like previous Skill installments, throughout the game, a sim can gain points in various skills, which will help them with promotion and aid them in going about their daily lives. Skill points can be gained through various actions, depending on the skill. Different careers and different actions require different skills; every skill is unique!

Cooking -

To improve: Cook,Study Cooking (bookcase)

Mechanical -

To improve: Use the Workbench, Study Mechanic

Charisma -

To improve: Practice Speech In mirror, Blog (computer)

Body - To improve: Weight Lifting,Body Machines

Logic -

To improve: Play chess, Use Telescope

Creative -

To Improve: Paint, Play piano/Guitar

Cleaning -

To improve: Clean

[edit] Work and Careers

Job information

Finding a job

Sims can look in a newspaper or on the computer to find a job.

Going to work

A carpool will arrive every day at the hour specific to each job. A warning will be given an hour before the car is due to arrive to ensure your sims don’t miss work. Missing work 2 days in a row will get your sim fired ! A sim will bring home money each day as their salary. With each promotion a sims salary will increase and they will also gain a bonus at every promotion.


Sims gain promotions in their career paths by having a specified number of skills and friends. Each time a sim is promoted their job title and hours will change. Also you will then be told what is required for the next promotion. It may be certain skills, or you may need more friends! To get promoted sims need all the skills, friends and need to be in a good mood. There are 10 careers in the Sims 2, each with 10 Levels, get promoted to reach the top of your career.


Each Career has its own unique set of Jobs and Salaries, as well as skills and requirements. The available careers are:

Art, Athletics, Business, Crime, Fashion, Law, Medicine,Military, Politics, Science

[edit] List of Career progression and Salary

[edit] Money Making

The main way of making money in busting out is to gain it through working. To progress through the game, sims are required to get promoted in a career so this also covers the money making aspect as sims will be paid daily. But if sims need extra cash there are a few other ways.

Other ways to make money

Sims can sell paintings they have painted using the easel. The better the painting, the more money made when sold, so a higher creativity skill can help make money. Objects you have added to a house can be sold, but the value will be lower than when you first bought them!

[edit] Buy Mode and Objects

The Sims 2 faetures the classic mode of 'Buy Mode', in which players can buy and sell various objects for their sims locations.

  • Some Objects are available from the start, others must be unlocked
  • Objects are ordered by category in the Buy screen
  • Objects are ordered from lowest to highest price in each catergory.

Seating and Beds- Beds, Dining chairs, comfortable chairs, Sofas

Surfaces- Dining tables, Desks, Nightstands, Kitchen/ Bathroom Units

Decorative- Statues, Rugs, Paintings, Plants

Plumbing- Sinks, Showers, Baths, Hot-tubs.

Electronics- Televisions, Games, Stereos, Computers, Smoke/Burglar Alarms,Phones

Appliances- Fridges, Dishwashers, Microwaves, blenders, Coffee Makers

Lighting- Floor Lamps, Wall Lamps, outdoor lighting

Skill Building- Mirrors, Body Machines, Book Shelves, Work Benches

Miscellanious- Other Assorted objects.

[edit] 100% Completion

In order to gain 100% completion of the Sims 2 a certain amount of Sims must be helped and a certain amount of items and other things found.The following conditions must be met:

  • 10/10 careers completed
  • 90 promotions achieved
  • 76 Clothing/Fashion options unlocked
  • 50 Objects unlocked
  • 24 recipes learned
  • 12 Locations found
  • 15 Sims helped
  • 7 skills fully completed
  • 70 Skill points obtained

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