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[edit] Getting into College

[edit] Create-a-Sim: College Version

These students are just like any others, but they lack any skills, aspiration reward points, or influence. Since they have not grown up, they missed out on accumulating bonus stats for college life. You can group sims created in this create-a-sim by household, and ultimately, create an ideal Freshman class.

[edit] Send Sims to College Tool

The send Sims to College button is located on the Families (or 'Students' if in college town) panel. This button allows you to quickly choose teens to send to college, including townies who are in the teen lifestage. When you click on a teen to move to college, it adds the amount of their automatic grant (§500) and the amounts of any scholarships they had applied for via phone/computer while at their home. Scholarships are not awarded through this tool, your sim must apply for them at their home lot.

The righthand panel of this tool lists all the sims you've selected to be in the college household. To add selected sims from the left panel to the household, simply press the right-facing arrow button with the "+" on it. To remove any sims from the household, press the left-facing button with the "-" on it.

[edit] Neighborhood Teens: Phone/Computer Application

Teen sims may apply to college from their household (via phone or computer) if they have an average of D- or better.

Since the move to college involves an age transition, the teens undergo two major changes.

  • Crush/Go Steady status: If your teen had a romantic relationship with another teen, but that teen did not move to college at the same time as your teen, the romantic relationship will disappear and leave Friends/Best Friends in its place. If, however, your teen sims move to college together, they retain their romantic relationship status.
  • Aspiration Level: When sims age, their aspiration meter stretches, causing a small decrease in their current aspiration level. It's nothing too major, but it's a good idea to try and get the level back up again.

[edit] Premade Students

You can choose to move in and play any of the premade college families from the sim bin in college town. They often come with pre-set majors, skills, and some relationships.

[edit] Scholarships and Grants

Once any teenager in the household has met the requirements for one or more of the scholarships below, they can use the phone to call the local college and apply for scholarships. (This is the only way that their achievements will be recognized, so don’t forget to call!)

[edit] Hogan Award for Athletics

  • Level 8+ Body skill
  • $750

[edit] Bain-Gordon Communications Fellowship

  • Level 8+ Charisma shill
  • $750

[edit] Kim Metro Prize for Hygienics

  • Level 8+Cleaning skill
  • $750

[edit] London Culinary Arts Scholarship

  • Level 8+ Cooking skill
  • $750

[edit] Will Wright Genius Grant

  • Level 8+ Logic skill
  • $750

[edit] Bui Engineering Award

  • Level 8+ Mechanical skill
  • $750

[edit] Quigley Visual Arts Grant

  • Level 8+ Creative skill
  • $750

[edit] SimCity Scholar’s Grant

  • Grade of A- or better in school
  • $1, 000

[edit] Extraterrestrials Reparations Grant

  • Been abducted by aliens
  • $1, 500

[edit] Young Entrepreneurs Award

  • Been promoted to level 3 in any Teenager career
  • $750

[edit] Undead Educational Scholarship

  • Teenagers has been brought back to life as a zombie
  • Teenager is a vampire (With Nightlife EP)
  • $1, 500

[edit] Phelps-Wilsonoff Billiards Prize

  • Level 8+ Pool skill
  • $1, 000

[edit] Tsang Footwork Award

  • Level 8+ Dancing skill
  • $1, 000

[edit] Orphaned Sims Assistance Fun

  • Teenager has no living parents
  • $1, 500

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