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[edit] Starting Out

When you first begin, you are very poor, with only §500 Simoleons. You can of course cheat for simoleans, but where’s the fun in that!? Moneymaking begins as soon as you walk in the doors to your dormitory. It is suggested to begin here, where you can interact with other houseguests and make enough money to move out. To break it down, there are a few main working groups:

1 Cooking/Working in the Kitchen

2 Studying/Tutoring

3 Fake Money Schemes

4 Extracurricular Activities

[edit] Cooking/Working in the Kitchen

Starting out, you can work in the cafeteria. To begin working, click on the oven and select to work there. In the beginning, you will make §10 every 10 minutes. Since this a low paying job, your motives reduce much more slowly. It’s a great way to start earning money to purchase items to make you more money. It’s also a nice idea to relieve the elders who occasionally fall asleep and can start fires.

You can also choose to work in the local coffeehouse. You will have to go to one of the community lots that includes a coffee shop. You can work as bartender for §16 per 10 minutes. It may be better money than the cafeteria, but it is in a community lot and your motives decrease faster. Replace the current worker by click on him/her and selecting to work as a Barista/Bartender.

The last cooking job includes working at the bar. This job pays §16 for the odd number of minutes. It is found in the community lots with a bar included. This may be the highest paying part time job, but it severely hurts your motives, draining them much faster. It is also much farther to get to, but it is much better than working in the cafeteria.

[edit] Studying/Tutoring

You can also tutor other students in your dormitory for some quick cash. When you find someone else’s assignment, you can click on it and select the option to tutor that Sim. The longer you teach them, and the more progress they make, the more simoleans you will make. You cannot teach anyone with a higher GPA than you, so try your best to do well. Many NPC’s leave his or her work around, so it will be simple to find someone’s work. Remember, this is the second worst job, so your motives do not drain as quickly, but faster than working in the cafeteria.

Getting good grades will allow you to tutor, but can also benefit in the long run. Check your Student Panel to see how your Sim is doing in their course. If the semester ends and your Sim’s is above the horizontal line, you will be paid for your efforts. If you routinely do an assignment, study and finish the term paper, you will be well on your way to earning an A+ at the end.

A+: §1,200

A: §1,100

A-: §1,000

B+: §800

B: §700

B-: §600

C+: §500

C: §400

C-: §300

D+: §0

D: §0

D-: §0

F: §0

Money can also be made through scholarships, which will be discussed heavily in the schooling section. -- 16:46, 13 February 2012 (PST)

[edit] Fake Money Schemes

So, maybe cooking, studying or other activities is your thing. A very good idea if you have fulfilled you lifetime goal. Money trees can be obtained through aspiration points. If you plant many trees, you can easily make §400 towards your bank.

At a whooping 27, 750 aspiration points, the counterfeit machine is one of the fastest ways to make money. If you can afford to buy it, don’t over use it. The machine can catch on fire when used in an excess amount, so place sprinklers over the machine. Another problem involves the police. If you are caught with the machine, you pay the hefty §1000 fine and the machine is taken away. It is easier to hire a zombie to work the machine for you, which makes §150 an hour. However, there are much safer ways of making much money.

[edit] Extracurricular Activities

Playing Music is one of the easiest and most useful way of making money. It comes at a price, but with practice, you can make back what you paid. Practice your instrument to earn better tips and gain a creativity skill point. When you have become much more skilled, enter a highly populated place and play! Tips can range up to §100, which can accumulate if there is a lot of people. As you play, other Sims may walk by and give you a tip. You can play either jazz, rock or country. You can make money off of the piano, drums, bass and guitar.

After working out to the max, you can become another Sim’s personal trainer. You can help people on machines with a lower body points then the active Sim. You can help train at the local gym, or at home. This job will boost your body skill and §, however, it will hurt your motives quickly. Fortunately, your motives drain slower than that of the coffeehouse or bar.

Like the music idea, you can “freestyle” for simoleans as well. Raise your charisma by talking to a mirror, and then click your Sim to freestyle. The higher the charisma level, the more simoleans you will earn.

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