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[edit] College Life

Each of these options has its own disadvantages and advantages over the others.

[edit] Dorm

The dorm is a place where a handful of Sims live together. If you chose this option for your Sim, they must quickly claim a room, as other young adult Sims move in until all the rooms on the lot are full. You can now lock your Sims’ doors to keep others out, so if you don’t want your dorm mates using your top of the line computer while you’re away at class, lock them out.

Each dormitory comes with the necessities for Sim life. At a minimum, it has one of each of the following items:

  • bookshelf
  • cafeteria stove
  • computer
  • counter island
  • desk
  • indoor garbage can
  • outdoor garbage can
  • lights
  • mailbox
  • minifridge
  • refrigerator
  • sprinkler
  • stereo
  • telephone
  • dresser
  • bed
  • desk
  • toilet
  • shower

Your sim may visit other dorm mates in their rooms, but If they are inside, your sim must knock to gain entrance. The level of the relationship between the two sims determines if the dorm mate will let your sim in or not.

[edit] Private Housing

Private housing is, well, private. The rent is fairly high, and the initial move-in cost is jaw-dropping, but if your sim(s) can manage to move into their own, private lot, then they will feel much more at home.

Features include:

  • Medium bills
  • Steep move-in cost
  • No food service
  • Convertible to Greek House
  • Few in-house fun/skill objects

The most important bonus of getting your college-bound sims their own place, is the option to go Greek. Just direct your sim to any phone on the lot and, using the Greek House menu, select "Apply for Charter."

[edit] Greek Housing

[edit] Features
  • Highest bills
  • Toga Parties
  • Increased walk-bys and a higher chance of sims being greeted automatically
  • Influence new pledges without spending influence points
  • Hunger, Energy, Comfort, Bladder, and Hygeine needs decay more slowly as the Greek house leve increases
  • Social and Fun needs decay more quickly
  • Residents get the option to "sleep on the floor"
  • Members occasionally wander off the lot and bring back pizza and stolen items

[edit] Stats and Levels

You can make Greek houses that are either gender-specific or co-ed. Clicking on any of the Greek letters hanging on/in your house and selecting "Check Greek House Stats" will allow you to view the Greek house stats. It tells you the:

  • Greek house level
  • Number of members
  • Number of pledges
  • Number of family friends
  • Number of family friends needed for the next level
  • Maximum number of members at the current level

To get beyond level 1, you'll need to obtain a Greek letter and hang it on your house. You can either purchase one from Buy Mode or wait for one of the house's members to wander off the lot and bring one back for free (happens within the first few days). Without the Greek letter, your house's level will not raise, no matter how many friends you make.

    Greek house levels:
Level # of friends needed Max # of members Bonus
1 0 8 Members may randomly wander off the lot and bring back a Greek letter (if one is not already present)
2 3 10 Members may randomly wander off the lot and bring back pizza
3 5 15 No bonus
4 7 20 Elevated chance of a cheerleader and mascot NPC visiting the lot
5 10 30 Elevated chance of an evil mascot NPC visiting the lot
6 15 32,000 Members may randomly wander off the lot and bring back "borrowed" items

[edit] Pledging and Getting New Members

There are two ways for Greek houses to get new members:

1. PLEDGING ON A GREEK HOUSE LOT: Members can recruit others on the Greek house lot by using the "Ask to Pledge" interaction

    The visitor accepts the invitation if:
    • The house has, by virtue of its level, any space for the new members
    • There is a sufficient relationship between the prospective Pledge and the member who invited them.
      Specifically, the visitor accepts the invitation if he/she is:
      • Outgoing/Shy > 5; Daily relationship with the member > 50; Lifetime with the member > 10
      • Outgoing/Shy < 5; Daily relationship with the member > 40; Lifetime with the member > 4

    When a sim becomes a member in this fashion, they immediately become a "Pledge." Pledges are still autonomous, non-playable sims but, as prospective members, they get extra visitor privileges (they can use beds to restore Energy and can get more than snack food from the fridge). These Pledges are also indirectly controllable through Influence. (One of the requirements of a Pledge is that they run around doing the bidding of the resident members through Influenced commands for their initial 14 hour acceptance period.)

2. ASK TO JOIN GREEK HOUSE: Non-members can submit themselves for consideration from their own residence or a community lot by doing the "Ask to Join Greek House" interaction with a current member or by phoning (from home lot).

    In this route to joining a Greek house, the playable sim is the potential member, not the members. Playable sims can use the "Ask to Join Greek House" interaction to begin the process. Immediately, three random members from the Greek house arrive at the sim's lot (dressed in togas) and the Pledging scenario begins. The playable sim has six hours to reach the specified daily relationship with the visiting Greek house members. Looking at the scenario's tracking box int eh upper-right corner will help you keep track of how you're doing. Once your sim meets the specified daily relationship points, they automatically become a member and get whisked off to the Greek house. The bonus of joining in this manner is that the playable sim never has to go through being freely influenced.
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