The Sims 2: University

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The Sims 2: University
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North American Box Art
PublisherElectronic Arts
PlatformMicrosoft Windows,

Linux, Mac OS,

Release Date(s)2005 (NA)
GenreLife simulation (PC)
Rating(T) Teen

[edit] Summary

With The Sims 2: University expansion pack, you have the chance to enrich your teenage Sims' lives with a trip to college or university. While your new young adult Sims are living their college life, they can experience many new things, such as; living in a dorm, secret societies, a handful of new socials and much more. Once graduated, your Sims are granted the chance to pursue exclusive careers that a regular adult could never even dream of.

[edit] Character Creation

Sims of eligible age can be transferred from towns to Universities, or you can create a character for a university. That Sim can graduate and move back into the main town. Characters are created through the same system as the original Sims 2 game. However, certain features have been added, such as hairstyles, glasses, makeup, hats and clothes. These can be identified by an apple symbol in the corner of the item.

[edit] New Features

These are grouped under the female and male category. When I mention the number of colours, it refers to the options that clothing idea can be. For instant, two colours would mean the same outfit with different colours. These numbers can be seen within a bracket after the item.


Hairstyles Glasses Tops Bottoms
Silver chain surrounding head with red jewels (long hair) radioactive goggles, which sit above the eyes (four colours) Jacket showing belly with a hole in the chest (3) Black jeans
Japanese fan held together with a pin through a braid bow (short hair) Colored cardigan over a white t-shirt (4 Navy blue jeans without a belt
Boyish spike (short hair) Spaghetti strap, filly tank top (3) White jeans
Multiple spikes straight up (short hair) Maroon v-neck tank top Colored pants with a colored stripe along the side (3)
Side ponytail, which is small (short hair) Blue halter-top Jean shorts with and without a belt
Llama baseball cap with small ponytail (short hair) Black shorts
Chin length curls (medium length) White shorts with a pink belt
Coloured skirt with a belt (3)

Everyday Formal Underwear Pyjamas Bathing Suits Track Suits
Revealing party shirt with jeans (3) Thick strap dress, floor length and tight to the body (3) Colored top and matching underwear, using a different design (4) Long sleeve shirt with pyjama pants (3) Blue bikini Brown and pink tracksuit
Power Ranger/Japanese outfit (3) Queen dress (2) Nightdress with lace (3) Pink bikini with a black outline Light blue and blue tracksuit
Go-Go dancer outfits (3) Red tank top, tattoos and a black skirt Camouflage bikini Black and pink tracksuit
Floral summer dressed (3) Blue halter dress Orange Bikini
Bowling alley work outfit (3) Low, v-cut dresses (3)
Queen dresses (2) Strapless dress (2)
Cardigan top, with shorts and matching belt (3) Tight fitting strapless and floor length (2)
Red tank top and a black skirt, matched with some tattoos
Blue halter dress
Low, v-cut dress, covering shoulders (3)
Strapless dress matched with a necklace (2)
Jersey jacket over a tee and jeans
Frilly tank top, paired with a skirt and belt (3)
Goth outfits (3)
Blouse and a skirt (3)


Hairstyles Glasses Tops Bottoms
Spike in front (short hair) Baggy jeans (3)
Swept to one side [emo] (short hair)
Straight (long hair)
Ponytail (long hair)
Red bandana (short hair)
Llama baseball cap (short hair)
Bowl cut (medium hair)
Small, spiky Mohawk (short hair)

Everyday Formal Underwear Pyjamas Bathing Suits Track Suits
Conductor suit Conductor outfit Tank top with boxers (4) Buttoned shirt and pants (3) Long shorts with a drawstring (4)
Tank top with pants and purse (2) No short and pants (3)
Open shirt and pants (2)
Sweater and jeans (3)
Bowling alley work outfit (3)
Matching jacket and pants with a tee (2)
Jersey jacket over a tee with jeans
Unbuttoned shirt over a tee with shorts (3)
Loose long sleeve shirt and pants (3)
Sport jersey and shorts (2))
Tank top, shorts and a tattoo (2)
Bare chest with large tattoos, matched with shorts
Long sleeve shirts layered and pants (3)
Prep blouse under sweater and pants
Suspenders and a loose top
Turtleneck and pants (3)
Zip up sweater and pants (3)
Logo tee with a pair of pants
Open jacket over layered tees, paired with some pants (3)

[edit] Expanding Sims Lifespan

Like the Sims 2, your characters in University will go through stages of their life. University can only apply to teens about to become adults. Going off to University will expand their life by 24 days.

[edit] Getting Into College & Scholarships

Any teen sims are eligible to go to college, except those with an F average.

[edit] Student Sources

There are four sources of students for your colleges:

  • College town create-a-sim
  • Send Sims to College tool
  • Neighborhood teens applying via computer/phone
  • Premade houses from the college town sin bin

[edit] Campus Construction

In Sims 2 University, you whisk your child off to university for a fun time and to gain knowledge. However, your adolescent son/daughter moves into a dormitory until they can afford to move out on their own or with friends. This means that most of the original Sims 2 house design controls will not work, limiting house changes. For one, you cannot divide up a house anymore, or create new floors. Pools, ponds and fences cannot be added, as well, the terrain may not be changed.

If you are wealthy and lucky enough to buy a house, you can change your house entirely. However, it is all very expensive, so spend your money wisely.

[edit] New Additions

However, this expansion pack did offer many new styles of wallpapers and floors, featuring two new themes. These themes are psychedelic and medieval. Give your dorm room a funky or classical upgrade to enhance your university experience!

[edit] Building Community Lots

One feature you can do with construction is build house and community lots! To begin, we’ll start with the cafeteria. It can only be built on the campus. To set it up properly, you will need the industrial oven, sink, counter and an island. Fridges are not needed, as the elderly cooks seem to find food anywhere. The tables are for eating, and chairs will be required as well. An easy way to set up your cafeteria:

OO | CC | SS OO |

II | II | II II | II | II



O = Oven

C = Counter

S = Sink

I = Island (to place Food/eat)

T = Tables

A very useful area you should have is a library. Have a nice atmosphere, with many bookcases and telescopes. To get group work done, have large tables with chairs where Sims can work together. You can also try making a computer section for Sims who need to finish term papers.

I recommend creating a gym as Sims will gain weight overtime and without exercise, will become fat. Treadmills are the best body equipment, so you should have plenty of those. Other equipment is slower, and mostly used for the general look of a gym. Lastly, many real life gyms have pools, which is a great idea for this game. It is not needed, but it makes a gym feel like a real gym. Sometimes it’s nice to have showers so that when the finish, they can freshen up.

A coffeehouse is a college necessity and is easy to build. You will need first a coffeemaker table and coffeemakers. Having counters surrounding the tables makes it look more appealing, but its really all-personal choices. I recommend having bathrooms as coffee increases energy but decreases bathroom tremendously.

A bar is very similar to the coffeehouse and it quite simple to build. You will need a bar of course, and you can pick that out. For an appealing bar, have matching counters. Of course, you will need barstools to drink from and again bathrooms. These drinks increase fun and hunger, but decrease bathroom.

Remember, you can decide how to furnish everything how you’d like. It can be classy, wacky, or just plain boring.

[edit] Young Adults

The “Young Adult” age group is hidden in a way. Your Sim may only become a young adult if they choose to go to college. If the trip to college is omitted, the teenager Sim ages to an adult like usual. If the teenager decides to head off to college, they pack their bags and upon arrival in their dorm or residence, they transition into a young adult. From this, we can conclude that young adults are the only age group in colleges and are therefore restricted to being playable in the college neighbourhood.

It is possible for young adult Sims to venture out of the college neighbourhood and into the main neighbourhood where other Sims live. They may get engaged and move in with a regular adult Sim, but they will simply transition and graduate immediately, skipping all the time remaining in between their current time and graduation.

Limitations of the young adult versus the adult.

Not able to:

  • Get married/joined
  • Try for a baby
  • Adopt a child
  • Have an adult career

New socials:

  • Hang Out : For up to 6 Sims (available to teens as well)
  • School Cheer : Interaction between two Sims currently in college or who have graduated from, dropped out of, or been expelled from college.
  • Secret Handshake : Exclusive to members of a secret society or to graduated students who were both members.
  • Streak : College town and young adult exclusive self-interaction.
  • Talk About Major : Young adult exclusive Talk interaction. Performable with another college student, or a college town NPC.

[edit] College Life

Once a teen Sim makes the decision to go to college, they are faced with a few choices of residence.

The choices include:

  • Dormitory
  • Private Housing
  • Greek Housing

[edit] Semesters and Finals

Like regular Sims and Sims 2 games, Sims 2 University has no real missions. Your goal is to live your life as college student for 24 days. Each semester is three days long, concluding with a three-hour exam. When you complete university, you will have three days to move out. Once you have completed college, you can never go back, so make it the best days of your life! In this guide, you will learn the way to live your new life at college!

As stated in the character creation, characters can be made at the university or imported when they are at their teen age. They must call or check on the computer to apply then they are whisked away in a taxi. This transforms them to the stage of young adult. As a young adult, they cannot have children, find a real job, marry or adopt a child. Once you graduate, you are given a symbol to represent you college life.

  • A Golden Star – A graduate from school

  • Red Cross – Expelled from school

  • White O – Dropped out from school

[edit] Grades

When your Sim enters University, you’ll notice where the job bar was is replaced by the grade bar. Like a job, Sims must gain skills and work at their majors to grow. To the left of the grade bar shows your Sims progress. If your Sims progress passes the white line, your Sim will pass the course. The bar has caps throughout the semester. No matter how hard you work, you can never exceed that bar. Once it reaches the top, I suggest writing the term paper for a major boost in your mark. You need the skills, outlined in blue, to pass your course. If you fail to do so, you will not be able to get the lovely GPA of 4.

You may be thinking, what’s the point of university? It is quite worthwhile for your Sims to enrol in. University not only increases your aspiration and influence (see new features) immensely, it also gives you a job boost. This job boost applies to both newspaper and computer jobs, however, job boosts are only given to high GPA scores:

  • Summa Cum Laude: Perfect GPA of 4.0
  • Magna Cum Laude: Imperfect GPA of 3.9
  • Cum Laude: Crappy GPA of 3.7 to 3.8

To put it into perspective, these job boosts can give you much higher job levels right after university, granted you have the right skills and family friends. Summa Cum Laude gives a job boost of +3, Magna Cum Laude gives the job boost of +2 and Cum Laude gives the job boost of +1. What does this mean? Basically, +3 is a level 9 job. To put it into perspective, say you are applying for a job in Law Enforcement, a +3 boost could give you the SWAT Team Leader job, a +2 job boost will get you Lieutenant job and +1 job boost will get you the job of Detective.

[edit] Probation

To pass a semester, your Sims grade must surpass the white line that cuts into the grade bar. Your grade must be better than a C- as well, otherwise, you will not pass. If you fail to pass, you are placed on academic probation. This is your final chance of passing the semester with a C- or better, or they are kicked out. You can be placed on academic probation many times, a definite bonus if your Sim is a social person.

[edit] Majors

Each of the available majors follows a schedule, requires skills, and leads to a certain few jobs. Here's a list of all the majors, the requirements, and all other information you will need for each major.

[edit] Gaining Skill Points

To gain skill points, you must perform certain tasks through certain items. This is very important because not only do you need it to make money, but also it will be needed to pass your semester. In your Student Panel, check for a blue ring around certain skill points. These are required to pass your course, so do not forget to complete them! Below are some ways to obtain easy skill points, however, you will discover many more ways of gaining skills:

Creativity: Musical instruments, painting

Body: Workout machines, TV workout

Charisma: Mirror (any)

Mechanical: Fixing broken showers/appliances, Reading Books

Cooking: Cooking any food except cookies/chips/juice, Reading Books

Logic: Star gazing (through a telescope), playing chess

[edit] Making Money On The Campus

In The Sims 2 University, it’s about getting to the top of your class and getting the dream job. But, how do you live the ideal life, or university dream with no cash? Simoleans are the only way to succeed in living the ideal life. Remember, you are not allowed to get a real job as a young adult.

[edit] The Influence Bar

In the real world, we can persuade and influence people to do certain things for us. In Sims 2 University, they bring the reality back into the game. It is quite similar to the aspiration points. However, if you have more friends, you can hold more influence in your bar. This bar can be seen next to the aspiration bar. Some wants/fears will not only increase your aspiration points, but it will increase your influence points too! These are indicated with a blue box outlining the picture of the want/fear. You can influence people to finish assignments, pull pranks etc. This list goes on and on. To influence someone, click on them and select the influence button. Based on your relationship with that Sim, the influence will either be successful or not. Remember, you’ll need the right amount of points to be able to influence someone to do a particular thing.

[edit] Careers

In the money making section, they are some simple university jobs you can have to make some money for your schooling. However, the whole point to this expansion pack is to gain that secondary level of knowledge for a job after you’re done school! The Sims 2 University breaks down each major with jobs that could be applicable to that topic.

[edit] The New Careers

  • Artist
  • Natural Science
  • Show Business
  • Paranormal

From each major, you will notice that there are three ideal career choices that will benefit from studying this. If you graduate with a good grade in your major, you will be more likely to receive a job under that topic. It is recommended you make many friends, as they are required to be promoted in any kind of job.

[edit] Location Guide

What would Sims 2 University be without a lifelike campus? This guide will break down each of the features to any college campus, so you can utilize each for the ultimate college experience!

[edit] Kinds of Universities

There are three pre-made universities that have been created to send your Sims to. The university campus is loaded with many places to visit and to learn in depth where you can go, check the location guide. Most Sims start at the dorms, especially if you choose not to cheat. Shortly after you arrive, other NPC’s will arrive. Claim a large room quickly, as once they arrive, they will be gone in seconds. Pause the game and scan the dorm before making any final decisions.

To add a university to your town, look at the top left hand corner for a symbol to add a university. The three universities are called Sim State University, La Fiesta Tech and Academie Le Tour. These pre-made universities can be added to any town, but the students will not be able to interact with each other. To construct your own campus, see the house construction guide.

[edit] Residents

The dormitory is great place to being your college life as a poor Sim. Pick a room quickly as NPC’s will claim dorms too. If worse comes to worse, use buy mode to take someone else’s things.

A house is where you can live by yourself or with another Sim if you can afford it. Use a computer to move out of a dorm. In this house you can decorate it how you pleased.

A Greek house is another cheap way of living, but you must be accepted into the house first. You also cannot control other players.

[edit] Community Lots

In University, there are still community lots to take your mind away from school or to help you focus. This includes shops, libraries and gyms to name a few.

The library is a great place to study, work constructively together or by yourself. You can use books to increase skills and your grade faster, plus computers to finish term papers.

The gym is a great way to lose that extra body fat from all those Chinese and pizza takeouts. It will also help build up a higher body skill level, and they do have showers.

A coffeehouse is a great place to buy a quick cup of coffee to keep you going up. Don’t worry about toilets; this place has plenty for your caffeine driven bladder.

A great place to hang out and have fun at is the bar. It is not cheap however, costing §10 for a Blended Drink and §15 for a Shaken Drink.

Another new feature is the student union. This is a fantastic way to relieve your Sim of it’s huge workload, with pinball machines and the chance to socialize with other Sims. It also includes a cafeteria.

There are also plazas to enlighten your Sim. There’s a lot of outdoor activities and open space for your Sim to relax.

Of course, there are always shops. You can buy food for your fridge if you own one, new clothes and you can now buy a cell phone, handheld game (GBA or PSP) or the MP3 player.

[edit] Secret Society

You cannot see the secret society on the map, but it is there somewhere. Here you can hack your grades, and have fun with other Sims. You need three friends in the secret society to access it. These people have a black jacket and a llama crest on the jacket. When you have three friends, you can be arrested and transferred to the secret society. To go home, click yourself.

[edit] Object Listing

[edit] Mini Fridge

A useful item. It acts like the big fridge, and you can place an item on top

[edit] Stack-O-Flames Bonfire

Cost: §245

Motive: Environment 10

Skills Increased: None

Notes: A fun party item. Can be placed inside, but watch so it does not burn your house

[edit] Simbic Bisectaur Bass

Cost: §1,800

Motive: Fun 10, Environment 2

Skills Increased: Creativity

Notes: Make some music and money with this new instrument. Can receive creativity skill points for use

[edit] Superflux Uber UV Guitar

Cost: §2,500

Motive: Environment 3, Fun 10

Skills Increased: Creativity

Notes: Make some money off tips and increase more creativity skill points with this sweet guitar

[edit] Downbeat Kit

Cost: §3,100

Motive: Fun 10, Environment 3

Skills Increased: Creativity

Notes: Increase creativity skill points while making music and money. Customize the look of your drums

[edit] Communal Shower

Notes: Show what your momma gave you in front of the boys and girls of your dorm

[edit] Fruit Punch Barrel

Cost: §145

Motive: Fun 6, Hunger 1

Skills Increased: None

Notes: A must have and fun party item, the fruit barrel allows the user to drink from the cup or tap.

[edit] Bubble blower

Notes: A fun, four-person activity to blow bubbles! Raises social and fun, while attempting matrix moves in this three-coloured machine.

Skimmer Securities Ceiling Sprinkler

Cost: §245

Motive: None

Skills Increased: None

Notes: This item is a real lifesaver when fires begin. It instantly starts spraying water everywhere, leaving a mess and stopping the fire. Can be used as a prank as well

[edit] Pimp Viking 3D Arcade Game

Cost: §1,050

Motive: Fun 6

Skills Increased: None

Notes: A fun arcade game that the whole dorm can use to play!

[edit] Corner Pocket Pool Table

Cost: §1,800

Motive: Fun 10, Group Activity

Skills Increased: Hidden, pool

Notes: A great group activity, the pool table gains much fun for your university students

[edit] Spaceship Spacious Fountain

Cost: §6,250

Motives: Environment 10

Skills Increased: None

Notes: A perfect outside environment booster, although it is large and expensive. It comes in three forms and you can add soap to bubble the whole fountain!

[edit] Fearless Flyin' 4000 Treadmill

Cost: §2,250

Motives Increased: Fun 5, Environment 2

Skills Increased: Body

Notes: A great way to slim down your Sim from all those fatty takeout orders. Eventually, you can even become a personal trainer for some quick cash.

[edit] Features

There are many new features in The Sims 2: University. All the newest, most exciting features are listed for you here.

  • Influence
  • New socials
  • Streaking self-interactions
  • Freestyling self-interaction (can be or tips)
  • Career outfits
  • Lifetime wants
  • Household merging
  • New foods
  • Expanded computer and phone options
  • Bartenders
  • Baristas
  • New objects
  • Sports parties
  • Graduation parties
  • New TV channel
  • Cellphones, MP3s and handheld games
  • Young adult age group
  • Want and fear slot locks
  • New careers
  • Part-time jobs
  • Aspiration reward object
  • New NPCs
  • New build mode tools
  • Scholarships
  • “College Town”

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