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[edit] Missions (cont.)

At the very beginning, after completing the opening day to-do list, your status will appear something like what’s shown above. Your reputation will be 0, or 1,500 depending on whether or not you have successfully treated the first patient, and your beginning rank will be intern.

As you make your way throughout The Sims 2: Pets [Portable] game, by treating the pets of patients, your reputation will raise by 1,500 per each pet you have successfully treated meaning that you solved what was wrong with them and sent them home in a good mood. If you ever actually successfully treat a pet a screen will appear looking something like this:

A job earnings profile.

Above you will notice that the payment per each successful treatment of a pet is $500 simoleons. This is the amount of money you can make as an intern and depending on how well you treated the pet, meaning you made sure it’s needs were as high as you could get them, the bonus could be anywhere from $0-500. The starting amount of money is $6,000 so this explains how you have $6,500 above. You can also notice that you made 1,500 points in your reputation and this is the amount you will make each time you successfully treat a pet. Your satisfaction will also rise by 375 each time as well.

If you were to not successfully treat a patients pet, meaning your didn’t fully do what was asked such as if the pet was diagnosed as having a broken limb and the limb didn’t fully heal you will not gain any reputation points, the patient itself will tell others about your failure, and your satisfaction will reduce by 275 points. If you had only 0 satisfaction points to begin with your satisfaction would then be -275. Which will really affect how many customers your store may have and how frequently they will appear.

To move your sim up a rank there are an amount of reputation points you must gain before doing so. In the very beginning, at the starter rank: Intern, you will need at least 5,000 reputation points to move on but because these points are grouped in 1,500’s you will move to the next rank at 6,000 reputation points.

A Sims job profile.

As shown above you will notice that each time you move up a rank your status menu will not only show the current rank but also how many reputation points you will need to gain to move onto the next rank. But the points they show only mean how many more you will need to make when adding them to your current reputation not meaning how many points you will need to have next. Such as if you currently have only 6,000 reputation points and it shows you must have 9,000 points to move up a rank, this doesn’t mean you only need 3,000 more points to equal 9,000 but 9,000 more points added to your current amount until you can move up. So in the end you will need not 9,000 points but 15,000 reputation points to move up another rank.

An addition to moving up a rank is how much money you will make off of each successful pet treatment. For the first rank you would make $500 per treatment but for the second rank you will make $750 per treatment and for the third rank you will make $1000 per treatment, showing us that each time you move up a rank you make $250 more per pet treatment.

Each time your sim moves up a rank this is called a “Promotion”. There are many ways to moving up in the ranks but the main way is by gaining reputation points. As you are doing so make sure to treat your patients pets well so that you can not only successfully treat them but you can also gain bonus simoleons off of each treatment. Use the money you make plus the bonus to buy pet food, medicine, furniture, and any other items/objects that will help you treat pets and make your sims life easier.

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