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[edit] The Characters

Below is a list of the general characters/patients that will appear throughout the game, in order of appearance:

1. Patient: Delilah Grunt

Pet: Spot (Dog)

2. Patient: Steve Roosevelt

Pet: Winston (Dog)

3. Patient: Susan Goth

Pet: Abby (Dog)

4. Patient: Lulu Jones

Pet: Cuddles (Cat)

5. Patient: Hilary Duff

Pet: Lola (Dog)

This character appears as one of the only celebrities to walk through the doors of your house. In the very beginning, the game somewhat foreshadows this character when it states that as you begin your job as the Paw Valley Health Authority you never know who could come for your help, maybe even a celebrity. Hilary Duff is like every other character/patient that will arrive at your clinic, all she wants is for someone to treat and cure her pet. There is nothing else special about her besides the fact that she is a celebrity and her character looks somewhat like the real life Hilary Duff.

6. Patient: Sarah Subagio

Pet: Shelby (Cat)

7. Patient: Alice Smith

Pet: Winston (Cat)

8. Patient: June Hooper

Pet: Zero (Cat)

9. Patient: Roger Rahme

Pet: Boo (Dog)

10. Patient: Rose Smith

Pet: Snaps (Dog)

11. Patient: Gary Jones

Pet: Tiger (Cat)

12. Patient: Penny Caliente

Pet: Daisy (Dog)

13. Patient: Jane Haunts

Pet: Sparky (Dog)

14. Patient: Cookie Docking

Pet: Queenie (Dog)

15. Patient: Alan Haunts

Pet: Bully (Dog)

16. Patient: Alice Rahme

Pet: Shelby (Dog)

17. Patient: Hannah Subject

Pet: Maggie (Cat)

18. Patient: Bob Subject

Pet: Molly (Dog)

19. Patient: Rose Caliente

Pet: Haley (Dog)

20. Patient: June Adams

Pet: Bully (Dog)

21. Patient: Mark James

Pet: Jake (Dog)

22. Patient: Susan Lathario

Pet: Toby (Dog)

23. Patient: Susan Hawks

Pet: Jaws (Cat)

24. Patient: Bessie Jones

Pet: Cinders (Dog)

25. Patient: Marsha Johnson

Pet: Precious (Cat)

26. Patient: Shania Rahme

Pet: Shelby (Dog)

27. Patient: Sarah Lathario

Pet: Shelby (Dog)

28. Patient: Frank Goth

Pet: Lindsey (Dog)

29. Patient: Rose Goth

Pet: Fido (Dog)

30. Patient: Krystal Adams

Pet: Bailey (Dog)

31. Patient: Alice Hawks

Pet: Cassy (Dog)

32. Patient: Mark Jones

Pet: (Cat)

33. Patient: Alice Subject

Pet: Sadie (Dog)

34. Patient: Alice Docking

Pet: Boo (Cat)

35. Patient: Roger Haunts

Pet: Flipper (Dog)

36. Patient: Ethan Haunts

Pet: Twinkle (Dog)

37. Patient: Sarah Roosevelt

Pet: Farah (Dog)

38. Patient: Cathy Roosevelt

Pet: Coco (Dog)

39. Patient: Hannah Cawte

Pet: Bob (Cat)

40. Patient: Karen Watson

Pet: Cassy (Dog)

41. Patient: Cookie Haunts

Pet: Special (Cat)

42. Patient: Cassie Subagio

Pet: Abby (Cat)

43. Patient: Jill Jones

Pet: Cody (Cat)

44. Patient: Mark Grunt

Pet: Polly (Dog)

45. Patient: Sarah Lothario

Pet: Kara (Dog)

46. Patient: Marsha Grunt

Pet: Sophie (Cat)

47. Patient: Rose Rahme

Pet: Jaws (Cat)

48. Patient: Bessie Caliente

Pet: Daisy (Dog)

49. Patient: Lulu McCabe

Pet: Lucy (Dog)

50. Patient: Hope Hawkes

Pet: Boomer (Dog)

51. Patient: Luther Watson

Pet: Zero (Cat)

52. Patient: Paul Smith

Pet: Shelby (Cat)

53. Patient: Matt Curious

Pet: Snuffles (Cat)

54. Patient: Ian Curious

Pet: Kelly (Cat)

55. Patient: Susan Hawks

Pet: Lady (Dog)

56. Patient: Chase Roosevelt

Pet: Buddy (Dog)

57. Patient: Cookie Curious

Pet: Heather (Cat)

58. Patient: Lee Roosevelt

Pet: Jake (Dog)

59. Patient: Gary Jones

Pet: Grubby (Dog)

60. Patient: Jill Jones

Pet: Shelby (Cat)

61. Patient: Gary Jones

Pet: Twinkle (Dog)

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