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[edit] The Park

The park is the only place, besides your house, that your sim can actually visit in the game. Even though there aren’t too many places to go to in The Sims 2: Pets game the park is one of the best, not only can you visit the park but you can bring your pets with you! The park is a good place to train your pets at and to just get them out of the house and under the healthy rays of the sun. All pets need to be outdoors at some point, being outside will keep pets healthy and if pets are neglected of the outdoors they could become sick.

When treating patients pets the park is a good place to visit to make the health of that pet better. You can also train the skills of these other pets while at the park even though you could do both of these things in the yard of your own home. It’s best to just get pets out of the house and to the park at some point, not only is their health affected but there are other patients that will visit the park for your sim to talk to. Doing so can raise his/hers social needs and at the same time you can also stroke and play with their pet.

[edit] The Houses

The only three houses your sim can ever purchase and live in are “542, Everblue Terrace”, “98, Prince Street”, and “2, The Heights”. These houses can be purchased from the Architectural Abode and when you decide you what to live in a specific house you can click on the “Build” option that they will bring up after selecting them from in your inventory.

The locations layout key.

[edit] “542, Everblue Terrace”

This is the smallest of the three houses and is the very first house you actually begin in and do not have to purchase from the store. This house has just enough space for a small business, just the perfect place to begin your clinic and career. The house is also a quiet little studio-styled home, perfect for cozy living sims.

542, Everblue Terrace layout.

[edit] “98, Prince Street”

This is the medium size house of the three and the best for being not too big not too small. It’s known as the perfect starter home for any sim who is an enterprising work from home individual. This house has just enough room for your sim to live comfortably while treating pets, storing them, and curing them. The house isn’t too big or too small, just the right size so that your sim can access objects fast and easily.

98, Prince Street layout.

[edit] “2, The Heights”

This is the largest of the three houses and the best for any sim who has been in the Health Authority career for awhile. This house mostly represents a manor and was build by the famous Barklestones of Hawksville. The manor has nice views over central park, even though this park isn’t possibly to view while playing the game.

2, The Heights layout.
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