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[edit] Sewing

Sewing your own accessories and such for pets to wear is another feature that is completely new to the Sims series of games. In The Sims 2: Pets [Portable] sewing can become quite fun, if done right, and you can use the accessories you make to dress those pets up that aren’t looking so great. To actually make something from sewing you will need to use a pattern as a guide to what you would make. You can buy patterns from the Automatastic store found in the catalog. Each pattern will give a list of what items you will need to use to properly sew that specific pattern you bought. There are many different types of items you can buy that patterns use such as buttons, cotton, thread, polyester, zips, and many others.

To actually view the items that you are to use to sew the pattern you will need to click on the icon that looks like a measuring tool, when doing this it will bring up the list. Then when you are ready to sew your pattern you will need to click the scissors icon to start. Then to actually sew something all you have to do is trace the outline, using your stylus or the control pad, of the sewing pattern given to you. You will notice a small X at the top where the beginning of the pattern’s outline starts, that is an indication for you to start tracing from their. Then you should move down and over and then up in a counter-clockwise manner to sew along the patterns lines. You are given only a short amount of time to actually sew the pattern so work fast but steadily, make sure to keep along the line and in the direction of where the arrow points you. If you can manage to stay on this line and trace the pattern nicely you should then successfully create the pattern. This item you can now use to help make pets that are ugly more pretty.

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