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[edit] Step 1 - Sim

The first step consists of three different selection panels that you can change and tamper with. They are:

  • Change Gender
  • Change Name
  • Change Appearance

By clicking on the change gender selection you can change the gender of your sim to ether a male or female. When you click to change the name of your sim a key board pops up allowing you to type what you please into the box. By clicking on the change appearance selection you go to a totally different screen that shows your sim’s current face color. In this new screen you have four choice, to change the weight, skin color, hair style, and hair color of your sim.

[edit] Weight

Your sims specific weight will be your choice. You can ether make them extremely fat, or incredibly skinny. It’s your decision on the way your sin turns out. By using the scroll meter this will determine the weight of your sim, moving it more to the right will make your sim fatter and if you move it more to the left you will make your sim skinner.

[edit] Skin Color

This choice allows you to change the color of your sims skin. There are twelve different colors to choose from. Your sim can now even be as green as an alien, or as orange as a peach. The choice is yours!

[edit] Hair Style

There are two types of hair lengths you can choose to tamper with. One of the types consists of two hair styles that have very short hair but with one that is a bit shorter than the other. The second type consists of two hair styles that have very long hair but one is a bit longer than the other. You can also scroll to change the hair style length and width of hair it has. The more you scroll it to the right the closer the hair will be to looking like the right selection style and the more you scroll it to the left the closer the hair will be to looking like the left selection. If you scroll it in between the two the hair style will look like a mixture of both.

[edit] Hair Color

There are 8 different types of hair color to choose from. They consist of; blonde, brown, red, and black colors. It’s your choice on what hair color your sim has, so pick wisely because there isn’t another point in the game that you can change it.

[edit] Step 2 - Sim

The second step consists of what outfit your sim will be wearing. The first part to the outfit making process is to choose a shirt. There are six different types of shirts to choose from. Each allowing you to tweak it’s style by scrolling to make the shirt type ether long or short. You also get to change the pattern of the inside shirt on a few of the outfits. There are 17 different types of shirt patterns to choose from each being different from the other in someway whether it‘s color or the design itself.

After you finish with choosing your shirt it’s time to proceed to the type of pants your sim will be wearing. The pants method of choosing your sims outfit is exactly the same as the shirt is, allowing you to pick from a variety of selections of pants and change there style of length. They also have patterns to choose from as well.

[edit] Step 1 - Pet

The first part of making your pet is to ether choose a cat or dog. Once you’ve chosen what pet you want you can move to what breed you want it to be. There are 10 dog breeds and 9 cat breeds but all are a bit different then the other. So pick the breed that fits your needs and then you can move onto the next part. There are four following parts to the making of a sim pet. These include the pets info, body, fur, and scales.

[edit] Breeds

There are 19 dog and cat breeds in the Sims 2: Pets [Portable] game to choose from when creating your pet. When doing this you may have your pet be a full breed of a half breed, depending on what you have chosen the breeds for the pet’s parents to be. The pet would be considered a full breed when both the mom and dad dogs or cats are of the same breed.

Such as if you were to pick your dog to be a beagle then you could switch the parents around so that the mom was a pug and the dad a beagle and depending on how much the pet is alike with the dad or mom their fur color will change, if it’s closer with traits of the dad then the dog would have beagle fur, and if it were closer to the mom then the dog would have pug fur. Likewise for cat breeds.

[edit] Info

The info part of making a pet consists of the pets name and it’s type, being ether dog or cat and a certain breed in that category. So here you not only can change the breed of the pet you want but you can also change it’s name.

[edit] Body

To change the body of your pet simply change one of your pets parents to be a different cat or dog breed. Having different parents will definitely change the color and form of your cats or dogs body. The more you scroll closer to a certain parent breed the more that pet will look like that specific parent while it will still have some features of its other parent. So tweak the body types of your pets for awhile until you come across two breeds that fit together and work.

[edit] Fur

The process of picking a fur type for your cat or dog works the same way as the body does. Simply pick two different breed of parents and scroll closer to the other breed parent that has the fur type you want your dog or cat to have. The closer it is to that specific parent breed the more its fur will look like that parent but it will also still have a few of the fur features that the other parent gives. To make its fur the same texture and thickness while not being two different types of fur you should make both parents be the same breed so it‘s a full-breed pet.

[edit] Scales

The scales part of the pet creation allows you to change the size and shape of the pets head. It also lets you change it’s back so that its bigger or smaller, and you can change the length of it’s tail.

Completing all the steps listed above will successfully allow you to create your pet.

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