The Sims 2: Pets (Portable)

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The Sims 2: Pets
Sims Pets US.jpg
Box Art Cover
PublisherElectronic Arts
PlatformNintendo DS
Gameboy Advance
Release Date(s)November 2, 2006 (NA)
October 27, 2006 (EU)
December 14, 2006 (JP)
November 9, 2006 (AU)
GenreLife Sims
Rating(E) Everyone


[edit] Introduction Into the Game

Welcome to your first day on the job, Doctor. As the town vet of Whiskerton, nestled in the hills of Paw Valley, you'll have a chance to heal, train, and care for a wide variety of local dogs and cats. It's a big day, so be sure you have everything checked off on your to-do list: picking the right outfit, selecting your perfect pet, moving into your new home, and -- most importantly -- treating your first patient.

[edit] In General

In The Sims 2: Pets you will play as the local Doctor of a town called Paw Valley. Throughout the many dogs and cats that you treat, you could also come across some unique individuals, maybe even someone famous or two.

Enjoy yourself as you care, heal, and train pets, hopefully one day you will make your dream come true of rising to the very top!

[edit] Creating Your Character

There are two steps to creating a sim on the Sims 2: Pets [Portable] game. The first step will be all about what your sim looks like, their gender, and name. The second step will be what they wear as everyday clothing. After creating your sim you get to create a pet as well. When creating your pet you can choose whether it’s a cat or a dog and what specific breed it is.

[edit] Item Listings

There are several different stores to buy items from throughout The Sims 2: Pets (Console) game. Using these stores is a necessity to succeeding, not only will you need items to examine, heal, and care for pets but also for your sim to do it's everyday living.

[edit] Missions

A sims profile and ranks page.

When starting out in The Sims 2: Pets [Portable] game you will have an opening day to-do list to accomplish.

The Opening day to-do List

  • Fill out personal info
  • Create new outfit
  • Pickup new pet
  • Move into new home
  • Treat first patient!

Once the items on this list have been checked then you can move on freely throughout the game serving patients and curing their pets to not only make simoleons but to raise your Reputation and Satisfaction. The Reputation and Satisfaction determine the rank of your sim and then the amount of payment you will receive after serving each patient.

[edit] Job Information

The main goal in The Sims 2: Pets [Portable] game is to work as the Health Authority of Paw Valley, that is your job. You will meet up with many patients whose pets you will diagnose, treat, and hopefully cure. The pets of these patients can stay with you for many days, however long it may take for them to be cured is but the option of how long they stay is your decision, it can ether be for one, three, or five days. But before you actually admit a pet to stay at your clinic you will need to find out what is wrong by diagnosing them.

[edit] The Skills For Pets

Unlike any other type of Sims game, in The Sims 2: Pets [Portable] game the sim itself doesn’t have any skill points to raise and gain by using objects but instead it’s the pets with skills! Pets have many skills and these include, speak, beg, shake, stand up, play dead, back flip, and dance. The skills of a pet all appear as talents that the pet can do such as pets in real life can, but of course you must teach them. To do so you would take a pet to the park or the yard of a house and then click the “train” option. Training a pet is what you will do to have them gain skills. Skills are very different than what they were in Sims games before, these skills do not have levels all they are, are skills themselves, once a pet has learned one they will have that skill forever.

To actually train and have a pet learn a skill all you have to do is use the stylus or control pad depending on whether or not you are using a Nintendo DS. A menu will appear after you have chosen which skill you would like to have a pet learn. On this menu there will be musical notes that you must click on at the right time as this line passes through them, if done right you will hear a “ding” sound to show you that the pet has successfully done the command, but to actually learn it they must do it three times. This applies to all skill training. Training pets to learn skills is actually quite easy and even though at the moment it looks cool the pet itself will never actually perform the skill they learned afterward. The skill feature itself is just to help the appearance of a pet and how much bonus money you could make off of treating a patient’s pet. Overall a patient loves to see that their pet has learned skills after spending time at the clinic, this definitely improves your bonus and reputation ratio.

[edit] The Locations

As you play The Sims 2: Pets [Portable] game you will work throughout your career as the Health Authority in the town of Paw Valley. There is nothing too special about this town. There are only two main places you can visit in the town while playing throughout the game, these places being the house you currently live at and the park. The very first house you will start out in is called “542, Everblue Terrace” and it is the smallest of the three houses you could live in. These other houses are, “98, Prince Street” and “2, The Heights”.

Many times while playing the game your character will mention other towns such as, Barkley, Growl’s End, and New Hawk. You cannot visit these places or ever live in them but they are mentioned. Your sim will suggest for patients to visit these places to have their pets treated if your sim cannot at the time the pet was checked.

[edit] The Characters

There are countless different types of characters that will appear in The Sims 2: Pets [Portable] game. Besides yourself, you will meet these many other characters as they will appear at your house so you can check out their pets. These many characters are known as patients looking for someone to figure out what is wrong with their pet. Most times patients will appear at your doorstep to tell you that their pet smells bad but they may also say other things such as, my pet looks ill, my pet is ugly, or something is wrong with my pet.

[edit] Cooking & Sewing

There are many other features that The Sims 2: Pets [Portable] game offers to players. These being the fact that instead of simply going to the refrigerator to cook food for your sims you can use recipes with ingredients to actually prepare the meal yourself, something that has never been done in Sims games before. There is also the feature of using a Sewing Machine to sew clothes and other apparel, using patterns, to have your pets wear and improve their appearance.

[edit] Features

  • Heal, groom, and train pets as the town vet.
  • Choose a popular dog or cat breed -- or even create your own!
  • Gain reputation and satisfaction points throughout your career.
  • Earn simoleans to buy the house of your dreams!
  • Pets have minds of their own, so expect the unexpected!
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