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[edit] Crafting

Crafting is one of the best features added into the sims 2 games from the Open for Business expansion pack. Not only will it craft new types of objects but it will increase business as well! There are three different crafting benches that craft all different types of objects. These benches include; The ToyMaker Bench, Crafting Robotics Bench, and the Flower Arranging Bench! Each of the three workstations make from a vareity of different objects but to be able to make some of these objects sims will need to have certain talent badges. So ether use a toymaker bench for making lots of new toys, or a crafting robotics bench to craft many robots that will do daily chores of your bidding or even a flower arranging bench to not only arrange flowers with but to offer to others as gifts on special occasions!

[edit] The Crazy Fun Toybench

The Crazy Fun Toybench offers a selection of six different toy objects to make from. These include; Sir Bricks-A-Lot, Fire Engine, Jack-In-The-Box, Kite; Twirl, Spin and Wobble, and Water Wiggler. Sims with high mechanical skills can make more efficient toys!

[edit] Sir Bricks-A-Lot

 Talent Badges Needed: None

 Price: $32

Sir Bricks-A-Lot is a some-what good example of what an imagery friend could be to a toddler and child. This small and lifeless brick a pretty cool item especially since so many younger aged humans have them. But how much longer do you suspect them to stay on the market?

[edit] Fire Engine

 Talent Badges Needed: Bronze

 Price: $45

Ah! A sim toddler or child hasn’t lived it’s childhood without experiencing the amount of fun a fire engine offers. It looks basicly just like the real thing, a fire truck except in a more modelish size for younger ages sims to play with.

[edit] Jack-In-The-Box

 Talent Badges Needed: Bronze

 Price: $75

This soon to become boring item is rather tiring after just spinning joystick on the side of the box a few times to see the Jack pop out! So most sim parents buy this item to simply show off in the kid’s room.

[edit] Kite

 Talent Badges Needed: Silver

 Price: $60

There is rather nothing else that’s better then a kite to most children. It gives them the best fun the wind can provide them, and there also spending there time outdoors! That’s always a plus to most parent’s.

[edit] Twirl, Spin, and Wobble

 Talent Badges Needed: Silver

 Price: $260

Being similar to a spinny sea-saw this Twirl, Spin, and Wobble toy is great type of toy for all ages. It can entertian most people very well, it’s also good for decoration.

[edit] Water Wiggler

 Talent Badges Needed: Gold

 Price: $400

This item is to be used outside, and when hooked up to the backyard water hose sim toddlers and children will have loads of fun. But make sure there wearing there swim suit because they definitely will be getting soaked!

[edit] The “Non-Deadly” Robot Crafting Station

The “Non-Deadly” Robot Crafting Station does exactly what the titles says, crafts robots. Robots are the newest and most similar feature to vampires and zombies added in from the Nightlife and Universaty expansion packs. There are six different types of robots all basicly doing the same thing except for they charge up there needs differently. These six robots are; Toy Robot, Hydrobot, Cleanbot, Sentrybot, Munchiebot, and Servo. Sim robots are great for bossing around, telling them exactly what you want done that day, or simply to have someone to talk to, but ether way Robots will keep you sim’s lives very entertained and much easier. They are also great to use as store employees or to use a gift for a a child, but make sure that they were successfully made because if they weren’t some will break down allowing them to break sim objects, while the ones who were successfully made will do exactly what you say without breaking things.

[edit] Toy Robot

 Talent badge needed - None

 Price to make - $108

The toy robot is considered an excellent to for all sims of the younger ages. So now your sim children that become bored easily will be entertained by these new robots! No longer will they want to play with there friends, they’ve got Toy Robot’s!

[edit] Hydrobot

 Talent badge needed - Bronze

 Price to make - $320

Now hmm… what could be the purpose of a hydrobot. Yep your right it’s used to spray water at burning objects to stop fires. So no longer will you need to use an alarm, you’ve got Hydrobot use him/her instead! A broken hydrobot will spray water everywhere leaving puddles all around the floor, this is great for a sim who wants to gain cleaning skills but very bad for the room score.

[edit] Cleanbot

 Talent badge needed - Bronze

 Price to make - $560

The Cleanbot’s soul purpose is to just keep your sim’s business or house clean. It will wash the dishes, mop up puddles, and just generally keep your place tidied up. So no longer will you need to keep paying that slacking maid, it’s time to use Cleanbot to it’s full extent!

[edit] Sentrybot

 Talent badge needed - Silver

 Price to make - $720

The Sentrybot’s soul purpose is to be similar to an alarm system but way better! They are used to protect your house from incoming burglars, keep your mail from being stolen, and your trash cans from being kicked over. Ether way the Sentrybot will protect! If made wrong and the Sentrybot becomes broken it will have a tendacy to eletrocute other sims (maybe killing them) so be very careful to make a successful Sentrybot.

[edit] Munchiebot

 Talent badge needed - Silver

 Price to make - $1,200

The soul purpose of a munchiebot is for it to keep your sims hungry full. They known immediately when a sim is hungry ether by them wanting food or by the time of day. A munchiebot will prepare a delicious meal in the morning (breakfast), noon (lunch), and the evening (dinner). So with Munchiebot in your sim’s household no longer will any sims ever go hungry!

[edit] Servo

 Talent badge needed - Gold

 Price to make - $3000

The main reasons a sim will creat a Servo is so that it can live as a family member that will ether just do the family chores, keep others in the family happy, or help run the business. Ether way it has many purposes of life. Servo is similar to a super sim because once it’s made it atomacticly has 10 skills in cooking, mechanical, and cleaning. This is helpful for Robots because they can clean better and faster, cook more successful meals even some that aren’t available to other sims, and fix any electronically object that has gone and broke itself. Servo will also be given talent badges but they are choosen at random. The only downside to Servo’s is they too have needs to tend to for them to survive. These needs include; Fun, Social, Environment, and Power. The first three can be tended to the same way a regular sim would tend to there needs while the Power need has to be tended to differently. The Servo’s power is similar to a regular sim’s energy need except for the way they raise it is by being outside where the sunlight is. Yes it’s true! Sunlight is the key to keeping your Servo’s up and running. So make sure to have them go outside for a certain amount of time each day, if not you could be surprised to find yourself a dead servo (broken).

[edit] The “That Smells Great” Floral Workstation

The “That Smells Great” Floral Workstation has six different types of flowers it can arrange. These such flowers include; Daisy, Wildflowers, Tulip, Mixed Flower, Rose, and Snap-Dragon Boquets. Most of these flowers, excluding Snap-Dragon, are all mainly used for decoration. They can ether be placed in the middle of a dining table to add more life to dinner or above the cioling flames of the fire place ether way they serve many purposes. The Snape-Dragon flower not only hads purposes of decoration but it can also raise six out of eight sim needs. It also works with all sims that are in a minumum distant of space away from the Snap-Dragon Boquet, the more you have the more your sim needs will rise!

[edit] Daisy Boquet

 Talent Badge Needed - None

 Price to make - $36

[edit] Wildflowers Boqeut

 Talent Badge Needed - Bronze

 Price to make - $47

[edit] Tulip Boquet

 Talent Badge Needed - Bronze

 Price to make - $61

[edit] Mixed Flower Boquet

 Talent Badge Needed - Silver

 Price to make - $68

[edit] Rose Boquet

 Talent Badge Needed - Silver

 Price to make - $96

[edit] Snap-Dragon Boquet

 Talent Badge Needed - Gold

 Price to make - $300

The Snap-Dragon boquet is one of the most helpful items that a sim could use in order to raise there needs. No longer will they have to make there own dinner, go to the bathroom, shower, do something fun, or even social with another sim because the Snap-Dragon boquet can serve all those purposes. It’s basic way to working is if made successful the Snap-Drgon boquet will produce a pinkish mist all around your sim or the flower raising six of there eight needs. These include; Hungry, Comfort, Bladder, Hygiene, Fun, and Social. But if an unsuccessful Snap-Dragon boqeut is made it will reduce the six sim needs it tends to, so be extra careful in dealing with these specially, helpful boquets. The rate of making a successful Snap-Dragon boquet is really detirmed by the sims aspiration rank, so make sure to have it at Platnium before beginning to make one. Another small feature to the Snap-Dragon boquets is even though they ether raise or lower your sims needs (detirmed on it being successful or not) a single boquet doesn’t do much effectiness. So make tons of successful Snap-Dragon boquets to make them become even more effecting and effienct to your sim. The more you have the better off you will be. Place them anywhere throughout the house, mostly in the rooms your sim will be working in so that it can work for long periods of time because its needs will always be rising and staying, except for a sims energy and environment need. The best places are usually all around a crafting bench so that sims can craft almost nonstop, or by a sims bed so that once it wakes up almost all its needs will be full, ether way they have many purposes!

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