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[edit] Business Mode

The Sims 2: Open for Business adds not only loads of character creation, build mode, and buy mode features it also adds a completely new mode, called the Business mode. The business mode consists of nine different selection tools all being different in some way or another. These selections are: Customer Loyalty, Business Rank, Collapse the Business Mode, Business Perks, Business Build Tools, Business Info, Cash Tracker, and Employee Info.

[edit] Customer Loyalty

This new sim selection allows the owner of the business to check out how various Sim customers feel about your business.

[edit] Business Rank

This option of the Business mode shows your business’ rank. The better your business is the better your rank will be.

[edit] Collaspe Business Mode

Click this tool to make the Business Mode disappear from the screeen, to make it reappear click back on the Collaspe tool.

[edit] Business Perks

This selection tool allows the owner to view the current business perks the business has earned. You can also select new ones when your business ranking increases.

[edit] Business Build Tools

This selection tool allows the owner of the business to access the For Sale tool and the Wholesale Mode toggle. Use it to put retial and wholesale prices on products your planning selling.

[edit] Business Info

Click this tool to see your sim’s business at a glance.

[edit] Cash Tracker

This selection tool shows how much money a sims’ business is making and losing. It’s great for keeping track up the actual money you’ve spent on buying and selling objects for the business.

[edit] Employee Info

This selection tool allows the owner of the business to check out it’s employee’s talents, skills, wages, and more. It’s helpful for assigning positions to different employees.

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