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[edit] Build Mode

The Open for Business expansion pack adds plenty of new features to the build mode. These new features are not only just included along with the expansion pack they are needed for certain purposes that will help in the development of a sim business. Each of these features have a different use and purpose. These newly added features include; Elevators, Awnings, Connecting Columns, Multi-Story Columns, Six Roof Types, Split-Level Foundations, and Two Lot Sizes.

[edit] Elevators

One of the newest features of the build mode is, Elevators. Not only are they the beginning of there kind but they will also take sims to new heights! Or stories for that matter.

To actually set up an elevator system, first off install a shaft. Because all elevators need a shaft to travel through. Each shaft takes up about a square of four blocks connected together. So make sure the downstairs and upstairs areas have room for these. Now it’s time to actually install the real elevator. Simply click on the one you choose and drag it over the shaft’s area. There are two types of elevators each with a variety of different colors to choose from. Once it locks in, your ready to go, and no longer will your sims ever have to waist there breathes walking up stairs.

[edit] Awnings

Awning are also another new feature to the Sims 2 games. Never before has anyone seen these or used them, that is if they have any uses? There are four different types of awnings. One all of its own, two types with four colors to choose from, and a third with four colors as well. This makes a total of 13 different types of awnings. An awning’s soul purpose is to shade, shield, and cover chosen areas of the ground. It keeps bird poop, water, rays from the sun, and any other kind of element or substance from ruining anything that is under it.

Most sims use this object to cover there items that are for sell and outside. This helps to keeping outdoor business’ up and running. To set up an awning simply click on one of the 13 selections and drag it to a directed place on the lot. The awning will pop up in that place shielding anything that may be below it. Do not think that awnings will protect your items and objects under it from roaming burglars because it won’t. Anyone for that matter that has a set of sticky fingers may come along and just grab an item of there choosing without even paying. So it is best to keep all sale items under lock in key inside an actually building where they belong.

[edit] Connecting Columns

The main purpose of these new types of columns is that they can connect forming archways for an even better look to a sim lot. To do so simply put one column on a lot then another directionally next to it and they should then connect making the archway. There best to be put in place of doors, and gates adding a much welcoming feel to any lot or home. This type of column also comes in a variety of four different colors; pastel tan, gray, pink, and white.

[edit] Multi-Story Columns

This new set of columns have the same look as regular columns except for there lengthier in size. They come in five different styles will a variety of different colors to choose from. These freakishly long columns are used for connecting two or three stories together. Each of the multi-story columns can hold up to nine upper story floor tiles on each floor. Making these type of columns hold more can cause them to come crashing down, not only ruining themselves but the whole property. To use the multi-story columns, simply click and drag them to a desired spot on any lot. From there you may create floor paneling above to put furniture and other objects on.

[edit] Six Roof Types

Not only did the Open for Business expansion pack add elevators and awnings but also new roof types! Six different roof types to be exact, including short cone, large cone, domed, small octagonal, medium octagonal, and large octagonal. Each roof has a different pitch and connecting point between sides.

[edit] Cone Roofs

There are two types of cone roofs, short and large. They are basically just to add decoration and uniqueness to a house. To place these as a roof simply just click and drag the roof across an area of floor tiles and the more floor tiles it covers the larger it will be. The difference between the short and large cone roofs is that of their pitch and depth. The short cone roofs have angles that are similar to flattened diagonal lines, while large cone roofs have angles that are also like diagonal lines but they are more steeper.

[edit] Dome Roof

Even though there aren’t any hurricanes in the Sims 2 games, that we know of yet, these dome shaped roofs can with stand winds of that capacity. A dome roof closely relates to the shape of a half circle or also a bowl. It’s angles are round and not sharp, but slender and steep. They can be made just like Coned roofs are by simply dragging the roof across a pile of floor tiles.

[edit] Octagonal Roofs

Octagonal roofs are used mainly because of it’s shape and sense of unfitness. They know exactly how to turn any boring house into an exciting bungalow. These roofs resemble octagon shapes and they each have sharp corners and steep angels. Octagonal roofs are made the exact same way coned and dome shape roofs are, by dragging the roof across an assortment of floor tiles. The amount of floor tiles a roof covers will determine the size is will be, for example; a roof that covers many floor tiles will usually be large while roofs that cover little if any floor tiles will be small.

[edit] Split-Level Foundations

There are two types of split level foundations, rectangle and diagonal. They work the same as any other interior foundation works, when placed they rise the floor level and generally need stairs to allow access above. You can place fences, flooring, and even furniture atop these fantastic room changing floors. To build them into a room simply click and drag across the floor to layout a foundation. It’s perfect for make use of a room with a high ceiling.

[edit] Lot Sizes

The Sims 2: Open for Business expansion pack adds two nice, new, large lot sizes. Each being of different size but very large they are best used to build any business or house on. The two sizes are large lots of 4x5 and 5x5. Use these new lots to there maximum potentials.

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