The Sims 2: Open for Business

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The Sims 2: University
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North American Box Art
PublisherElectronic Arts
PlatformMicrosoft Windows,

Linux, Mac OS,

Release Date(s)2006 (NA)
GenreLife simulation (PC)
Rating(T) Teen

[edit] Game Summary

The Sims 2: Open for Business is an expansion pack that lends a brand new opportunity to your Sims. They can now own, manage and make profit from their own businesses! With the help of over one hundred new objects, set your Sims' business up with all the essentials. Such as a cash register to ring up purchases, work benches for the creation of products and display cases that allow customers to view sale items. With a multitude of new features, ranging from brand new NPCs to a new way to die, your Sims are sure to enjoy their new lives as business owners.

[edit] Character Creation

There are six different steps needed to be taken in order to create a sim. These steps include;

1. Name, Age, Gender, Skin Tone, Fitness.

2. Heads

3. Hair and Face

4. Make-up, Facial Hair and Glasses.

5. Clothing.

6. Personality and Aspirations.

The Sim 2 : Open for Business expansion pack, adds new hats and hair styles, make-up, glasses, clothing tops, bottoms, and outfits.

[edit] Step 3. Heads

Females - There have been 31 new hats and hair styles added into the Sims 2 game. All of the hats are different in some way wither it be the color or style itself, likewise with the hair.

Males - There have also been quite a few hates and hair styles added into the Sims 2 game from the Open for Business expansion pack. 29 for the males to be exact, and each of them is also different in some way, shape, or form.

[edit] Step 4. Make-up, Facial Hair, and Glasses

There have been five new lipstick colored added into the game; red, pink, two being shades of tan, and a green. Eight new colors of eye shadow have also been added into the mix, 3 being pink, 2 being gray, and one blue, green, and dark green. Not only has Open for Business added in just regular make-up but also “costume” make-up! Three new kinds to be exact, one being red lips with blue eye shadow; two having redder lips, purple eye shadow with a black dot; and three being a drawling done in black make-up pen of whiskers, eyebrows, and dots to resemble some-what of a cat face. Along with make-up comes glasses, one new style but with two colors. They each resemble goggles one with a black rim and the other with a bronze rim.

[edit] Step 5. Clothing

Everyday Clothes

Females - The Sims 2 is being loaded with new clothes from the Open for Business expansion pack they consist of; 12 bottoms, 6 tops, and 43 outfits. Each of the new clothes is of different color and style. No longer will the women of Sims 2 ever have to worry about not having enough clothes.

Males - Alike the females the males also got there share of new clothes from this expansion pack, such as; 12 bottoms, 6 tops, and 40 outfits. Each of the new tops, bottoms, and everyday outfits are different in color and style. Sim men still can’t see why more clothes have to be made instead of more TV’s!

And there you have it, that’s all of the new features that the Open for Business expansion pack offers for the sim creation and its 6 steps.

[edit] Open For Business Items

The Sims 2: Open for Business expansion pack adds lots of new buy mode items. There are around 90 new items in all expanding the buy mode even more. The new items contribute to almost all of the buy mode catalog categories except the Plumbing and Appliances.

[edit] Open for Business Modes

There are plenty of new features added to the build mode catalog when players install The Sims 2: Open for Business game. Above in Open For Business Items is a link to all of the new items added to the buy mode catalog after installing the game. Many new features are added to the live mode of the game which will be explained in further detail under the Crafting section of the table of contents. One completely new mode added to The Sims 2 series would be the Business mode which comes with many unique features that enable a player to run a business.

[edit] Business Construction Guide

After getting yourself adjusted to the build mode and all of the new features that the Open for Business expansion pack adds to it, it’s time to begin building your business. Theres a whole selection of business’ you could run all being different in some way but also being alike in one, the idea of making money in some way from your business is a dream to all owners. Such business’ you could run are; a club, restaurant, clothing store, bargain barn, hair saloon, spa/treatment building, or a,for the younger ages, toy making factoy. What ever it may be each business has to have a few requirements in order to be anything close to good. It needs to have organized access to products, registers, and restrooms so that sim customers will think better of your business. Likewise for a restaurant, needs to have organized access to seating podium, dining tables, and to the restrooms as well. Even though a sim business can be started at home it’s much better to start it at a community lot so as to not have your personal life interfer with your business one.

Constructing a business can be slightly hard, that is if you don’t know what to do, but if you do then it’s rather easy. When putting up the walls put into consideration of how customers would like to access things. The shorter distances they have to go to finding what they want, the happier and more satisfied with your business they will be. So it’s best to construct a large enternry way with cash registers in the middles and maybe other aisles branching off with other products in them. This is the same for making a restaurant, there should be a somewhat large entrance with the seating podium where everyone can find it, maybe even a few or so steps to make it from the podium to the dining tables would be excellent. After making your entrance room, with a few rooms branching off it, you should construct restrooms in the back of the business building. Having restrooms in the front will distract customers to what you want them to see, ether by the horrid smell coming from them or just the sounds of toilets flushing. The best way to putting restrooms into a business building is to construct two, one for women and the other for men, at the very back of the building, behind the products, and cash registers. But they should also not be hard to access or take a lot of time to find, because some sims just can’t wait after they’ve held it in so long on the drive over. So after you’ve finished with the entrance, rooms branching from that where the products will be, and the restrooms, a good business always needs a place for the owner and employees to relax while on there break. It could ether be outside behind the back building or in a whole another room, it’s solely the owner’s choice. But the best choice would be to make a whole other room so to make employees more at home when it comes to them working. These “break time” rooms should usually consist of an even smaller bathroom just for the workers of the business to use, a comfortable couch, microwave for making some food, and even a TV would be nice. The microwave is great for some workers who haven’t yet eaten and are starving. Having these objects in a break time room isn’t only great but it will also improve the status that your employees are working at. These types of rooms are mostly suggest to be close to the back of the business as well mainly in between the two restrooms. It’s also good to have a few rooms that can be used as storage for products that will be used to restock the sold ones, these types of rooms are suggested to be in the back as well and un-accessible to customers.

Now that the actual walls have been placed up and your business is just beginning to get closer to being finished, it’s time to place in windows and doors! There should atleast be doors leading into all rooms so that customers have access to the products, cash registers, and restrooms but also so that only employees and the owner can access there break room and back exit. The only rooms in a business that usually need doors are the restrooms and the back room. But most important of all there needs to be a few doors leading into the business as well! Becase without one how would anyone get in? Other doors shouldn’t be needed because connecting rooms to the entrance that will hold the products should be closed off they too should be open for sims to simply walk over to, much like aisles at a clothes or food store. And when placing these doors they should be placed neatly so there organized giving your business a better look and appeal to everyone else. But one of the most important things to doors is that they lead inside a business and atleast 4 doors should be placed side by side giving customers a bigger way inside the business, it’s also good to choose sliding doors to enter into with instead of regular doors. Doors can also lock now, so no longer will the owner have to fear of fellow customers sneaking into the break room to relax and watch alittle TV.

After placing in all the doors you need so that everything is accessable to the owner, it’s time to begin placing in windows so that your business can be exposed to the outside world. The bigger the window is the better your store will look to customers passing by outside. The more that the inside products are exposed to everyone outside the better your business will have, at a chance of succeeding. But the only places in a business that windows are suggested are where the products are at and the entryway. Because fellow street-crossing sims aren’t going to want to be distracted by windows that show the inside of the bathrooms and storage rooms that the business has. So when placing in the windows always make sure there solely showing the products and/or the entryway. Another thing to make sure about when placing windows is to place them so they look organized on the outside. Windows that are just scattered all around and throughout the outside building of business is bound to give customers a bad image of the place. But also remember a store can never have too many windows showing off there products.

Now that the structure of the business walls, windows, and doors have been placed in it’s time to move to placing in the flooring and wall coverings. Any kind of wall covering and flooring that doesn’t give your business that boring look is good, because most customers will come in, look around, and if they see that the business is plain/boring they will leave immediately. But if the business also looks a bit too crazy and not matching together, this will also make sim customers leave. The entryway and connecting product holding rooms should all have the same type of flooring and wall covering, so to aviod the crazy and un matching look. The best suggested flooring for these rooms is some kind of cement, floor tile, plastic tile, or even wood paneling. While the wall covering should be some kind of vibrant color painted on the wall with maybe a design or two, such as red, orange, magenta, or Mexican yellow; any color of this sort will get you more customers. But when picking these colors make sure they match the flooring in some way, so to keep the organized and neat look the business has. For the restrooms that the business has they should solely just consist of some kind of tile flooring and wall covering. Arrangments of colors in these rooms won’t affect your business too much but they will surely increase the number of customers you receive if the bathrooms are all nice and comfortable feeling. The back room should be any kind of style room with wall covering and flooring of you choice. Customers will not be going into this room so anything can be there without affecting that status of your store, likewise with the storage rooms. Now for the outside of the business any kind of clean color such as; white, gray, or brick will be fine. It’s mostly suggested to have concret or brick wall covering for the outside, and if they match with the windows that a plus! Just make sure it still looks organized so that your customers make a good opinion of the business. The outside ground around the lot should also be paved with ether concret, rocks, or sometype of earthy material that will also match your business and satisfy customers.

After you’ve taken your time to make sure the outside and inside of your business looks nice and appealing it’s time to make the decision of adding in staircases. Staircases are mainly used for mega status and product selling business’. They aren’t suggested for stores that are just beginning especially if they haven’t even sold any of the products that are on the bottom floors. But if someone were to go ahead and and in stairs leading to another level with more products and such it’s best the stairs are placed somewhere in the entryway, maybe behind or in front of the cash registers. For now though we will just skip adding in staircases, because since our store is just beginning it doesn’t need them.

After paving the area around your business the owner also has the option to add plants and other sorts of nature to the property, even though it is not suggested. A property that doesn’t have plants around it’s building won’t be affected but if it does have plants that look appealing and organized it can add to the customers your store recieves. So it’s your choice, pick to go with plants or not but make sure they are placed neatly so your store still is organized and not being distracted by these plants.

Now that your business is getting closer to being finished it’s time to put up a roof. All business’ need a roof because without one all the items that it holds below will be ruined by the rain and any other worldly disasters. Most business’ have a concreted floor roof instead of a hand-made one. It helps to accomplish the organized look that the business is wanting. Make sure though that when your putting down concrete to cover the building that it matches the outside walls and area around it. Even though customers won’t be looking up at the roofing of the store it’s still good to keep with the organized look.

After the roofing has been put in, it’s time for the finishing touchs of the contructing part of the business. The Sims 2: Open for Business adds new types of object selections such as awnings, elevators, and Multi-Story columns. Most small types of business’ that are just becoming running won’t need to the uses of elevators, multi-story columns, or awnings. But business’ that have been running smoothly for ages will want to expand onto more floors, so having elevators is a must. Elevators are not only a new feature but they are great with the customers; because they no longer have to walk up tons of steps. Awnings aren’t even really used in the big established business ether, there mainly just to protect and cover items for outside business’. Even though they make a great decorative item most business’ still don’t like to use them. Multi-Story columns also serve the same purpose an awning does, making store look more organized and neat. But they also serve the purpose of holding up higher levels that a mega-business may have. There also good for placing outside of a build to make it look even more organized and neat.

Other items found in the build mode such as; fireplaces, and pools don’t need to be even put into consideration of placing in your business, that is if you want it to be taken seriously. Some business can have those items such as; Spas and the Local pool spots of the neighborhood.

Phew… Now you can take in a few deep breaths and begin on the second stage of business development, it’s time to stock the store with objects, and items! The construction part of making a business is finally finished, it’s just time to stock the rooms it holds with appealing items, they can ether be decorative making your business look even more organized, all the way to just the regular products your be stocking the shelves with to hopefully sell.

The best way to go about stocking your store full of items from the buy mode catalogs is to start with lighting the place up a bit. Because a store with no lights will make sure to keep customers away. So browse through the Lighting catalog part of the buy mode until you find the lights you want that will look great inside your business. Each room should have enough lights to brighten up the whole place, and these lights should be placed a certain amount of ceiling blocks away from each other to keep your store having that organized look. Also it’s best suggested to have ceiling lights and no others because the walls need to be free for sign use and other items that will help advertise your business while the floor is going to be used up by shelves, products, cash registers, and everything else that’s going to help your business make money. The storage rooms and break rooms don’t have to meet the same requirements as the other rooms do in order for your business to be successful, no one will even be in these rooms so whatever goes in them is your choice.

So now that all of the rooms that the customers will be in have lights it’s time to move to stocking the rooms with actual objects and items. The entryway room should have atleast four registers so that if one is being used other customers won’t have to wait to cash out and leave, they can simply use the other three! The room should also consist of a few decorative items such as, plants, paintings, mirrors, and most important of all signs. Place a few plants by the walls or counter area where the cash registers will be to give a more decorative feel to the entryway, also make sure they look organized and neat to customers. The same goes for paintings and mirrors except there on the walls and it’s best these ether advertise the business in some way or just make it look better to customers. The signs that you choose to place up ether on the ground or the walls should also help to advertise the products your business currently sells, and they are must for every business to have! This decorating method should be the same for the connecting rooms that branch off of the entryway room, because that whole space needs to match to look very appealing and organized to customers. The connecting rooms, the ones you plan on selling your products in, should all have a bunch of shelves lining the walls or creating rows to display your objects on. The more shelves you have the more products you can display and sell! And a business really can never have too many shelves, but make sure there aligned together neatly so to keep the organized look you’ve been trying to make. They should also match the flooring and walls in some way to keep from having the crazy un-matching feel. Certain signs advertising certain objects so they should also be placed on the ground or hung up on the wall by the products that you want to sell and that the sign actually advertises. It’s best to keep certain objects your wanting to sell together or separated from other objects and they should have the approprietate signs that advertise them, for example; all furnishings should be together in a certain spot of a room, while all appliances should be together in another part. Finally it’s time to actually stock the shelves with the objects and items you plan on showing off and selling to your customers. Make sure while your placing them on the shelves that they all go into the right categories of the room with palpitate advertising signs below or above them. It’s also good to have four or five of the same product taking up a shelf so that if one sells theres still more for other sims to buy. Also whiling stocking the shelves with items your going to sell make sure you don’t over do it, meaning you place random items in random places. It will look very random and lower the business’ selling status. So the best thing to do is be calm, and take your time when placing your products up on the shelves, and just stay organized!

As for furnishing the bathrooms everyone knows what they need to consist of, a tiolet, and sink. Showers and bathtubs will not be needed due to the fact this is a business/store not your home! It’s also better to put a few decorative items in the mens and womens bathrooms to make it look more professional a neat. As for the break rooms and storage rooms, what goes in them is solely based on your choice. What the owner wants to put in those rooms will be what he puts in them. They do not affect the status of a store what-so-ever.

It’s also good to put street lights outside along the pavement and parking areas of the building so to make it easier for cars to drive and make it to the store. It’s also good for making the store look even more nice and neat.

All of the methods listed above should definitely help in making a successful business. Even though I can’t make you do whats explained above you should really take in into consideration, especially if the business you dreamed of isn’t do so well as planned.

[edit] Making Money Business Style

Since the main point to the Sims 2: Open for Business expansion pack is to not only learn the basics but also having a sim run a successful business. And because so many sims in this game are getting themselves into the business franchise the best way to making money is by starting a business of your own, ether at home or on a community lot. It’s suggested, though, to start a business on another lot so that your family and personal life doesn’t interfere into your business one. To start a business on a community lot click on the phone or computer and click the Real Estate option and then Purchase Community Lot. Seconds later your sim will be asked what lot it would like to purchase, once a lot has been picked, your business has been started. Well actually it hasn’t, it needs to be constructed and stocked with products that it’s going to sell, etc. But after all the construction parts of the business are complete it’s time to purchase an Open/Close sign.

The open/closed sign is the key to opening up your business to the sims all around. Simply hang it up by the front doors on your lot and have the owner click the Open interaction and immediatately the business lot will open for all other sim customers to come inside. It also calls all employees to the property as well, so make sure before you official open the business that you have some reliable workers. It’s solely your decision on who you pick to work for you and your business, it’s beter to become friends with these sims and learn what there current skills are. Sims with high skills in certain categories, mainly the ones your business needs, are going to be great sims to employ a job to for your business. There should be atleast three employees, one working the cash register, the second advertising products to customers, and the third should help all customers that have questions about any of the products. Sim owners can also assign there employees to certain tasks such as restocking, advertising, doing the cash register, and even crafting. And it’s best to assign employees with certain talent badges or skills to do certain types of tasks. For example; it’s best to assign a sim employee that has ether a bronze, silver, or gold restocking badge to the restocking task. Or it’s best to assign a sim that’s got ether a bronze, silver, or gold Toy Making, Robotics, or Flower Arranging talent badge to craft any kind of object. Doing these methods will greatly advance the chances of your store being successful. But workers doing tasks isn’t the only requirement of there job, they also have many more.

[edit] Employee Requirements

Some owners want there business to have the perfect image, so they assign dress codes to the employees, this not only makes the store match but the workers as well. Business Owner’s can pick from a variety of different uniforms that there employees can wear, such as; scuba grear, waitress/waiter aprons, chef aprons, chef hats, store style hats, stylish suits, mascot costumes, and so much more!

So if employees are planning on coming into work and a dress code has been assigned, they better show up in it, or they just might find themselves walking out two minutes later without a job.

[edit] Running a Successful Business

There are many ways to running your business successfully it could ether be by; advertising your business to sims all-around, tending to your customers in a nice way, having a business that looks organized and neat, selling objects at lower prices then other business’, or even just taking the time to chat a bit with the many customers that come into your business.

[edit] Advertising

Advertising is basicly done by having an employee of the business talk to others, my like bribe them into checking out the business and what it consists of. They mainly tend to talk about all of the business’ highlights so to attract the customers more. There a number of different ways a sim can advertise it’s fanchise to another sim it could ether be simply by just talking, to calling up every single sim the worker knows and telling them all about there business. Most successful advertiser tend to have high charisma skills, allowing them to present themselves much better to customers then others can.

Another way to advertise is by hanging up signs in the actual business building to show off what products they make and sell. This helps to show the customers which aisles certain products are in so as to make there journey in trying to find what they want easeir.

[edit] Customer Help

There should always be a sim employee that’s so job is to help out customers. Your never going not find a customer that doesn’t have some type of question, so make sure that these workers help to answer every customers questions. And not only answering there questions but doing it nicely and clearly will definitely put an impression in that customers mind about the current business that is being run, they may even have liked the way the employee treated them so much that they go out and advertise the business to others. So making sure to just treat your customers nice will surely put you a step closer to actually getting products sold and making your business more successful.

[edit] Business Organized

When in the construction process of a business it’s best to make sure everything is organized wither it be the windows and doors, walls and floors, shelves and decorative objects, anything that is inside the store should match if your planning on having customers coming back. Not only will having an organized business simply look nice it will appeal to the customers greatly making them come back regularly and tell there friends about what an awesome business you have running. So just taking a few minutes constructing your business to look nice will definitely put your business way closer to making tons of simleons.

[edit] Object Sales

At the beginning of just starting your business, it will be tough to actually sell any objects. So by cutting down the prices of any products you plan on selling not only will interest customers to come to your store but some may actually be sold. Once you actually manage to have a store product selling status it would be best to begin raising the prices of any or all products, but just a little. Raising them a lot in one day will effect your business status a lot because customers will no longer want to buy for that price so they will go looking for another store with cheaper prices. But steadily raising the prices every week or so to the desired sell price you want that product at will indeed not effect your customer status as much as just taking it up like one-hundred simoleons in a day.

[edit] Treating Customers Nice = Happy Customers

Once your sim business begins getting customers it’s best to give off the impression to all your guests that your business is the one for them. In the beginning when sim business’ have just started they will get little to no customers each day so the ones that they actually get are very important to them. So not only help them to find what they want or to answer any of there questions they have, but try chatting with them, even becoming friends will bring your business lots of successs. The more you take your time to tending to your customers the closer you’ll be to them actually buying your products and telling others about them. This not only will allow your business to begin making some money but it will officially start your business off. So just treat every single customer your business every gets like there a royal subject from some far off castle, because if you don’t be prepared for your business to head back down to what it was before, nothing.

Applying all these methods to your employees and your ways of making business will not only make the actual business successful but you’ll begin making lots of simoleans aswell! There are also a few other great methods of making your business more successful but the ones listed above should do the trick.

No longer will your sim wear nasty smelling rags and live in a small trashy apartment on the outskirts of town, they’ll be wearing top style designer clothes and be living in the mansion of there dreams. So don’t only apply these methods to your ways of work but also keep at them, never give up and improve in them each day. If you do your business will surely be up and running for sim years to come!

[edit] Open for Business Locations

The Sims 2: Open for Business expansion pack brings with it a completely new neighborhood known as Bluewater Village. All of your business experiences will begin here in ether one of its 19 available community lots. Or will you simply run an at home business of your own?

[edit] Shopping Districts

Shopping Districts are sub-neighborhoods, much like Downtown areas in the Nightlife expansion pack. They are areas where businesses are booming, and the sims are always working to maintain and achieve the best possible businesses. In the default shopping district, Bluewater Village, you will find a number of businesses ready to be bought and some pre-owned businesses. While in Bluewater Village, keep in mind that if you create a Bluewater Village district for Strangetown AND Veronaville, both of those districts will be tied to the base neighborhood that they were created in. In other words, each shopping district is significant to its base neighborhood.

[edit] Talent Badges

Talent badges are like skills, only they have three levels of improvement [Bronze, Silver, Gold] and require practicing the associated tasks, instead of studying or working out. For example, to increase the Flower Arranging badge, your sim has to create flower bouquets until it increases.

[edit] Badge Types

Talent badges are a new feature that’s been added onto the skills section of the live mode. Each talent badge has three different ranks to them; Bronze being the worst, Silver being the ok, and Gold being the best. They not only are an add on but some are earned faster if having skills. Each talent badge has a different use or purpose, some also require certain skills to earning them faster. There are seven talent badges in all; Toy Making, Robotry, Flower Arranging, Restocking, Sales, Cash Register, and Cosmetology. Talent badges are required for crafting objects, ether more easily without them breaking faster then normal or for items that need more experience to be made and weren‘t available before.

Toy Making

The way to earning the toy making badge is to craft toys successfully, mainly those that aren’t broken. The more toys you make the faster you be to earning this badge. Another fast way to earning the toy making badge is to have mechanical skill points. Not only will this talent badge allow you to craft toys more efficiently but you can also craft toys that weren’t previously available. The badge also helps to keeping toys from breaking or going wrong.


The way to earning the Robotery badge is to craft robots successfully, mainly those that aren’t or won’t break. The more robots you construct the faster you will be to earning this badge. Another fast way to earning the Robotery badge is to have mechanical skill points. Not only will this talent badge allow you to craft robots more efficiently but you can also craft robots that weren’t previously available. The badge also helps to keeping robots from breaking or going wrong.

Flower Arranging

The way to earning the Flower Arranging badge is to produce or arrange flowers successfully. The more flowers you arrange together the faster you will be to earning this badge. Another fast way to earning the Flower Arranging badge is to have creativity skill points and playfulness. Not only will this talent badge allow you to arrange and produce more flowers effiently but you can also arrange flowers that weren’t previously available. The badge also helps to keeping flowers from coming out wrong ether being discolored or arranged with the wrong type of flower.


To earn the Restocking badge simply restock objects that have been sold. The more you do this the closer you will be to getting this badge. Not only can you get the Restocking badge from restocking lots of items but having skill points in body will help to earning this badge faster. The restocking badge is great for sims that get confused and restock a shelf with the wrong item or object, this badge also greatly prevents this.


To earn the Sales badge simply interact with other sims using sale socials. The more you social about sales the closer you are to earning this badge. Another way that will get you closer to the Sales badge is to have skills in Charisma. The sales badge is helpful not only for advertising products to costumers but also in selling them.

Cash Register

To earn the Cash Register badge simply have a sim stay at the cash register while other sims are buying products. The more a sim is at the cash register while costumers are buying your objects that are up for sale the closer you will be to earning this badge. Another way that gets you closer to earning the cash register badge is to have high logic skill points. This badge is helpful to keeping sims awake while doing the cash register and protecting it from money-starved burglars.


The best way to earning the Cosmetology badge is to work at the Ug-No-More makeover station. The more you make up successful hairstyles for other sims the closer you will be to earning this badge. Anoher way to earning the Cosmetology badge is to have skills in cleaning. This badge is good for making sims give better makeovers to costumers.

[edit] Badge Levels

There are three levels that measure the proficiency of a badge

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

As badges increase, more difficult/expensive items can be crafted, the efficiency in which these items are created improves, and the failure rate decreases. This doesn't mean that the failure rate for a Gold talent badge is zero, as there are some items that only become available once a Gold talent badge is obtained. [Meaning that perfection may never be achieved.]

[edit] Increasing Badges

To increase a badge, practice the associated task. Therefore,

  • Crafting robots increases Robotery
  • Crafting toys increases Toy Making
  • Arranging flowers increases Flower Arranging
  • Performing sales socials increases Sales
  • Working at the cash register increases Register
  • Restocking items increases Restocking
  • Giving sims makeovers increases Cosmetology

[edit] Skill/Personality Influences

Talent Badge Skill Personality Trait
Cosmetology Cleaning Neat
Flower Arranging Creativity Playful
Register Logic Serious
Restocking Body Active
Robotery Mechanical None
Sales Charisma Outgoing
Toy Building Mechanical None

[edit] Badge Rewards

Talent Badge No Badge Bronze Silver Gold
Cosmetology High failure rate; clumsy animation Lower failure rate; faster work; more flourishes Lower failure rate; faster work; more flourishes Lowest failure rate; fastest work; most elaborate flourishes; +Hygiene for customer
Flower Arranging High failure rate; clumsy animation; Bouquet of Daisies Lower failure rate; more flourishes; Wildflower Bouquet, Tulip Bouquet Lower failure rate; more flourishes; Rose Bouquet, Mixed Flower Bouquet Lowest failure rate; most elaborate flourishes; Snapdragons Bouquet
Register Very slow checkout speed Faster checkout speed; more competent Faster; more competent Fastest checkout speed; most competent
Restocking Very slow restocking Faster restocking Faster restocking Fastest restocking
Robotery High failure rate; clumsy animation; Toy Robot Lower failure rate; more flourishes; CleanBot, HydroBot Lower failure rate; more flourishes; SentryBot, MunchieBot Lowest failure rate; most elaborate flourishes; Servo
Sales Basic Sell social Offer At.. social; increased acceptance of lower level socials Hard Sell social; increased acceptance of lower level socials Dazzle social; increased acceptance of lower level socials
Toy Building High failure rate; clumsy animation; Pet Brick Lower failure rate; more flourishes; Jack-in-the-Box, Fire Truck Lower failure rate; more flourishes; Sit-n-Spin, Kite Lowest failure rate; most elaborate flourishes; Water Wiggler Sprinkler

[edit] Businesses

[edit] Home Businesses

Your sims can turn their home lot into a place of business - all they need to do is get some items to sell and call or use the computer to set things up. When on the phone or computer, use the Start Home Business interaction to have your sim's home lot turned into a business immediately. This means that the second your sim's call/computer request has gone through, the customers will start to arrive. Be sure to buy an Open/Closed sign from the Decorations section of Buy Mode to control when customers can visit.

Your sims can sell anything they like in their new home business, as long as you mark it for sale. You could have things such as:

  • Salon
  • Bakery/Prepared Food Store
  • Toy Store
  • Furniture Store
  • Car Dealership
  • Custom Painting Store
  • etc.

There are three kinds of businesses your sims cannot have on a home lot. The items required for these types of businesses are only available in community lot Buy Mode. These are:

  • Coffee Bar
  • Pub
  • Restaurant

There are also some types of items that your sims cannot sell because they are only available in Buy Mode on community lots. These are:

  • Groceries/Produce
  • Magazines
  • Video Games
  • Clothes
  • Perfume

Dealing with customers can be tricky on a home lot, as they act just like regular lot visitors but with more of a draw to merchandise. You can avoid having customers playing games on your sim's computer or from using the wrong washroom by locking doors. There are a few options for locking doors, which can be seen when you click on a door. Any gate or door can be set to limit access to:

  • The Sim who locks the door only
  • The Sim and household members
  • The Sim, household members, and employees
  • No one, including the Sim who locked the door.

There are a few differences between home businesses and community lot businesses, even though they function similarly. The differences are:

  • Home businesses have to be initiated over the phone or computer, and are considered businesses the second the call has been made or the request has been processed. Community lot businesses are bought over the phone or computer, but are not considered operational until the manager visits the lot and starts things up.
  • Home businesses can’t have managers.
  • Playable Sims from other households can only visit the business

as autonomous walkbys or invitees. You can never direct them to a lot with a home business the same way you could to an owned community lot. You can direct sims to visit and purchase items from community lot businesses.

  • Home businesses can’t be run remotely.
  • Home businesses die when the last playable sim on the lot does.
  • Employees can satisfy all their needs on a home lot, as long as the necessary items are provided. [Even the energy need can be restored, unlike on a community lot.]

[edit] Community Lot Businesses

Community lots can be purchased by a sim via telephone or computer. Once a lot is purchased, the deed is then sent to the sim who made the call or made the request over the computer, and is then placed in said sim's inventory.

Your sim has to visit their purchased community lot in order for business to happen. You can hire employees at home or on the community lot, and they will appear on the business lot when the owner does. They also leave when the owner does, unless a manager is hired to deal with things while the owner is away.

[edit] Customers

[edit] Business Perks

Business Perks are great for advertising your business in many new and successful ways. It’s also great for making your business more run more smoothly. The business perks are actually type of grants similar to a social interaction your sim can use to make the business more successful or to advertise it better. The only way to obtaining these grants is through advancing your store’s rank. Rank advancement can be achieved through a variety of ways, ether by serving more customers, selling more products, advertising to other mores, or have your business known to all! One of the bad factor to the grants is that they cannot be passed down to heirs of the business, they will need to earn these grants themselves. There are five different catagorys of grants these include; Connections, Perception, Cash, Wholesale, and Motivation Grants.

[edit] Connections Grants

Power Network - This new social interaction greatly increases the value of your networking skills, basicly making them beyond great. The Power Network now allows you to use “Talk…Power Network” to instantly meet all of the acquaintances of another Sim or customers you’ll also get a powerful starting bonus for these newly made relationships. And now you can stretch out your advertising methods to these other sims.

Head for Numbers - Because you’ve spent so much time tending to your customers you’ve been given an incredible memory allowing you to call everyone in the town on a phone even if you don’t know them! No longer will your advertising ways be limited to only a few sims, heck lets have the whole town know about the business!

Network - This new social is much like the “Talk…Power Network” interaction but it adds a new feature into the mix. It now lets your sim learn the importance of being able to know all the other people that person knows. Now your network can stretch out to even further links!

Sterling Reputation - Your networking and advertisement is spreading to everyone. And your business abilities are growing you’ll now get a bigger jumpstart to all sim relationships!

Notable Reputation - Since sims all around are beginning to learn of not only the business but the owner him/herself. They even like what they hear so now you’ll enjoy a starting boost to all new sim relationships!

[edit] Perception Grants

Manipulation - This new sims interaction is great! Not only can your sim now do a new interaction called “Sales…Manipulate” but they can manipulate other sims to ether buy like crazy, stay at a store for hours, or use every single simoleon they own to buy mostly all your products!

Convincing Personality - This new perception grant isn’t a sim interaction at all, its main purpose is to boost the effects of all the social interactions that have been gained through these grants. No longer will a sim not succeed in making a sale interaction with another costumer!

Look For Mark - This new sims interaction is very clever and will save you lots of time! Your sim can now learn the “Look for Mark” sales interaction that allows them to find the perfect sales target (sim) that will buy almost anything your store holds. So no longer will you have to waist your business hours convincing old grumpy sims to buy certain products.

Assess Desire - Now knowing who the perfect sales target for your business is, there is also another sale interaction that will help to make your business more successful to everyone! Your sim can now learn the “Assess Desire” interaction allowing it to tap into another sims mind and find out exactly what product they wanna buy, so now you can please everyone, even those grumpy sims!

Assess Mood - Because you know what other sims are looking for through tapping into there minds, it’s time to tap into there moods! Your sim can now learn to “Assess…Mood” tapping into another sim to see there mood, this is helpful to doing things that will make your costumers more happy.

[edit] Cash Grants

Will Wright Grant - BEcause your business is becoming a household name and making the family fortune, you’ve earned this great from the Will Wright Foundation of Economic Advancment!

Owners Association Award - Because your used to be small business reputation is spreading it’s earned you the cash prize from the Sim Business Owners Association!

Chamber of Comerce Prize - Because your Business’ income is superb you’ve earned the cash award from the Local Chamber of Commerce!

Valued Client Rebate - Because your Business is becoming a rising fame you’ve earned the rebate from your suppliers!

LeTourneau Prize - Because the word has spread about your store, giving you more costumers to please they’ve all recommened that you receive the LeTourneau Prize!

[edit] Wholesale Grants

Shark of Sharks - Your ability to get wholsale deals became legendary to sims all around you’ve become the shark of sharks!

Serious Negotiator - Since the business is striving greatness and the profit is unbelievable your skill from business has given you the ability to negotiate wholesales to even lower costs!

Bargain Hunter - Because your business has such huge popularity that is constantly rising it’s really given you an edge with your wholesalers allowing you to buy at an even much lower price!

Supplier Partnership - Because the ones who supply you love to brag about you being there customer your sim can now enjoy this additional discount on your wholesale costs!

Wholesale Discount - Now that you’re a growing fame as a business owner has finally motivated your suppliers to off you a discount on future purchases you make. So now every item you wish to buy will sell for even cheaper!

[edit] Motivation Grants

Rally Forth! - Because your sim has become so experienced with getting others all psyched up, your sim can now activiate “Rally Forth!“ an interaction that lets a sim stop to tending to its needs so that it can tend to anothers!

Boundless Influence - Not only because you’ve become a great influence onto everyone due to your striving and worldly known business your sim can now gain influence by fulfilling its wants! Now influence will be a fully stocked supply!

Motivational Speech - Seeing as your other co-workers, employees, or just friends have become less talented and boring then you, your sim can now simply give a motivation speech by “Talk…Motivational Speech” increasing other sims talent power for a period of time!

Perk Up - Sometimes advertising and selling just isn’t going to well for you. Is it because of sims moods? Well theres a stop to that now by sims being able to “Talk… Perk Up” other sims so that they no longer will be sad and depressed but happy and joyful making them more business material!

Simply Influential - A new sim interaction, “Perk Yourself” allows your sim to be itself and influence others even more greater then before. And you won’t even have to be good friends with these other sims to influence them, you could be mear strangers!

[edit] Business Types

[edit] Wholesale and Retail Pricing

Owners of a business have to use the wholesale toggle or For Sale tool on the Business mode to actually price there products. The difference between wholesale and retail pricing is this:

Wholesale - By clicking on the wholesale toggle you can now skip the step of having to place a price on an object or item you’ve already bought from the buy or build modes. The wholesale toggle allows a sim owner to simply place a price on the an item of there choosing right after it’s been bought out of the buy or build mode. Even though this method of pricing isn’t much different from the retial method its still a little bit faster.

Retail - By clicking on the For Sale tool on the Business Mode tracker your sim can now select an object that they’ve previously bought and create a retial price for which it should sell at. It’s much like the wholesale toggle except it adds a step in the ways of pricing objects and items.

[edit] Restaurant

[edit] Venues

[edit] New Socials

[edit] Kids & Businesses

[edit] Live Mode

There are a few new additions to the live mode part of the Sims 2 games. Sims can now craft objects having certain skills and talent badges. Talent badges are also another new feature added into the live mode, making the sims have an even great feel for the business. They help for making new objects available for you sim to craft and the success rate goes up for these objects to not be broken. Because there are so many new additions to the live mode of the sims, it will take some time and detirmenation to get a handle of how everything works. But once you do, you will have so much fun managing your owning business!

[edit] New Cheats

To make the cheat window appear, press:

Ctrl + Shift + C
AddneighbortoFamilycheat on/off
If set to "on," this cheat allows you to hold the Shift key and left click on an NPC [not special NPCs such as Mrs. Crumplebottom and the Grim Reaper] to add him/her to the current household. This will only work if the NPC has finished his/her job [ie; the maid must have finished cleaning and be hanging out after work, or have been invited over via telephone for it to work.] With this cheat, you can also add more than the default 8 sims to a household.
Use this cheat when you've selected a pregnant sim. Your pregnant sim will give birth to twins instead of a single baby.
Plumbbobtoggle on/off
This cheat allows you to toggle the plumbbob, either turning it off or on.
Wall Placement
While holding a wall object, hold Alt and Ctrl, and place the item. Doing this allows you to place as many objects on a wall as you like, even if they overlap.

[edit] New Features

  • Shopping Districts
  • Sims can own community lots
  • Talent badges
  • Locking doors
  • Reporter NPC
  • Lot Information button
  • Sims can own/run restaurants
  • Work uniforms
  • Crafting benches
  • Servos
  • New way to die
  • Smaller dressers
  • Lemonade stand gives Children a way to make money
  • New mirror options allow the appearance of Toddlers to be changed via an Adult/Elder/Teen
  • Conical and octagonal roofs
  • Sims can have stages/semi-elevated sections in their houses
  • Elevators
  • Awnings

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