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[edit] Cars

Sim cars have finally come available to the actual game. This is the first expansion pack that adds any sort of vehicle to be used by a sim itself. No longer will sims ever need to wait for that taxi or carpooler to take them into town for there job or to buy things. It’s all up to them now, sims simply just have to click on the car and from there its there option of where they will go. Sims can even use the car to drive to work when they‘ve become late and missed there car pool. Driving to work late won’t even side to being tardy and your sim will even still get paid.

Sims who wish to just travel to a few lots in the neighborhood view will have to be the actual owners of the car, because if they’re not instead of driving on there own, a long waited taxi cab will take them there. But to simply avoid this situation change that selected sim who will be going to the neighborhood so that they are the owner of the car and no one else. Sim cars can also hold a infinite amount of other sims, even though it seems rather impossible because some cars look to only have 2-4 seats. And the best feature of this car or to teenager sims for that matter is that once a sim does turn that age they can drive the car too. It’s no longer an adults toy of fun, but also a teens.

Sim cars not only can just drive around town, but they can also do plenty of other things. These things include; Changing the Owner, Drive to Community Lots, Take for a Spin, Drive to Work, Take to School, Drive to School, Carpool to Work With…,Carpool to School With…, Get Alarm Installed, Sit in Vehicle, Turn Stereo On, Dance, Turn Lights On, Kiss, Makout, Woohoo, Try for Baby, and Ask to Get Out.

[edit] Changing the Owner

After buying the car, it doesn’t have an actual owner to start out with so pick a responsible sim of the household that obviously will be using the car a lot to be it’s owner.

[edit] Drive to Community Lots

Instead of calling up a taxi simply get inside your car and drive to any community lot of your choice. No longer will a sim have to wait for anything, now that they have the speed machine of there dreams.

[edit] Take for a Spin

Sims who aren’t even the actual owners of the car but are apart of the household can take it for a spin. But remember that only teenagers, adults, and elders have this ability. Sims mainly just take it for a spin to get the thrills of the drive, and also to boost there fun needs.

[edit] Drive to Work

Sims who have to work can now sleep in, missing there carpool, and then wake up a few hours later to drive themselves to work. And they still wont be counted as late or anything! The Sim even gets paid for sleeping in!

[edit] Take to School

Sim adults of a household can now take there children to school. After a few sim minutes later they will return, and the sims who were taken to school will return home on the bus.

[edit] Drive to School

Teenagers who simply don’t like the fact of there parents taking them to school can actually just drive themselves. And after school ends for that they the sim teen will return with the car.

[edit] Carpool to Work With…

Two sims that have the same work hours can both drive to work together. But if the work hours end at different times one will appear back home with the car and the other from the usual work carpooler.

[edit] Carpool to School With…

Sims who have older siblings that are teenager can jump in the car along with them so as to have a free ride to school without having to catch the bus. But because the teenager’s school ends earlier before the child’s they will return with the car forcing the child to have to ride the bus home.

[edit] Get Alarm Installed

Installing an alarm inside of a car is probably the best way to go. It keeps burglars from robbing your prized vehicle, and any other valuables that you left inside it.

[edit] Sit In Vehicle

Simply, instead of clicking to drive somewhere click to just “sit in” the car.

[edit] Turn on Stereo

While sitting in the car a sim has the option of turning on the stereo. This is quite entertaining to them boosting there fun needs.

[edit] Dance

While the radio is on a sim will have to get out of the car to actually dance. Click on the vehicle and click “dance” to begin dancing to the music that’s playing within it.

[edit] Turn Lights On

Simply while inside the car turn the lights on, many sims use this feature when its very dark out and they cannot see.

[edit] Kiss

There must be only two sims in the vehicle, preferably two that like each other. Click on one of the sims to discover the standard “kiss” interaction.

[edit] Makeout

There must be a only two sims inside the vehicle. Click on one of the sims to discover the standard “Makeout” interaction.

[edit] WooHoo

There must be only two sims inside the vehicle. Click on one of the sims to discover the standard “WooHoo” interaction.

[edit] Try for a Baby

There must be only two sims inside the vehicle. Click on one of the sims to discover the standard “Try for a Baby” interaction.

[edit] Vampires

Vampires are undead beasts that lurk the dark streets of Downtown. They have invaded this city in hopes of finding innocent sims to take advantage of. The only good news about vampires is that they can be loads of fun to be around even though they are small in numbers. They have so many new features to them that other regular sims don’t. Even though there is a cure, a potion that can heal a vampire of its vampireness no one would dare use it because of how small there numbers really are. The best part about going downtown is the hopes of finding a vampire and becoming one.

[edit] Becoming a Vampire

Even though there’s only two vampires to start out with in the city of Downtown, these numbers can change by them passing on there traits to another sim. If your not totally sure where to find a vampire just go to most of the city’s community lots and at some point in time you will find one. They are usually easily recognizable due to there pale skin, red eyes, and fangs. Vampires are usually always covering there faces with there arms so as to not give away there freakish appearance. The two starter vampires are known as the “Grand Vampires” because they are so grand and the beginning of there race. Another recognizable trait that vampires have is that there names usually start with a “Count” or Countessa” and they wear “classic” vampire garb that is similar to what royal people of the medieval times wore. For a sim to actually take on the traits of a vampire they are going to need to become “Vamped” by one. “Vamped” means to be bitten on the neck by some blood thirsty vampire and while there teeth sinks into your skin they are indeed passing some of their Vampire DNA into you. Most sims find themselves getting “vamped” because they’ve been hanging out with a vampire sim for too long and they’ve become rather too friendly with them. After at least one of your normal sims have built a high enough relationship with one of these creatures and been bitten, the vampires will now go around the neighborhood and bite anyone they please, leaving the whole city of Downtown fair game.

There is one catch to this method known as “vamping”, Vampires such as the two “Grand Vampires” can only pass on there DNA to 10 percent of the population, while the other percent that has been bitten wont be affected. So from there it is your job to use your sims that have been infected by the vampire gene to go out and bite other sims, but only if your aiming to having the whole city of Downtown “vamped”. Do not get your hopes up though at making everyone in Downtown a vampire because some of the NPC’s such a the maids, waiters, gardeners, etc. will be replaced for a warm-blooded normal sim when they have been bitten. Your dreams of a vampire utopia will have to just make due of the fact that there are still a few warm-blooded sims walking the streets.

Immediately after one of your sims have been bitten the “townie” vampires such as the “Grand Vampires” and the others who have been bitten will begin making relationships with other sims of the city and then bite them as well, passing on there Vampire DNA to even more sims. But after 10 percent of the total population has been bitten it is your turn to go around and finish the rest of the city with your sims who have been infected as well. And once a sim has been bitten they will immediately become a vampire.

[edit] Vampires at Night

The coolest feature that a sim vampire has is that there needs do not decay after sunset. Meaning that vampires can party all night nonstop, without ever having to eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, or shower. Even though this makes it sound like you don’t need to actually make your sim do anything at all, your sim can still become in a bad mood even though its needs don’t really decline. Such as interacting with those kinds of objects that will indeed put it in a bad mood, even though it is apparent that they’re needs are not decaying.

But because there not decaying any sim vampires will still need to replenish a need that was depleted before sunrise. For example; if a vampire needed to use the toilet just before the sun comes up, its needs will not get worse but then after the sun sets it will need to still use the toilet. But during the time before the sun rises in the morning a vampire does not need to stop and tend to its needs and they can continue doing what they please. Because a vampires needs do not decay during nightfall it makes socializing and skilling much easier. They won’t be constantly interrupted with having to tend to their needs allowing them to take on many tasks that are usually difficult for a regular sim to complete.

[edit] Vampires in the Daytime

Vampires can never be out in the sun. The only part of the day they can survive in is nightfall, because when the sun comes out and a vampire is standing under its rays they will begin to sizzle, waiting too long to get this vampire back inside may cause he/she to be history.

Right as they immediately step outside while the sun is up, vampire sim’s needs will drop fast and very steadily. If they don’t find a way back inside where the darkness is, there needs will hit rock bottom, they will suddenly combust and die. It is best to keep a vampire in a house that has an attached garage. So that if this vampire has a job that’s during the day, they can simply walk into the garage, making it to there car without having to go outside maybe even risking there lives.

But even if you keep a vampire sim inside there needs still will decay faster then normal sims but not as precipitously as if they were outside. The only advantage that a vampire sim has over other sims is it’s coffin, because it stops their daylight need decay. The Vampire Coffin

This rather small but comforting space is a definite no to sims who are claustrophobic. Not only will your vampire be sleeping in the coffin but also feeling locked in and trapped. The only possible good outcome to these coffins is the fact that it freezes a sims motive decay and also gets there energy and comfort up just like a regular bed does. The best way for a vampire to live is to have it sleep in the coffin all day long then wake up at night. This is so that you won’t have to risk killing your sim vampire whenever they approach sunlight and you wont have to tend to there rapidly decaying needs.

[edit] Interesting Facts of Vampires

 Cast no reflection in mirrors.

 Have their own Irritate social interaction: Bleh!!!

 Can turn other Sims into vampires with the Bite Neck social.

 Have two special modes of locomotion: Stalk Here and Fly Here. Fly Here transforms your Sim into a bat and is especially useful because (like teleport) it’s instantaneous and ignores an intervening obstacles and objects.

 Don’t age; they (with two exceptions) remain in their current age group forever. If, however a teen vampire goes to college he or she becomes a young adult vampire, Likewise, a vampire who graduates from college becomes an adult. They will, however, never age again.

 Can’t starve to death or drown.

 Can reproduce. Vampirism is not hereditary and pregnant vampires have normal children.

 Produce a special set of photos when they use the booth object.

[edit] Curing Vampirism

The only way to cure a sim of it’s vampirism is to call up the Gypsy Matchmaker and buy a vial of Vamprocillin-D. Once your sim drinks from this vial it will instantly change back to normal, escaping from all of its vampiristic features. Some sims can even influence other vampire sims to drink a bottle of Vamprocillin-D and they too will change back to normal.

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