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[edit] Buy Mode

Little has been added to the buy mode except for objects. There have been new objects added to almost all of the different furniture catalogs. The Buy Mode consists of 9 different categories of catalogs, Comfort, Surfaces, Decorative, Plumbing, Cooking, Electronics, Lighting, Hobbies, and Miscellaneous.

[edit] Comfort

The comfort catalog consists of different styles, of objects that are basically just comfortable. Such as; regular chairs, dining chairs, sofas, and beds. The Sims 2: Nightlife Expansion Pack adds in 11 different comfort objects to be added in with this catalog.

[edit] Surfaces

The surfaces catalog consists of different shapes and sizes of objects that are all some kind of surface. Such as; dining tables, coffee tables, chair-side tables, and counters. This expansion pack adds in 15 new types of surfaces that are all of different shapes, sizes, and colors.

[edit] Decorative

The decorative catalog consists of many different objects that are all different in color, style, size, and price. Such as; mirrors, paintings, sculptures, and plants that all add some kind of decorative purpose to a room. This catalog is probably the best one to benefit in the amount of items that the Nightlife expansion pack gives it, a total of 50 objects with none that are exactly alike in anyway.

[edit] Plumbing

The plumbing catalog consists of everything that has to do with plumbing, period. These objects include; sinks, bathtubs, showers, and toilets. The plumbing category not only has a short amount of actual items within it but it also only receives one item that has anything to do with plumbing from this expansion pack.

[edit] Cooking

The cooking catalog has objects that’s only purpose is to make, store, mix, cook, and chop food in some way, shape, or form. Such as; refrigerators, stoves, coffee makers, food blenders, and microwaves. The cooking catalog doesn’t benefit from the Nightlife expansion pack at all due to the fact that it doesn’t get anything new.

[edit] Electronics

The electronics catalog mainly consists of any type of object that adds fun to a Sims life but is also electric. Such as; TV’s, radios, computer, and laptops. The Sims 2: Nightlife expansion pack adds, what sounds to be very surprising, only four new objects for sims to create fun on. You would obviously think there would be way more due to the fact that all any kind of sims wants to do is have fun in the Nightlife.

[edit] Lighting

The lighting catalog consists of any object that can emit some sort of light from within it. These items include; sconces, wall lights, table lights, lamps, and lanterns. The Nightlife Expansion packs adds in 15 new types of lights that are all different ether by the color of light they produce, there size, or form.

[edit] Hobbies

The hobbies catalog has everything to do with something you would use for your hobby. Such as; painting on easel, playing chess on a chessboard, playing the lyrics you wrote on some kind of instrument, playing poker on a round card table, and looking at the stars through a telescope. The Nightlife expansion pack adds 3 new items into the hobbies catalog, these include a Card Table, a Bowling Alley, and an Elctro Dance Sphere.

[edit] Miscellaneous

This catalog’s soul purpose is to include all the other known sim objects that don’t fit into the other 8 catalogs. These items include, baby toys, wedding arches, bar counters, and the newest feature, cars. The Sims 2: Nightlife adds in three different colors and types of bar counters and last but definitely not the least, cars.

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