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[edit] New Features to Build Mode

[edit] Wall Tool

The newest feature to the wall tool part of the build mode is called the ½ walls. These walls are used for a variety of different reason’s mainly to just split up an area in a room without actually making another room. It’s also good for placing near a staircase to make a room look more neat and planned out. There are 27 total ½ walls, they all are different in some way, ether by color, by how much of the ½ wall there is, or by the a trim that occupies some of the walls. Some ½ walls have different color trimming on each of them, giving them a decorative feel. Others are actually bigger ½ walls while one half is the unfinished part and the other is plain wood, paneling, framing, or boarding. But not all ½ walls have to just have some kind of trim or wooding on it they also have glass that is easier for a sim to look through and over at the other part of the room.

½ walls are similar to the regular wall tool because they too are unfinished and need some kind of wall covering on them. All of the wall coverings in the build mode wall catalog are available to be put on the ½ walls. The only thing that sets ½ walls apart from regular walls is that they just divide a room instead of actually separating it into a whole new room of it’s own. These walls don’t only have to go in straight lines they also have the option being diagonal. With this diagonal option you can get as creative as you want in a room using the ½ wall tool, ether by making some kind of weird shape or design, anything is possible!

[edit] Garage

This icon is a completely new tool of it’s own added into the game by the Nightlife expansion pack. The garage tool’s main purpose is to set up a driveway and garage door/building to hold your prized car in. Yes its no joke, sims can now have there own cars to drive around in. There are four available driveway, two being the main driveway pieces coming in ether concrete or asphalt colors, and the other two being just regular driveways that are add ons to the main piece. The garage tool also has a Garage Door piece that comes in five different colors, brown, gray, tan, reddish brown, and black.

The only downside to the driveway and garage feature is that it takes up a lot of room. To even place a driveway down on a lot it needs at-least seven building tiles between its left side to the right side end of the property, so that the car can come in from the right side and turn smoothly onto the driveway and into the garage. It also takes up ten tiles deep from its north (top) side to it’s south (bottom) side where it meets into the street and it there must be space for a clearance of five tiles width for the car to fit on.

Use the extender pieces to make the driveway longer in length so that the car comes closer into the lot. But the only key piece you need to actually set up a car is the main piece. Extenders are mainly just used to add more length to a driveway, or used to set up a garage itself.

To set up a garage first you need to construct walls around the extender piece and on the line between it and the main piece. Walls cannot be build on the actually main or extender pieces but on the lines that divide them. Once you have a small building that goes completely around the extender piece the length you want it, you can now add on a garage door. Pick from one of the five colors and simply drag it to the selected spot you want it at. Likewise with the walls the garage door can only go on the south wall or in other words the wall that divides the main piece from the extender. It will not let you place it anywhere else. This is s that the car doesn’t have to make any sharp turns going off the driveway and onto the yard just to get into the garage. So keep it all in one straight line so as to not run into these problems. Then after the garage door has been made simply add a roof, wall coverings, and maybe some windows then tada, you’re done! It’s as simple as that and now your car has a nice home that can keep it covered and locked away from robbing sims.

[edit] Terrain

The terrain tool has a new feature to it; it’s called the smooth terrain tool. It smoothens out sharp terrain instead of completely flattening it making it boring. There are three sizes of a radius you can pick from, small, medium, and large. When using this tool the area inside the radius will be smoothened out ether becoming lower if the average terrain in the radius is closer to the ground or becoming higher if the average terrain in the radius is closer to the sky. Mainly use it to smooth out those rough hilly places on a lot where you wish to construct a house, pool, yard, etc.

[edit] Lot Sizes

Not only does the Sims 2: Night Life expansion pack add a completely new city known as “Downtown” and a bunch of new community lots it also adds in 6 completely new lot sizes! A house can now be bigger then the maximum 4x8 lot ether being a 5x2 or 5x6 lot. These new lots are known as “huge” lots, because they are the biggest. But along with new lots comes a higher or lower price. The biggest of the six lots are 5,500 simoleans for the 5x2, and 18,500 simoleans for the 5x6 lot. The other four lots range from 900-4,200 simoleans. The smallest of the 6 new lots are the 3x1, and 2x2, while the medium sized are the 2x3 and 2x4 lots.

Prices -

 3x1 - $900

 2x2 - $1,600

 2x3 - $2,900

 2x4 - $4,200

 5x2 - $5,500

 5x6 - $18,500

This shows that a sims lot apparently can’t get any smaller or larger.

[edit] Garden Center

The only new type of plant that the garden feature offers is the Creaky Branches Designer Tree. The name is no joke because the tree actually is creepy. Some of the Downtown community lots use these trees to give their shops, stores, clubs, or businesses a scarier and ghostly feel. Vampires usually are lured to these places because of such a creepy feeling it gives to them. The tree is used as in outdoor object but most people just like it for decoration. It closes resembles a dead looking tree, but it truly alive in every way. You will find these trees on lots that want to accomplish that scary and creepy feel. Currently its price to buy from the Garden Center catalog is $215 simoleans.

[edit] Miscellaneous - Swimming Pool

The only new feature that the Nightlife Expansion pack adds to the miscellaneous category of the build mode is that of the swimming pool. The swimming pool’s newest feature and tool is the diagonal tool. It’s the same as the regular swimming pool tool that when clicked on and dragged across a part of a sim lot creates a pool but instead of being in rectangle form your pool can now be anything ranging from an octagon, to any shape you wish to create. Anything is now possible with the pool tool, you basically have no boundaries on what shape you want to make. But there is one thing to this, diving boards, lights, and ladders cannot be placed on a diagonal part of the pool. So if you want to actually use the pool instead of decoration some part of that pool will be rectangular.

Not only can you make pools with diagonal sides but also with islands in the middle! Use the “ctrl’ key by holding down and dragging the mouse across a certain area of the pool then clicking it will cause the part of the pool clicked to disappear and in its place will be the regular ground. Add a ladder or diving board to this part if you wish to have your sim go onto it. Now it looks to be that all sims will have the most modern of pools instead of the plain rectangular shape they used to be.

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