The Sims 2: Nightlife

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The Sims 2
The Sims 2 Nightlife.jpg
North American Box Art
DeveloperEA Games (Maxis)
PublisherElectronic Arts, Aspyr
PlatformWindows, Mac OS X
Release Date(s)2005 (NA)
GenreLife simulation game
Rating(T) Teen


[edit] Game Summary

The Sims 2 Nightlife offers your Sims the chance to explore the new world of Downtown life. Be it an outing, date, or just a shopping trip, your Sims are sure to enjoy all the new opportunities and features this expansion pack brings.

With the addition of chemistry and attraction, your Sims' relationships are able to be built faster, romantically; making them able to find their soul mates.

New items offer a wide variety of activities to participate in Downtown. From the poker table to a DJ booth,to cars! your Sims will be occupied with something fun no matter what.

[edit] Character Creation

There are six different steps needed to be taken in order to create a sim. These steps include:

  • Name, Age, Gender, Skin Tone, Fitness
  • Heads
  • Hair and Face
  • Make-up, Facial Hair and Glasses
  • Clothing
  • Personality and Aspirations

The Sims: Nightlife brings with it new; hair styles for both male and female, goggle-like glasses; everyday, formal, and sleepwear type of clothes, aspiration, and turn on’s and turn off’s.

[edit] Hair and Face

Females - Two new styles of hair have been added into the mix. One being long and straight hair with a silver colored crown that sits on top of the head. There is also a ruby protruding from the crown’s face. The other style gives off a some-what Japanese look, due to the fact that the hair is tied up by what seems to be a Japanese fan and chopstick.

Males - There are also two new styles of hair for the males as well. One being short hair that’s sticking up and has been pressed together using hair gel. This hair style is very similar to that of a duck-tail. The other style is slightly long hair with rather longer bangs that are gelled over to the side.

[edit] Make-up, Facial Hair, and Glasses

Four new styles of glasses have been added into the mix. They resemble toxic waste protector glasses, but are more goggle-like. Each of the new glasses are of the same style but different colors. On being red, two blue, three yellow, and four green.

[edit] Clothing

Females - There have been so many new clothes added in from the Nightlife expansion pack, such as 16 tops, 14 bottoms, 28 formals, 1 sleepwear, and 48 outfits. All of the new clothes range from a variety of different colors and styles. The women of The Sims 2 are going to be so over-whelmed.

Males - There have also been so many new clothes added in for the males as well. Such as; 6 tops, 6 bottoms, 3 formals, 1 sleepwear, and 39 outfits. Just like with the females, the males clothes are all different in color and variety of style. The men from the Sims 2 are definitely going to be annoyed by the fact that more clothes are being made inside of Televisions.

[edit] Personality and Aspirations

You get to choose your sim's personality, either from one of the 12 astrological signs, or by placing their personality points as you wish. Next, choose their aspiration from the available ones, and the new one, Pleasure.Not only does the Nightlife expansion pack add in new hair styles, glasses, and clothes, but it also adds in a totally new aspiration! Known as; the Pleasure aspiration.

[edit] Pleasure Aspiration

Not only does the Nightlife expansion pack add in new hair styles, glasses, and clothes, but it also adds in a totally new aspiration! Known as; the Pleasure aspiration.

Preferred Careers: Slacker
Skill Bent: Charisma, Creativity
Sample Wants: Dine Out with Sim, Bowl with Sim, Have Dream Date, Have Great Outing, Be the DJ
Sample Fears: Have Horrible Date, Be Rejected for Outing, Be Rejected for Dining with Sim
Desperation Behavior: My. Party Guy
Lifetime Wants: Go on 100 1st Dates, Become Professional Party Guest (Slacker career), Have 50 Dream Dates

Sims who have the aspiration of “Pleasure” like to just enjoy life for what it brings each Sim. They could careless about work and school, these Sims tend to lean towards dancing at nightclubs, flirting with girls/guys, having 1st dates, making out, playing poker, you know just living the life. Not only do they really like Fun objects but they need them, more then others who don’t have this aspiration. Whenever there’s a party this Sim has got to be there, not matter what! Pleasure Sims are usually partying all night long and the only other time they’re doing something is when they decide to stay in on those cozy nights. These Sims are just plainly living what they call it - “the good life”.

[edit] Turn Ons/Offs

Sims can only have up to, two turn ons and one turn off and there is a selection from 19 turn ons/offs to choose from. The turn on/offs you choose will determine what other Sims will have chemistry with your sim. Chemistry is made from a lot of different things, ether by personality, it’s zodiac, likes/dislikes, and turn ons/offs. Your Sim will be romantically attracted to another Sim who has the same turn ons as itself. Likewise, Sims who have a turn off that is one of your Sim’s turn ons will be less likely attracted to you, chemistry wise.

[edit] The New Items in Nightlife

The Sims 2: Nightlife expansion pack not only adds new features to the character creation part of the game but also to the buy mode! It adds a total of 108 items to the regular lot buy mode but this isn’t all of it. In addition to the community lots from Downtown, the new expansion pack also adds in 8 more objects that can only be bought playing on a community lot!

[edit] Building a House in Nightlife

To build anything that is going to remotely resemble a house, you’re going to need to get adjusted to the Build mode. The build mode is your key to erecting any kind of house your going to want to build, it also provides, flooring, walling, fencings, planting, stairs, windows, doors, and many other build-like options. These build options include; the Wall Tool, Door and Windows, Flooring, Wall Covering, Staircases, Garage, Foundations and Decks, Terrain, Garden Center, Roofing, and Miscellaneous. The nightlife expansion pack adds in plenty of new features for the build mode such as; a wall tool known as ½ wall, A garage system for cars, a smooth terrain tool, 6 new lot sizes, Creaky Branches Designer Tree, a diagonal swimming pool tool, and plenty of new windows, flooring, and walling coverings.

[edit] The Steps to Creating a House

Now that you’ve become adjusted and well known to the newest features that the Sims 2: Nightlife expansion pack added to the build mode you could begin constructing that Downtown style house of your dreams. Seeing as the Nightlife expansion pack is mainly about sims who have the pleasure aspiration and just want to party, have fun, and live “the good” life, your house should be something of this sort. Such a house with a pool, TV, pool table, etc, should be a good enough place for a Pleasure Aspiration sim to live in. These sims like to just go out on the town all the time, rarely spending any time at there home. But when they do stay inside on those “cozy nights” a sim has certain needs that have to be fulfilled.

First off make a few practice walls using the “Wall Icon” from the Wall Tool. Once you get the hang of making walls, to the length you want them; begin making complete rooms by hooking walls together and such. After practicing erase it all by using the “Ctrl” button and then pressing delete to get rid of them. Now it’s really time to start making the house. Use the wall tool to make the rooms and once finished you can move onto the next step, door and windows.

It doesn’t take too much to get the hang of putting doors and windows into the house. Simply just click the door you like from the Doors and Windows category in the build mode and then on the screen place it on one of the walls you constructed. The door will immediately show up on this part of the wall allowing the sim access into that selected room. From there on begin placing doors in the appropriate places of your choice so that the sim has at least access to every room in the house.

This method is very similar to the way you put windows on a house as well, except there are a few changes. Select a window of your choice from the windows icon in the Doors and Windows category on the build mode, and just as you did with the doors, place them on a part of the wall you constructed. Some windows will take up more room of a wall then other windows will, so make sure if you don’t want a certain window using up 2 or 4 wall sections then delete this window and put a smaller one in it’s place. Windows are deleted the same way doors are. Some windows cannot be placed in a certain area because a door may be occupying it or the wall may be too close to a certain object such as a staircase. Place windows all throughout the house in almost every room so that sunlight can shine in making the sims more happy and cheerful. Windows are also a huge help to rooms that don’t have lights inside them, so during the day sims that spend there times in these rooms can see. Also make sure that if you want your house to look nice, neat, and organized (on the outside) to not over do it with the window and doors. Spacing windows a certain of wall sections of away from each one will help to make the house look more organized and neat. Also placing only a few doors that can exit the house and that have at least some windows few spaces away from them will also accomplish this look.

Now that you’ve finished with constructing the walls, placing doors, and placing in windows it’s time to add flooring and wall coverings. There should at least be 1 or 2 rooms with carpet in them such as the bedrooms so that your sim can be more comfortable then usual. The dining room, hallways, and entryway usually all have wood flooring but it is your choice on what flooring goes in each room. Tile usually goes in the kitchen and bathrooms of the house so that if there was ever a mess it could be easily cleaned up. For the remainder of the rooms, they all can have what ever flooring you choose, or all the rooms for that matter but profession builders usually add certain flooring to certain rooms, not only to make them look more neat and decorative but also for other purposes. To place flooring simply click on the desired carpet, tile, paneling, of your choice and then click on the actual floor on the screen and drag. Drag the mouse across the area that you want carpeted, if you want the entire room carpeted with that same flooring simply hold down “shift” and then accept it by pressing the left clicker on the mouse. The whole room will suddenly be carpeted, this is a fast way to flooring the house, when you’re in a hurry and you know what floors you want.

Placing wall coverings is the same as doing the carpets except your dragging the selected wall cover across the walls you constructed. To covered the walls as fast as you want simply hold down “shift” like you would with the flooring. When covering the walls of your house it is solely your decision on what walls should have what on them. But if you want your house to look professional, neat, and organized it’s best to have matching walls and floors in every room. This not only will make a sim house look good but it will impress the neighbors as well.

Now that you’ve come to this point in the construction of your house, you can ether decide to build a staircase leading to another floor where you will repeat the previous steps listed above to create this floor or you can just leave the staircase out so that your house is a one-story. One-story houses are easier to manage because you wont have to constantly go from the down stairs to the upstairs. It can also become difficult taking care of your sims when you may not be sure where they’re at in the house, so keeping the house to one level and slightly small is a good thing. There is also a new feature that allows the staircases to not only go up but down, meaning the ground making a basement. Basements I’d say are a fairly new feature to any sims game as it hasn’t been seen many of the other previous games. If you wanted you could decide to construct a basement, by using the Terrain tool and clicking on the icon that looks like an arrow pointing down you will begin to see the ground moving down-wards. Make it equal on each side and at least 5 or 6 square sections long. Now you can try placing a stairway in this area, it should work if you’ve managed to make everything of equal depth and width. But there is a catch to this; you cannot build a staircase leading to a basement, inside a house but outside. If you were to build it inside (even though it still doesn’t allow it) the flooring would bound to get broken and ruined and the whole structure would just be all choppy and wrong. So basements can be made but they have to be place outside.

Deciding to just stay with the one-story house is the best decision, or in my mind it is. From here you can decide if you want to add in any fireplaces found in the miscellaneous category of the build mode. Or even place a few flower patches, trees, and bushes outside your house to make it more liver and welcoming. Placing them in certain areas and spaces away from each other will help to make the house look even more neat and organized. Also like the windows and doors, don’t over do it with the plants! Too many plants can end up hiding the actual house so as to distract the neighbors from what you really want them to see. But also having no plants at all can make the house look rather boring and un-cared for.

Seeing as you sim wants to always have fun and party all night, it would be wonderful if you sim had some kind of pool. The pool is not only a great way to exercise but to lure friends and neighbors to the sims house to stay, chat, swim, and have fun. Using the new diagonal pool tool almost everything is possible when it comes to making a pool. But remember that you must at least have some sort of rectangle siding on the pool so that you can place a ladder and diving board to get in and out with.

After basically all of the construction of the sims house is finished it’s time to go to the more expensive but exciting part of the house building. It’s the part of adding furniture! From here you should be slightly experienced with the whole setting objects into the house, etc. But the first thing you should do before putting any kind of furniture or objects in is to add lights. A house without lights is going to be a very dark and dreary one. Most sims would bump into everything without lights. So click, drag, and place lights in every room of the house so that sims can see. This clicking dragging and placing is similar to placing in the windows and doors. It’s the same with all furniture and buy mode objects simply just click, drag, and place!

Now that the house has been lighted and every has made sure they can see, it’s time to just start placing in what objects and furniture should go in each room. Being as smart as you are, you can already guess what’s going to go in the bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and dining rooms. But as for the game, living, and family rooms this could be different. A variety of items could appear in these three types of rooms. But knowing that your sim has a Pleasure Aspiration, he/she is bound to want fun, entertaining, and interacting items in each of these rooms. Such as: a Dancing Fiend Jukebox, VocoPhonicSim Karaoke Machine, or even on those wild rave nights a GrooveLayer 9000 Professional DJ Booth by Hotbeets. These items are not only new but considered one of the most entertaining things a sim could do to have fun! And a sim that has these items is bound to find his neighbors over all the time. After finding and placing entertaining objects found in the section of the buy mode called Entertainment, the room can be close to finished, or even the house for that matter. Simply go back through everyone of the rooms and add a few decorative items such as; Plants, Paintings, Ornaments, and Mirrors, so as to not only have rooms with high “ROOM” meters but it will also make your house look more neat and professional.

Following these simple steps will not only help you make a successful house but one that has style and suit’s a Nightlife Sim and it’s Pleasure Aspirations!

[edit] Nightlife Job Information

[edit] Careers

Even though the Sims 2: Nightlife expansion pack does not add any new careers or jobs to the game it bases around one career itself, Slacker. The Slacker career is the most occupied career category that a sim will go into if they are living the “good life” and have the Pleasure aspiration. The people of Downtown are almost all of this Pleasure aspiration, except for a few shameful sims who aren’t, and currently have a job under the Slacker career. It makes perfect since because Pleasure sims “slack” off when it comes to school and their job. All they tend to concentrate on is partying, socializing, and mainly just living “the good life”. But some Pleasure aspiration sims do take there job seriously and some even climb so high they make it to the top of the Slacker career chain, unlocking there dream goal of there aspiration. But only some sims actually have this as their goal, hints to why some are motivated to take the job seriously while others aren’t.

[edit] The Slacker Career Track

Like all of the other career tracks, the Slacker career has 10 levels or, in other words, promotions. Accomplishing these promotions is rather easy due to the fact that the Slacker career is a very easy career to climb to the top in. But while climbing don’t expect to be paid very much, because the Slacker career is the most lacking of all the careers in payment. It doesn’t take much time or skill to get there, but on the way Pleasure sims get distracted by everyday parties, gatherings, and dates. Click on the link below and use the table of contents on that page to read up on the Slacker Career.

[edit] How to Make Money in Nightlife

Seeing as to the main point of The Sims 2: Nightlife is partying, going on dates, socializing, dancing at clubs, driving around town, eating at fancy restaurants, and buy new clothes there really isn’t a good way to making much money. Your sim is absolutely too busy to be spending his/her time working in order to make some kind of a living. But the only real ways that these pleasure aspirating sims actually bring in simoleans is by DJing at one of Downtown’s Clubs, getting a job in the Slacker Career and climbing it’s ladder to success, betting money while playing cards, or working at the bar in one of Downtowns Restaurants.

[edit] DJing

To DJ for money your sim must be on a community lot, and using the GrooveLayer 9000 Professional DJ Booth by HotBeets. Take over the job from one of the NPC’s that are already doing the DJing and from there you’ll begin making cash. The longer you DJ and the better you are the more money your sim will make. The key to DJing comes from the creativity skill, because the soul skill of DJing comes from the creative side of your sim. So sims that have little creativity are more then likely to get paid less and booed at by the audience. But sims who have much creativity will most definitely get paid more then those with less and will be applauded or tipped every time.

So if your planning on solely having your sim make money by the DJing method make sure that they are up for the job, in other words have a lot of creativity.

[edit] The Slacker Career

The slacker career method is actually the best way to making money. Even though it’s a low paid job, it’s one of those very few that Pleasure aspirating sims take seriously. And most of these sims take it seriously because it is there dream goal to make it to the top of this career. Little amounts of skill points are needed and the only thing that’s key to making it to the top of the Slacker Career is having friends. Friends by your sims side while climbing the ladder of success is a must for the Slacker Career. But then again this shouldn’t be hard at all because all Pleasure sims can make friends fast, and easily. All they really have to do is simply drive to the club and chat up a few tables full of guests.

It’s even better to already have the required skills and friends needed while working for the Slacker Career so as to get promoted faster. So it is best to get your creativity, mechanical, and charisma skills (the only ones required) to at least 5 points or more. And having at least 5 friends or so will definitely let you begin getting promoted and even closer to the top.

Or if you just want to rush through it all simply make at least 13 friends and have your creativity, mechanical, and charisma skills above 5. From there your sim will begin coming home promoted after every day working on the job. But make sure to go to work in a good mood (all needs close to full) so as to have a better chance at getting promoted as well. Also make sure that your managing your friends (keeping them all) and not losing any of them because 13 are required if you going to make it to the tenth level of the Slacker Career. And while your working towards the top, make sure that partying all night, dating, and socializing doesn’t come in the way of your true goal. Because in one small second everything can be ruined, in other words you can be fired.

Once you do make it to the tenth level of the Slacker Career, you’re pretty much finished, because there are no level further then this one. So for now just manage to keep your job, by coming in on time and not late, and not skipping days of work. Now that you’re at the very top of the Slacker Career you will notice that your sim is making a decent amount of cash, for once in it’s sim life.

[edit] Betting and Playing Cards

This and along with the working at the bar method is probably the worst way of actually making some money. Because it’s playing cards and betting your going to need to have a small share of money to begin with to even play. And card games are solely based on the luck of the draw, in other words what cards the deck has given you and what kind of hand you have. This is one of the most un-steadiest and all around worst ways of making simoleans not only because of the fact its done by luck but also because you’ll end up losing more then winning, putting your sim in the hole.

Not even having any high skill points in certain skills is going to help you with winning card hands. Again it’s mainly based on the luck your sim has. Most of the times your sim will definitely lose more then win, and from there you can figure that your sim may indeed be even poorer then before.

So to avoid becoming poorer simply don’t even try this method of making money, because you may not like finding out what luck your sim truly has.

[edit] Working the Bar

Just like with the betting and playing cards method of making money, working the bar won’t get you much ether. Even though it is very simple to just find a certain bottle, pour it into a cup, and serve it to costumer, it’s also very tiring and “cheap”. Cheap meaning, very low paying, almost making only somewhere between 25-50 simoleans a day (or shift).

Even though working the bar is easy and not much work has to be put into it, your sim probably will end up working till the day it dies and still wouldn’t have made a decent amount of money to live on. Serving bars for a living just isn’t the way to go. If your sim is going to ever enjoy the “good life” that it wishes for, it will need some small share of cash up it’s sleeve or it just may be finding itself skipping out on dining orders, stealing, and basically just breaking the sim law for a living. Sounds devious and daring but you have to admit, no one could wish their sim to have a life like that.

[edit] Nightlife Mode Information

There are three different types of modes for the Sims 2: Nightlife. They are Buy, Build, and Live mode. It’s the same for every game. And in this one a few new features, such as buy mode objects, build mode objects, and live mode icons have been added.

[edit] Live Mode

Even though there aren’t any new features to the live mode options your sim is for sure going to want to get well adjusted to some of the new aspects of life. These such things include; cars and vampires that will roam the new neighborhood of downtown!

[edit] Cars & Vampires

[edit] Attraction & Chemistry

Attraction and Chemistry are two new features included in the Nightlife expansion pack that go hand in hand to determine how easily or hard a new relationship can be built between two Sims.

[edit] Attraction

How appealing one Sim finds another. It is determined through factors such as personality, turn-ons and turn-offs, and horoscope. Attraction is what creates Chemistry, the new feature that allows relationships to be built much faster, depending on the level.

[edit] Chemistry

The average attraction between two Sims. Chemistry is only displayed for Sims of the active Sim's gender preference. In the event that their preference changes, the chemistry Icons will change as well. In a scale of one to three, one being the lowest and three the highest, chemistry is measured and evaluated. With a high level of chemistry comes easy relationship building, with new higher level interactions appearing much more quickly. Whereas a low level of chemistry will result in very difficult relationship building, though not impossible even with the repelling chemistry force and negative attraction.

A number of factors determine attraction and result in chemistry. Those factors are :

  • Personality
  • Zodiac Sign
  • Aspiration
  • Pre-existing Relationships
  • Turn-Ons
  • Turn-Offs

Between every two Sims, there is an attraction score which can range from 150 (best) and -140 (worst). This hidden score starts at zero, with each of the six contributing factors adding or subtracting points to the overall score where necessary.

[edit] Personality

Sims all get a total of 25 personality points at their creation or birth, which are distributed between five personality traits. Sims with closely related personalities get the highest addition to the attraction score. Each of the Sims' personality traits are layed next to each other and the differences are tallied between each of the numbers. The higher the difference, the lower score the overall attraction score receives. The closer the total difference is to zero, the more points the overall attraction score receives.

Each Zodiac sign loosely follows the same number of personality points per trait. With the chart below, you can calculate the approximate difference.

[edit] Zodiac Signs

With all personality point differences aside, the Zodiac signs contribute to the attraction score on their own. All Zodiac signs have two other sings that they are attracted to and two that they oppose. The other seven are neutral. This means that if Sim A's sign is attracted to Sim B's, the overall attraction score will increase. Whereas is Sims A's sign opposed Sim B's sign, the overall score would decrease. In the case that the signs are neither attracted to nor repelled by the other sign, there will be no increase or decrease in the overall attraction score.

[Chart to be added]

[edit] Aspiration

Each Sim has one of seven aspirations, each of which repel, attract or are neutral toward each other. Some of the aspiration relationships are obvious, like a Romance Sim and a Family Sim, who have wants and fears that completely oppose the other Sim's choices.

aspiration romance wealth popularity family knowledge pleasure grilled cheese
romance + = + - - = =
wealth = + - + = + +
popularity = - + = - - =
family - = - + + - =
knowledge - - = = + = =
pleasure + + = - = + +
grilled cheese = = = = = = +

[edit] New NPCs

NPC means “None Player Character”. The Sims 2: Nightlife expansion pack adds not only a new city called Downtown but also many new NPCs that will make your sims lives more interesting, challenging, or successful. They are split up into three categories, Social, Non-Social, and Townie NPCs.

[edit] Social NPC’s

[edit] Gypsy Matchmaker

 Call Hours: 24 hours

 Shift: N/A

 Fee: Variable

 Service: One Time

The Gypsy Matchmaker is the only service NPC that is on call 24 hours a day. She sells both love and vampire cure potions. But this isn’t her only ways of service, the Gypsy also does Blind Dates specifically to match two perfect sims together. She will appear on your property for the first time you play the lot after installing the Nightlife expansion pack. Her main service is organizing blind dates.

[edit] Blind Dates

Click the “Ask for Blind Date” interaction on the Gypsy Matchmaker. The catch to the blind dates is that the more you pay the better match you will get, likewise the less you pay the poorer your match will be. It works like this; pay a lot and the Gypsy will find specific sims that have the same turns on/offs so as to make both sims be more attracted to each through chemistry. The less money you pay her the better chance she finds a sim that isn’t so chemistry attracted to you through the turn on/offs or everything else for that matter. She can be interacted with like all other sims even marriageable/joinable.

 $0-$250: Bad match

 $250-$500: Good match

 $500: Great match

[edit] Potions

 Love Potion #8.5: When consumed, this temporarily increases other Sims’ Attraction to your Sim. If drunk while another Love Potion is still active, it causes several bad reactions including setting other Sims’ Attraction to your Sim to minimum.

 Vamprocillin-D: When consumed by a vampire, this potion returns the Sim to normal If drunk by a non vampire, it has no effect.

[edit] Autonomous NPCs

These types of NPC’s are always busy and on the go. Making it difficult for your sim to even engage in activity or interaction with these sims it is best to first meet them (ether being served to, etc) and then call them up for a causal date or meeting. These type of sims include; the Server, Host, and DJ.

[edit] Server

Being apart of the restaurant business these type of sims can be found on any kind of community lot that serves food to sims in some way. To actually meet them so that they appear on your sim’s relationship panel. Even though they seem really busy servers will also often make small talk with sims that they are serving, building somewhat of a relationship with that sim.

A benefit to becoming friends with the servers is it reduces the fact of them spilling your ordered food on you. Also if you try and skip out on the bill it will greatly reduce your friendship level between you and the server.

[edit] Host

The host is the main key to where the resturant experience begins. He/she will be the first sim your sim interacts with to be seated and prepared to eat. Benefits to having a relationship with these sims is that the Host’s will most of the time compromise your bill meaning they will chop it down a bit so that the meals are cheaper in some way. The better your relationship is with the host the more times he is likely to not only compromise your bill but to take bigger portions away from it leaving himself to pay for that part.

[edit] DJ

DJ’s appear where ever there is a DJ booth on a community lot. The only way it is available for socializing is when one of your sims elects to take on the DJ’s duties. From there the regular DJ will simply wander the lot available to socialize.

[edit] Non-Social NPC’s

These type of sims do not talk or socialize at all. There main purpose is to work and concentrate on there duties.

[edit] Restaurant Cook

In every single resturant that has a stove, there will be a resturant cook. It’s only function is to fill orders in the restaurant, meaning cooking and preparing them to be served. No sort of interaction can distract the cook from his assigned duties, and the only possible way to actually being able to interact with this sim (by chance) is to get him as your Sim’s blind date from the matchmaker.

[edit] Downtownies

For information on the Downtownies visit:

[edit] The Grilled Cheese Aspiration

The Sims 2: Nightlife expansion pack doesn’t only add one new aspiration but two. This second aspiration is rather hard to get a hold of because it is not in the selections of aspirations to pick from in the character creation part of the game. The only possible way to making your sim have this aspiration is by using the ReNuYuSenso Orb. It must fail for it to give your sim this second aspiration known as the Grilled Cheese Aspiration.

[edit] Grilled Cheese -

 Preferred Careers: Culinary

 Skill Bent: Cooking

 Sample Wants: Eat Grilled Cheese, Serve Grilled Cheese, Make Grilled Cheese for Sim, Influence to Serve Grilled Cheese, Talk About Grilled Cheese

 Sample Fears: Be Rejected for Talk about Grilled Cheese, Burn Grilled Cheese, Eat Burned/Rotten/Spoiled Grilled Cheese

 Desperation Behavior: Mr. Grilled Cheese

[edit] Lifetime Wants:

 Eat 200 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Grilled Cheese aspiring sims sole life purpose is to just cook, talk about, influence others to cook, and eat, grilled cheese. Sims only means of survival with this aspiration is by eating grilled cheese. Although they can indeed eat other foods they tend to just eat grilled cheese, period. And seeing that one of there fears is burning grilled cheese it is best to have your sim have high skills in cooking. If they don’t, be prepared when your grilled cheese aspiring sim goes completely crazy when they burn there precious grilled cheese sandwiches.

This is probably the simplest way a sims life can be, because all you have to constantly worry about is just making sure your sim doesn’t burn and has eaten there grilled cheese. It is not suggested though to make a sim with a life that’s soul purpose is to make grilled cheese sandwiches because this can get rather dull and boring. It would be way more fun and exciting to have a sim with the pleasure aspiration because unlike grilled cheese sims they like to party, socialize, dance, drive, swim, and do many other activities.

[edit] Downtown

Since sims have to take on a whole new aspect of life they will be experiencing it in a completely new city known as Downtown. Downtown is simply just the downtown to many of the Sim’s current lives. It’s made up of 44 total community and residential lots that are in all ways new to the Sims 2. Sims travel to the downtown in there cars, just so that they can party at many of the exciting raves that the clubs hold. Eat at fancy restaurants in the company of a family member or boy/girl friend. Work the bar and DJ booth during some of the craziest parties you’ve ever imagined. Make love to a fellow mate/partner in a completely unexpected item, the Picture Booth. Or simply just roam through the town trying to have some kind of fun. Your sim can only experience all of these exciting activities when they’re in Downtown!

Downtown is a new sub-neighborhood where all kinds of Sims go to have fun. The neighborhood includes a number of community lots, such as night clubs, museums, and parks, as well as a residential section. Downtown has a lot to offer and doesn't disappoint in terms of entertainment.

[edit] New Features

The Sims 2: Nightlife expansion pack adds in so many new features to the Sims 2 games. And so many of them are amazingly fun, attractive, and exciting. These features include:

 A new attraction system that helps sims build relationships faster for those sims that suit there particular tastes.

 A new chemistry panel showing what other sims are attracted to your sim, also a new panel that displays your sim’s turn ons/offs.

 Sims can now go on dates with other sims, not only to build relationships but to earn romantic rewards.

 There are now group gathering that can take place at a sims house or on a community lot.

 Sims can now call up not only one sim but a group of sims to hang out with ether at there own home or a community lt.

 New restaurant feature that offers a realistic dining experiences.

 Sims can now own cars, that a number of interactions can be done with them and they can ether drive to work, school, or to a community lot.

 Two new pleasure aspirations have been added into the game to change a sims life, these include the Pleasure and Grilled Cheese Aspirations.

 Sims can now become creatures of the night by getting bit by one of the vampires that roam the streets of Downtown.

 Two new places for public WooHoo include your sims car or the barely private photo booths.

 Sims can now hold grudges against other sims that have done some horrible deed that needs punished.

 Almost any kind of object of any size, shape, or color can be held in your sim’s inventory.

 Sims can interact with several newly added NPC’s such as; Grand Vampires, Big Slobs, Divas/Mr.

 Bigs, Gypsy Matchmaker, Host, DJ, Server, and the every so disapproving Mrs. Crumplebottom.

 Graves can now be moved from residential lots to community lots, such as the local cemetery.

 Nearby neighbors houses are visible from every lot, you can even go from that family to the other by clicking on there house.

 Choosing to go to a Community lot is now much easier thanks to a revamped destination selection tool.

 New objects for your home or Community Lots can turn any lot into a nightclub, resturant, or any happin’ hang out you can imagine.

 A new aspiration reward object allows your sim to change its current aspiration and turn ons/offs.

 New entertaining objects include; karaoke machines, bowling alleys, and card tables.

 Sims can now cover there floors with a selection of carpets.

 Some seating objects can expand and connect along with some bars and kitchen islands.

 New social interactions allow for effective dates and outings and for even finding the Sims to whom your sim is most attracted.

 Sims can now ask other sims questions about there life so as to see if there a perfect match for each other or not. Such questions include; what are there; wants, fears, zodiac sign, skills, job, wealth, Turn Ons, and Turn Offs.

 Planning outfits is much easier now that its interface has been revamped.

 Sims can now cook the commonly known Crepes Suzette meal, and discover many other meals at the culinary adventurous restaurants.

 There are now many new build mode features such as; ½ walls, diagonal pools, new lots sizes, a terrain smoothing tool, garages/driveways, and eyedropper-enabled fences.

 New lot houses have not only been added but they have all be altered so when removed from the bin they will replace themselves so as to remain in the bin.

 Two new terrain tools can surface your custom neighborhoods; dirt and concrete.

 And the best feature of them all is the new city of Downtown, featuring many new community lots such as; pools/spas, clubs, restaurants, shops, hedge mazes, parks, and lots more!

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