The Sims 2: Family Fun Stuff

The Sims 2: Family Fun Stuff
Family Fun Stuff.jpg
North American Box Art
PublisherElectronic Arts
Release Date(s)April 11, 2006 (NA)

April 13, 2006 (EU)

April 27, 2006 (JPN)
GenreLife Simulation, Stuff Pack
Rating(T) Teen


[edit] Overview

The Sims 2: Family Fun Stuff is a stuff pack made especially for The Sims 2. It features sixty new family-oriented items and clothing, such as costumes, games, and children's room accessories. There are three distinct themes to choose from - Underwater, Castle, and Space.

[edit] System Requirements

  • You must have The Sims 2 (base game) installed to be able to play The Sims 2: Family Fun Stuff.
  • Operating System: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP Minimum
  • System: 1.0 GHz or equivalent
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Video Memory: 32 MB
  • Hard Drive Space: 350 MB

[edit] Item Listing

[edit] Chairs/Beds

Chair de la Mer
  • "Ever wanted to sit atop a coral throne and rule over an underwater kingdom? Well. this is more of a desk chair, and it's not coral, but still, nobody's stopping you from building that underwater kingdom!"
  • Price: §170
  • Comfort 3
"My Valiant Steed" Dining Chair by Mystical Furnishings
  • "Is your child a big, terrified baby? Perhaps your child should be sent to a psychiatrist? Or perhaps they just need a leg up on the average bully and other bad things! Get them their very own "My Valiant Steed" Dining Chair! Nothing cure the incurable like a good kick in the imagination and a mighty horse upon which to sit! Mystical Furnishing: Valiant Steeds for all."
  • Price: §240
  • Comfort 3
Deep Blue Sleep System
  • "Its time to dive into the ocean and snorkel your tired little self to sleep! Drift among the seashells, ocean-blue sheets and sea-foam comforter. This is the bed where the depths of your slumber are only rivaled by the depths of the sea."
  • Price: §470
  • Comfort 3, Energy 3
"My Impregnable Fortress" Bed by Mystical Furnishings
  • "Children love to crawl into a warm and safe bed and let their imaginations run free. Soon they are filled with fears of drooling beasts sprawled beneath their beds, or jammed claw to hoof in the closet. We at Mystical Furnishings believe its our job to nurture your child's wild imagination and let them explore their deepest fears. What better way then to provide them a fortress from which they can fight back the demons! Mystical Furnishings: Defending the castle for centuries."
  • Price: §570
  • Comfort 3, Energy 3

[edit] Surfaces

"The Reef" End Table
  • "Establish a solid underwater collection with "The Reef" End Table. The fish and tabletopi in your underwater bedroom will feel so much more at home!"
  • Price: §100
  • N/A
A Fantastic End Table!
  • "If the journey of your day is finally at an end, settle down in bed or on a comfortable couch, and place your wares on this Fantastic End Table! Like a loyal servent, it will hold things without question. There should be A Fantastic End Table next to all your furniture!"
  • Price: §140
  • N/A
First Mate's Desk
  • "Well it's time to get to work, first mate! Sit down at the First Mate's Desk and show those scurvy dogs just how hard you work. Sure, the first mates of old didn't have a computer, but then again, many of them had scurvy! The First Mate's Desk is guaranteed to keep your scurvy free. Comes with a pleasent citrus scent!"
  • Price: §140
  • N/A
"My Very First Castle" Desk by Mystical Furnishings
  • "Your reign begins with the "My Very First Castle" Desk. Will you rule with an iron fist ... or a gentle touch? Will the peasants cower at the very sight of your fearsome visage, or will they shower you with flower petals and sing praises to your name? Mystical Furnishings: Helping rulers deal with peasants for centuries."
  • Price: §180
  • N/A

[edit] Decorative

Los Pascados of the Wall
  • "I must mount this fish!" exclaimed the fisherman. He wanted it to look really special, so he mounted it and painted it with vibrant, pretty colors. However, this made the fish look a bit too "cute". He had no desire to show off "cute" fish, so he quickly hung them up in his children's bedroom and passed them off as decorative objects."
  • Price: §78
  • Environment 1
Los Pascados of the Wall Two
  • "I must mount this fish too!" exclaimed the fisherman. He wanted this one to look special too, so he mounted it and painted it with vibrant, pretty colors. However, this fish also turned out to be a bit on the "cute" side. Again, he had no desire to show off a "cute" fish, so he hung the fish up next to the other.
  • Price: §78
  • Environment 1
Tell-Me-Tall by GrowCo
  • "Little kids are cute. But kids grow like weeds, and before you know it, they want to borrow the car. Don't be caught off-guard when your darling toddler transforms into a dastardly teen. With the Tell-Me-Tell, you're prepared for the worst. "
  • Price: §90
  • Environment 1
Mr. Shuffles
  • "Mr. Shuffles had a good life. He wasn't the first bunny to circumnavigate the globe in a wheelbarrow, but he's done that. Nor was he first bunny to launch into space in a wheelbarrow, but he's done that, too. What did Mr. Shuffles do you say? What DIDN'T he do, we say! And for that, we salute you, Mr. Shuffles, for everything you (and your wheelbarrow) do."
  • Price: §95
  • Environment 1
The Stones of Stepping
  • "Unsure of your next step? Does the plain, single-colored ground offer to many choices? End your confusion now and lay down a clear path with The Stones of Stepping! Our elegant, smooth stones clearly show you the best places to put

your feet down, so take the next step and purchase The Stones of Stepping!"

  • Price: §100
  • N/A
The Disguise of Mr. Romance
  • "Mr. Romance, the dangerous dream of the ladies of ancient Veronaville, wore this mask to disguise his face. No one ever discovered his true identity, but his legend lives on to this day in the form of a mask. Bring the mystery of Mr. Romance into your very own home for a very reasonable price!"
  • Price: §140
  • Environment 1
The Fishy Rug
  • "As you stand on this rug you might be perplexed and think to yourself, "there's something fishy about this rug." Your thoughts are most certainly correct! Step back and take a look ... it's a fish! Feel better?
  • Price: §150
  • N/A
The Pounding Waves Rug
  • "The sensation of gentle and cool waves at the beach pales in comparison to the soft material and implied waves of the Pounding Waves Rug. It may not be the real thing, but then again, you don't have to be concerned with jellyfish or driftwood."
  • Price: §175
  • N/A
Itty Bitty Clay Vases
  • "The end table needs ... something. Made of clay ... and really tiny. Are you thinking what we're thinking? You should, because advertising is never wrong! That's right, the Itty Bitty Clay Vases are perfect for that empty spot in your house. Not only do they make the place a little nicer, but they're tiny: and tiny things are cute!"
  • Price: §175
  • Environment 1
Fancy Fairy by OgreCorp
  • "Once upon a time, cruel Ogres captured a young fairy artist and commanded her to make a tapestry glorifying ogres. To spite them, she made a tapestry of a fairy instead. The ogres were angry about his disobedience, but they quickly realized they could sell the tapestries to human children for a handsome profit. Who has the last laugh now, fairy?"
  • Price: §190
  • Environment 2
Foulbreath's Mat
  • "Foulbreath had the worst smelling flames in the kingdom. When attacking villages his victims would scream extra loudly, for the smell (and burning sensation) was just too much to bear. Though the humans could not harm him physically, they took an emotional stab at him by placing his image on a mat. "If we have to smell his breath, then he must smell our feet!"
  • Price: §225
  • N/A
Dry Land Flotation Device
  • "Ever felt like you were drowning in the world, because of stress, pressure, and ... life? You may not be standing in water, but you sure are in over your head. Stick the Dry Land Flotation Device on your wall to provide relief from the insurmountable tidal wave of pain that is your life."
  • Price: §250
  • Environment 2
Ship Rotation Device
  • "Is there a boat lying in your front yard that you wish were turned just a hair port or starboard? Do you wish you had a steering wheel to play with in the home? The Ship Rotation Device is just the fix! But it for your wall now and before long you'll be screaming "hard to starboard" like a true seaman."
  • Price: §250
  • Environment 2
Adorable Ocean Liner
  • "Not many of us can actually own an ocean liner ... or even afford a trip on one. However, with the Adorable Ocean Liner, your Sims can sample all the romance and luxary of a vacation cruise just by gazing at this intricate scale model. Anchors away!
  • Price: §275
  • Environment 2
Globe L'Empereur
  • "Ah, the age-old problem: you have a vast army, but nobody to conquer. Well, short stuff, today's your lucky day! Tuck your hand in your jacket and give the Globe L'Empereur a quick glance. See a country you like? Take it with overwhelming force! Globe L'Empereur guarantees your victories will be swifter and more glorious. Vive L'Empereur!"
  • Price: §350
  • Environment 3
Used Propellers
  • "These Used Propellers were "obtained" directly from boats in the shipyard and brought to you, our valued customers, to use as you see fit. At the black market rate, these babies will fly out of stock faster than they were pulled off the turbines! You don't have an ocean liner? Who cares! Used Propellers make great decorations, even a blender, assuming you have a big bowl."
  • Price: §450
  • Environment 4
"Just in Case" Oars
  • "The Captain always said, "ye never know when ye might be needin' some oars." Everyone knows that's an undeniable truth, Sure' the cataclysmic flood waters may never come and the oars will be little more than an extremely fashionable decoration. But then again, you don't know that for sure. Are you willing to risk it, or will you heed the Captain's warning?"
  • Price: §450
  • Environment 4
Kepler's Celestial Wall Mirror
  • "When Johannes Kepler first explained planetary motion as based on the shape of an ellipse, thereby founding the field of celestial mechanics, how could he ever have known that one day in the distant future there would be mirrors created in his name? When your Sims gaze into this handsome wall mirror, they won't be able to resist its heady mix of history and science."
  • Price: §475
  • Environment 3
Kepler's Planetary Floor Mirror
  • "Johannes Kepler was the first to correctly explain planetary motion as based on the ellipse, thereby becoming the founder of celestial mechanics. This elliptical mirror is named in his honor. As you gaze into it, you can't help but wonder, "Will I be the next to define a new universal law?"
  • Price: §550
  • Environment 3
Power Mirror
  • "The Power Mirror has been specifically designed to unleash the hidden power in each and every Sim. Just gazing into this mirror will send your Sim's Charisma skyrocketing, creating a powerful urge to partake in power lunches, power naps, power trips, power surges, and other activities of the rich and powerful. The Power Mirror, by ZapScorch industries - you're powerless to resist it!"
  • Price: §625
  • Environment 3
Well Rounded by Circulator
  • "The concentric circles surrounding this mask serve only to enhance the ageless beauty of the face at its center. Just as the circle represents continuity and the endless cycle of life, so this mask will bring a comforting sense of continuity into your Sim's life."
  • Price: §3100
  • Environment 10
The King's Jester
  • "The King's Jester was always such a prankster. On Halloween the trees in the Royal Orchard were filled with toilet paper. New Year's not only meant firecrackers, but exploding wine caskets. Brighten up your home with this mask, and let the hilarity ensue! Huzzah!"
  • Price: §3200
  • Environment 10

[edit] Lighting

Stinging Jelly Light
  • "Up until nowm jellyfish have done little more than inflict pain and misery. Not anymore! After adding a "healthy dose" of radioactivity, these pulpous villains can now contribute to society as the Stinging Jelly Light! Turn it on and bask in the glow of their little squishy danglies."
  • Price: §90
  • N/A
Dreams Alight by Guildsmen Industries
  • "It's time to begin your quest and find that which you seek. Light your path with Dreams Alight by Guildsmen Industries to ensure you do not stumble or falter. Slay a goblin, learn a spell, or finish eating your peas. The Dreams Alight can alter any path -- no matter how insignificant."
  • Price: §125
  • Environment 1

[edit] Miscellaneous

The Aquadresser
  • "Growing weary of boring, land-based storage? Submerge your valuables in the briny depths of this sleek, marine-themed dresser."
  • Price: §245
  • N/A
The Aquamoire
  • "Growing weary of boring, land-based storage? Submerge your valuables in the briny depths of this sleek, marine-themed armoire."
  • Price: §300
  • N/A
"The Dragon's Horde" by Mystical Furnishings
  • "You've tracked the dragon to his cave. What treasures will you find stashed within? You sneak up to the cave's entrance. You are ready for the dragon! What was his, will soon be yours! When the battle is over, you'll rush home with "The Dragon's Horde" Dresser eager to dig through its secrets. Mystical Furnishings: Treasure tucked away in every crevice."
  • Price: §345
  • N/A
"Vault of Mysteries" Armoire by Mystical Furnishings
  • "Food, shelter, love; sure these are all good things to provide your child, but are you feeding their imagination? We don't think so. That's why we ask that you let the "Vault of Mysteries" Armoire fill that dark, endless chasm of intellectual stimulation that we know your child has succumbed to. Pick your child up from the dusty corner and get their imagination stirring! Mystical Furnishings: Furnishing the imagination."
  • Price: §400
  • N/A

Note: All item descriptions are those found on the items in the actual game, meaning that they are copied directly from the game and are therefore copyright to Maxis and EA Games.

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